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V-MODA Crossfade LP over-Ear Headphones AU $103.86 Shipped (US $80.80) @ Amazon


Good price for some good headphones - hasn't been this cheap in quite a while and equal with the cheapest ever.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Its cheaper now Less than US $70

  • They look great. Anyone got a pair that can comment?

    • I have a pair, I find them a little bass heavy (although I do listen exclusively to EDM). I don't find them very comfortable and they feel heavy after a while (maybe I have a small head). They do sound much better after 'burning in'.
      I guess alright for the price, but gave mine to my husband and prefer my M50X.

      • The M50X look so good. Double the price of these though… Maybe I should just fork out a bit and get the better ones.

        • Stumbled across this..

          "ATHM50x will be on Amazon lightning deal at 11 AM Eastern time tomorrow (8 AM Pacific) for Prime members (Prime early access deal)"

          I'm not sure if we can actually get the deal though.

          The VModa deal goes for another 21hours and the M50x deal starts in about 5 1/2 hours, so, may not hurt to wait and see. :)

        • @TheContact: Nice find! Would be great to try to get the deal :)

        • @TheContact:
          Nice find, been waiting for m50x as well :)

        • @TheContact: doesn't ship to Australia

        • I got my m50x for $189 on special at Sydney HiFi. Had to come to shop twice to try and compare with other similarly priced cans. Best of bunch for me. While I can scour the net for cheaper, I gladly gave my business to the store as they were helpful both times. Also the assurance that product is genuine as they are authorised resellers.

        • @Wandan:

          Well shit. I probably should have checked. Sorry guys!

        • @p4r4m31c1um:

          You could still get it off ebay + the $50 cash voucher.

          Thats what I did

        • @TheContact: FYI, for the benefit of people who can import via US, the Lightning Deal on the ATHM50X is US$120.28 inc US Domestic Shipping (down from US$139).

        • @flylin:
          Tried to look for m50x in Kogan, pccasegear, and good guys but they don't have it.

          Any chance you could tell me which seller have this badboys in stock :)

    • I've got a pair, get the m50 or the momentum over ears instead.

      Veiled. Veiled. Veiled.
      Mids are recessed, very noticeable even on hip hop/rnb tracks. Bass is all over the place, monotoned doesn't reach very low frequencies. Cups get hot and are borderline small (may or may not fully cup your ears) my ears were in pain after about 50 mins of use..

      I've thrown mine in fits of rage but it unfortunately has somewhat of an indestructible build. Only good if you're listening to electronica, or hate vocals in songs.

  • I own the M80's and was looking at the M-100's today (<$300 on ebay).
    I decided not to buy them, but I'll grab these instead.
    Thanks OP.

  • These aren't great at all. Muddy veiled sound with boomy bass. EDM is about the only genre they sound decent on.

    • From the review, it seems it's not really a good headphone unless you're a bass-head. But, for that price, it's still quite a good deal - unless someone can mention better alternatives.

      • For the price it is a decent deal as the build quality on the LP is very good. But as an alternative, putting sound above else, I'll take http://www.minidisc.com.au/headphones-earphones/compact/koss... for a cheaper price, not to mention you could hunt them around for a bargain.

      • @lycos : maybe try the Takstar Pro80? You can get them pretty cheaply on AliExpress.

        I used a guy on there recently to buy a pair of Takstar HI-2050 and can give you his details if you want someone you know is legit.

        • Thanks. I will try to find headfi review about it.
          Koss from memory is quite flimsy and im not a big fan of on ear headphone (sound leak)

  • I've got a set of these, great noise isolating headphones.

  • Do these have a detachable cable? I was thinking of going for a pair of Pro80s as I was blown away by the Takstar HI-2050s but if these have a standard detachable 3.5mm cable I might spring for a pair instead. Mainly as I'd like to patch on my BT receiver so I have a cordless pair.

    EDIT: Actually reviews seem to indicate these probably aren't for me.