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Coles 8/7: Amaysim $17.90*, 24x Coke $13.75, John West Tuna $1, Basmati Rice 5kg $11, Steggles Goujon 1kg $8, Telstra Kits $15


New Coles catalogue beginning Wednesday, 8th July.

Highlight Deal:

  • Buy $2 Amaysim & Get Amaysim Unlimited 5GB Recharge for $17.90

Half Price or Better:

  • 24x Coke Cans $13.75
  • Sorbent Toilet Paper 12pk $4.50
  • John West Tuna 95g $1.00
  • Up & Go 3pk $2.32
  • Wattle Valley Soft Wraps 6pk $1.99
  • Tip Top Raisin Toast $2.60
  • Cadbury Bubbly Black Chocolate $2.00
  • Fantastic Rice Crackers $0.97
  • Mother Earth Baked Oaty Slices $2.00
  • Freedom Nut Free Bars 210g $2.00
  • Gold Choice Canola, Veg or Sunflower Oil 4L $9.00
  • Patak's Simmer Sauces 500g $2.44
  • SunRice Basmati Rice 5kg $11.00
  • Heinz Chicken 85g $0.99
  • Zaffareli Pasta 500g $0.97
  • Fox's Chunky Cookies 180g $2.00
  • Pacific West Thai Spring Rolls 430g $2.98
  • SFC Chicken Tenders 400g $4.50
  • Steggles Chicken Breast Goujons 1kg $8.00
  • Bulla Creamy Classics Ice Cream 2L $3.84
  • Nudie Soda Drink Varieties 6pk $3.50
  • Dettol ProFresh Shower Gel 500ml $3.24
  • Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner 700ml $6.00
  • Nature's Way Vitamins $9.99
  • Centrium Advance 50+ Tablets 60pk $8.50
  • Klip It Container 1L 3pk $6.00
  • Duracell Coppertop AA 10pk $6.74
  • Duracell Ultra AA 10pk $8.12
  • Biozet Laundry Powder 2kg $10.00
  • Sard Oxy Plus Stain Remover 1kg $3.64
  • Telstra Prepaid Starter Kits $15
  • Telstra Prepaid 4G USB & 2GB Data $24.50
  • Cadbury Medium Bars $0.99
  • Grain Waves Chips 175g $1.84
  • Heinz Baked Beans or Spaghetti 420g $0.97
  • Mars Funsize 12pk $2.25

Other Notables:

  • Golden Crumpet Breaks 6pk $2.00
  • 30x Cans Pepsi Max or Solo $16.00
  • Cheezels Boxes 2 for $3.00
  • Twinings Tea 100pk $6.00
  • Nescafe Gold 200g $11.00
  • Sirena Tuna 425g $4.00
  • Moro El Primero Olive Oil $5.00
  • Birds Eye Frozen Fish Fingers 375g $3.00
  • Magnum Ice Cream 4pk $5.00
  • Lindt Lindor Gift Box Chocolate Balls 235g $10.00
  • Pendo Pad 7 $69.00
  • Telstra 4G WiFi with 2GB Data & $20 iTunes Card $59

Thanks yet again to imissbeans for uploading the catalogues!

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  • +1

    Thanks TA and imissbeans!

  • +1

    Awesome. All grocery shopping list sorted. Thanks TA and imissbeans.

    • Feel like cooking all my meals?
      Correct answer - yes.

  • +3

    So if I buy a sim can I get the recharge to apply on my existing number

    • +1

      For anyone activating a new Amaysim SIM, don't forget to follow a referral link for $10 free credit:


      • +1

        Hint for anyone who is a little confused: that link uses the OzBargain Amaysim referral randomiser (containing 320 OzB members).

        Not sure why a helpful comment is being negged.

    • Would like to know about this as well if someone can answer, pls

  • +3

    Oh baby more amaysim recharge vouchers!!!!!

    • +3

      Yay! I thought for sure they wouldn't repeat it but turns out I'm wrong. Time to stock up!

  • +5

    They're doing the Amaysim vouchers again? Hmm, already have a year's worth, but should I buy more? :)

    • Did the stacked ones from your prior purchases once loaded haven't expired from after 90 days passes per the usual rules with balance expiry ?

  • So when does amaysims contract to use the Optus network end?

  • +1

    I like the 2kg bags of washed potatoes for $3. Most of the time the price is around $4 a kilogram from both Coles and Woolworths. I looked at the fine print of the catalogue and it looks like a Victorian catalogue. Other states might have different fresh food specials.

    • @pointscrazy

      Only filthy unwashed ;)(brushed) in the Qld catalogue for $1 a kg

      • +1

        Last weekend coles had them 90c/kg in Vic

  • +8

    SunRice Basmati Rice 5kg $11.00

    suggest going to any Indian Grocery store, they usually have high quality extra long Indian/Pakistani basmati rice for less price. Eg 10kg for $16-$18

  • Potak's Simmer Sauces

    Patak's, I believe.

    • Correct.

  • Couple of things that I really wanted to buy are half price this week. Sweet!

    Thanks, TA.

  • +1

    Can the amaysim credit be used towards other plans instead?

    If you 'stock up' on these, do you have to use a new sim card each and every time? Will they expire if not activated?

    • Haven't done it but as I understand it yes since the OP for that last deal like this outlined how you could buy 2 recharges and use 1x$17.90 recharge and $10 from another to get to 7GB for $27.90

    • +3

      On the last deal yes you could but in the end they changed it so those vouchers became actual "5gb Amaysim Unlimited" vouchers instead which you can then stack 3 at a time but you can use them on the 1 sim mine are still working fine from the last deal and the actual vouchers have a validity of 12 months from purchase date

      Hope I dident make that too confusing to understand :)

      • I have the groupon 5gb deal for 3 months which i haven't started yet. Can i buy these recharges and just use them once my 3 months are up?

        • +1


        • I've done the same thing, and although I haven't started the prepaid month that the recharge voucher will give, I have redeemed the code and now have it stacked and ready to use in my Amaysim account.

        • @axeology:

          Hi so you are now part of the 3 months Groupon deal and at the same time you have redeemed the voucher you bought from Coles (the last deal)? How many vouchers have you redeemed?


        • @bluebird77: I'm about to start my second month from the 3 month Groupon deal, and i have also successfully stored my first voucher from the previous Coles deal. So -one.

      • -1

        12 month validity.. there goes my plan for stocking up on them. They were a step ahead of me.

      • I thought from other comments below that you could stack more than 3 at once?

  • Telstra Prepaid 4G USB & 2GB Data $24.50

    Anyone knows what the expiry like on the data? Once I activate it do I get only 30 days to use it?

    • +1


  • -8

    How about you put the savings in as well OP?

    • Prepair for the negs

    • +1

      How about you put the savings in as well OP?

      There are so many nicer and more polite ways to ask.

  • "Mother Earth Baked Oaty Slices $2.00" is a very good deal because that is for a box of 6.

    The chocolate chip ones are incredible (choc oats is good too, and so is apple crumble).
    I literally gained 5KG, all attributed to getting addicted to these bars. They are so bad for you, but they taste so bloody good you just can't stop.

    But hey, I just lost 5KG eating keto, so the harm is reversed, but damn those bars are like mini cakes. so good.

  • The Biozet washing powder, is that considered cheap?

    edit: just checked Woolies, and its $9/2KG for Biozet Attack

  • is the telstra 4g wifi a decent buy?
    or are there better models to get?

    • Am looking into this also, can someone shed some light? If not, I may just go for it on Wednesday and let you know (and please do the same if you buy one first)!

      • Interested as well - especially if it has 700mhz support and although unlikely carrier aggregation for faster internet speed. Also does it have a touchscreen data usage screen.

    • See if an Auspost has these in stock:


      The offer is not actually expired, just depends on stock.

  • Sorry can someone tell me, if I buy the Telstra Prepaid Starter Kit for $15 (not the Tablet one) and throw the SIM card into a spare Galaxy S4 I have, could I use it to tether the connection to my PC? So that means I get 3GB to use over 30 days for $15 on my PC?

    And second question, what models are the Telstra Prepaid 4G USB ($24.50) and the Telstra Prepaid 4G Wi-Fi ($59) devices? Are they older models, as I can't see them on the Telstra website?

    And third question if I may, how decent is the amaysim reception usually? Should I go for it instead of Telstra?

    Am in between moving home and have gone through my third Extra Data $10 reload on my mobile and don't expect the broadband connected for another two weeks! :( Thanks!

    • +1

      So that means I get 3GB to use over 30 days for $15 on my PC?

      Yes. You also get $30 recharge credit which can be used for various things including Google Play store purchases.

  • Do i need to get $2 for each Unlimited recharge?

    Or i can get just one $2 sim and multiple Unlimited recharge for half the price?

    • The fine print at the bottom of the page is unreadable for me, but I suspect it will be one recharge per transaction.

    • See my comments below

  • +2

    What's the process on purchasing the sim and the voucher? Do we have to approach the counter and ask to buy a $2 SIM along with the 5GB voucher? Or can we do everything through self-serve checkout. I got confused on this offer last time and couldn't take advantage of it.. If someone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

    • +1

      You need to get a SIM and then buy a recharge in the same transaction. For each SIM (or SIM barcode) you have, you can get the half price 5gb voucher. Can do this in self service or over the counter. This means you can buy multiple vouchers in each transaction, just have to have a SIM (or barcode for a SIM).

      Last time, I asked the staff at the counter for two amaysim $2 sims, and then took them to the self service register and sorted it out myself.

      • Sorry, but if you have the one sim, can you buy 3 or 4 or 5 vouchers on it? Or each voucher has to be matched to an unique sim purchase? So you'll have to end up with 1 sim for every voucher you buy?

        • +1

          Each voucher needs unique sim. So it's 19.90 in total. I just re-scanned some SIMs I had bought earlier, as I had no need for more SIMs, but wanted more vouchers.

        • @dstambou:

          So I could buy say 3-4 recharge vouchers to last me for 3-4 months and I wouldn't need to change SIM each time, but I would still need to purchase said SIM's so the vouchers go down to half price?

        • @spuddy9595: yup. I bought 9 months worth, each with its own SIM. The voucher is not associated with the SIM, just needed to get the discounted price.

        • @dstambou:

          Thanks but don't think its much good for me as I wanted to put it in a tablet to use as a hotspot but Amaysim only works in a mobile

        • @spuddy9595: ? why would it be different ?

        • @spuddy9595:

          I used one sim scanned 14 times for 14 vouchers. Had to do 7 sims and 7 vouchers per payment transaction as coles self service checkout wont permit any more.

          I also used the nano sim unlike one poster who said the micro/normal sim worked better for scanning t han a nano which fro memory they thought could only process a few times not 7

    • To be honest I don't know why some people shy away from doing the transaction at a serviced checkout, as if it were an embarrassment to be buying these. If you have only a handful of groceries, they'll take that over to the service counter to process; if you have a lot they'll bring the SIM to the checkout. In any case you can request the staff to make the deal work, whatever the intricacy.

      • Not because of embarrassment. Some stores try to limit to one sim per customer. Screw that.

        • Yeah i bought 14 but just saw the catologue limitinf one per customer so you may need to do self service incase your checkout operator isnt accomodating to put several through in one transaction. Interestingly enough the software.on self service checkout doesnt limit it?

  • -1

    How much will the 24 Coke Cans be in SA?

    • Don't know why the down vote as pricing in S.A. with the bottle deposit is different.

      Just found it- $15.07 in SA.

  • Sorry to be a pain. I missed out previous posts and the context. I already just tf over to the amaysim 5gb unlimited plan. So if you goto woolies and buy the sim and a 44.90 recharge itll automatically apply the discount?

    Are the recharge vouchers then seperate like any other voucher? in that i could reload them into my existing 5gb unlimited.plan? Because this is merely a woolies discount initiative isnt it?

    • Coles only!

      • Sorry - slipped out the wrong name. Coles*

  • +6

    For all those wondering about amaysim, here's what to do:

    1. grab $2 sim pack
    2. Proceed to self service. Do not go past normal checkout
    3. Scan sim
    4. Select mobile voucher, amaysim, $44.90 recharge from computer screen
    5. Watch screen show you $19.90 total
    6. Repeat steps 3 and 4, up to 7 times. Any more and it won't work in the same transaction
    7. Pay and call attendant
    8. Tell attendant you are buying recharges and they will authorise
    9. Proceed to Go, collect recharges

    Recharges have 12 month expiry. Load them into your account so you are a month or two ahead. They are treated as a normal $44.90 recharge for the 5gb plan. Amaysim have no idea you paid less for them.

    • May I know what is the expiry date for this voucher? The last deal the expiry date was May-16

    • Edit for step 6. Keep scanning the same sim pack, you don't need a new one every time

      • Thanks, was just about to ask that! So technically you do need to have bought 1 sim per voucher in other words, just you don't have to physically burden yourself with 5 different sim packs if you don't need it.

        So is 7 sims and vouchers just the physical software limit?

        And voucher recharges have to be authorised on self service, you can't pay for it yourself?

        You can then bin the new sims and load the vouchers onto your normal amaysim account if you already have a 5gb Unlimited plan right?

        • yep, the checkout software appears to only accept 7 recharges at a time. failed on my 8th attempt.

          system needs one sim and one recharge to get the deal, but you're exactly right - just dont burden yourself with 5 sims, just use the one over and over again!

          you pay for the sims, but a team member bneeds to scan their tag to authorise it. they don't bat an eyelid because the wording is so generic e.g. "recharge amaysim"

          and load teh recharges onto your existing account. if you are on a PAYG plan or 7GB plan, it will giv eyou a message along the lines of "your next month will be 5GB unlimited plan"

        • @leeroys_dad: did anyone try to apply the voucher to an existing amaysim account (not a new just activated sim)? Did anyone successfully apply more than one voucher to the same mobile account already?

          There might be a condition on the voucher that only allows you to apply it to a new account.

        • @alexshel:
          Yep exising account works fine. i have done 3 vouchers. they are just like normal recharges

        • @leeroys_dad:

          Great but you can leave the recharge till a few months later couldnt you since vouchers take a yr to expire but if you recharge them all now into the account the credit disappears doesnt it After a few months? Or indifferent to loading all the recharges at once?

        • @SaberX:
          yeah you can leave until the expiry date and then add it to your account.if you load all recharges it just says "you have 10 vouchers stored on your account" and they will be used month after month

          the credit is the referral credit which expires after90 days. the vouchers will be used before the account credit, so if you want to use it up then dont store recharges on the account

        • @leeroys_dad:

          Referral credit yes. But.normal recharged credit is 90 days isnt it? If you store say 14 recharge vouchers after 90 days the balance will deactivate but your sim will still keep renewing based on the stackeD vouchers wont it? In the pastpast once your balance expired and you didnt auto renew say your $10 recharge the sim and phone number itself would deactivate within a few months. Just curious if that means now with a yr of stacked vouchers the system will recognise and wont deacticate the sim card if all you have is rechargr vouchers stacked Loaded into the number?

          If it wont ill load all 14 at.once :)

    • +1

      Ok I've just obtained a few months' worth of recharges. I'll share some tips which I noticed when I was obtaining these:

      • Use the $2 SIM & micro-SIM barcode/pack and NOT the nano-SIM one.
        • This may sound strange, but the reason for this is that I noticed at the self-serve checkout that you can buy up to two micro-SIM packs at a time at the self-serve checkouts without the "Staff assistance required" thing being triggered (it gets triggered when you scan a third pack). I found out the hard way that even buying one nano-SIM pack will trigger the staff member assistance.
          • If you want to buy more than two recharges, you could just do more than one transaction… otherwise see below.
        • Here is the barcode for the "SIM and micro-SIM" pack.
      • If you want to buy more than two recharges in one transaction, physically get one $2 SIM and process the whole purchase at the self-serve checkout so that only one $2 SIM pack appears on the screen when you're ready to pay (the screen, when it's ready to scan more items, has like 5 lines for items without scrolling).
        • This way, the staff would just see that you are wanting to buy 1x $2 SIM and multiple recharge vouchers and would just authorise the sale hassle-free.
      • I used the nano sim and you can scan 7 times and authorise at the end. When they goto swipe though it lists all 7 sims to be authorised so even if you hide it on the transaction screen the authorising screen will still look very sus. Lucky the young lady i had didn't sa y anything. Surely it looked really sus with just one sim pack why i scanned 7 times x 2 seperate transactions.

        That said your better off using a sim pack in store than printed barcode if you can avoid. Imho it looks alot more shadier at a self serve getting someone to authorise you buying 14 sims that are via a printout than you actually buying a product if you get my drift?

  • Noticed the Coles catalogue stipulates a limit of one Amaysim "purchase" per customer - was this in place last time this deal was on?

  • +1

    Hoping someone can help me with some queries around the Amaysim item…

    •Buy $2 Amaysim & Get Amaysim Unlimited 5GB Recharge for $17.90

    I am looking at getting mobile broadband for 2-3 months to cover me until I move so essentially was looking at prepaid or month to month but would prefer pre paid. How does this 5GB recharge work? can I just buy it and use it or do I need to sign up with Amaysim first? ie similar to a month to month/postpaid plan? I just don't want to buy it if I have to sign up for so many months as I only need it in the short term

    Also… If I buy say 3 can I use them back to back -last me 3 months?


    • +1

      I have similar questions & still am confused with all the answers given above so far (as I am new to Amaysim as well). It would be appreciated if someone can explain it in easy, step by step for newbies.

      • Yeh I have always been a post paid mobile and ADSL internet so really quite lost around the whole "recharge" thing

        I assume you have to "sign up" so to speak because on the Coles ad fine print it states 7.2c per MB for excess usage

        • Where I am lost is the part someone said above that you should buy only one SIM and rescan it over and over again at the self-service (instead of buying multiple) and call an attendant for recharge, or something like that. And also, how do we add that to our existing prepaid numbers? Do we have to throw away the new SIM and there's a voucher that comes with it that we use as a recharge for an existing number? And if we buy multiple recharge vouchers with this new SIM, can we use them all at once or we have to recharge each voucher by the end of each month? Kinda confusing.

        • +1

          Yeh I actually replied to someones comment above about how buying them works also, and yes also about how we use the vouchers.

          I only want to use it for the data to tether to as a hotspot while I don't have ADSL(Copper being turned off) but I just read that Amaysim doesn't support tethering to iPads so think this won't do the job for me anyway

        • @AussieDaddy:
          If you buy 5 recharges, you'll need to scan the sim pack 5 times in order to get the $19.90 price - otherwise you'll be charged the full $44.90. So by just scanning the same sim over and over, the system thinks you have 5 sims but you are only taking 1 because you're being generous to other customers :).

          So log into your Amaysim account, apply the vouchers, and it will give you a message "your next month will be 5GB unlimited plan and not post paid". If you apply the other 4 vouchers, your account will say "you have 4 vouchers stored for future use" which will mean you have 5 mnoths of 5GB unlimited plan before you can choose to go back to post paid option

          The "recharge" thing is just a voucher code you redeem in your Amaysim account - one time use only voucher

    • I do not want to use this to make calls etc, its not for a mobile phone I wanted to put it in my tablet to tether to as Internet only

      • i'm not sure if you can tether from tablet - hop on live chat with amaysim and ask them

  • Can you buy a telstra prepaid starter pack and apply it to an existing number?

  • So here is my experience on grabbing the $59 Telstra 4G wifi device so far…Greenacre, NSW doesn't, and may not ever, have stock from what I was told. And an incredibly rude information desk employee at Burwood, NSW tried to argue incessantly that the $59 did not include the $20 iTunes card (she thought it was what needed to be bought to get the extra FlyBuys points!?) and it took a good 20 minute argument before she finally agreed with the catalogue. Keeping calm sometimes just doesn't help…Groan…

  • +2

    Ok, those who are new to this and already have an existing Amaysim 5gb Unlimited Plan, this is my experience today when I went to Coles:

    1. Go into Coles and ask for a $2 Amaysim from the inside of the store (i.e pre-check-out, not outside). The staff will most likely tell you that there's a recharge special on the $2 SIM (I just pretended I didn't know). Say thanks and insist on going to self-service check-out.

    2. Scan the SIM pack $2, the machine will beep and say "Assistance required", what for staff to override. Then go to [recharge] button and select $44.90 5gb unlimited under Amaysim.

    3. Scan the same SIM pack $2, the machine will beep again - ignore and press [recharge] button again like u do in Step 2. Repeat.

    4. It only will allow you to purchase 7 recharges and 7 SIM packs (but you physically only have 1 SIM pack).

    5. Proceed to check-out, the machine will beep again and the Staff member will need to authorise again. Pay, wait for your long receipt to print and leave!

    Once you have the vouchers, my experience is that both texting 568 with the voucher and smartphone Amaysim recharge app doesn't work. I also tried calling 555 to do it, but I had to try 4 times to get my stackable voucher to go thru. I just ended up jumping on my PC and login into Amaysim's website. This method is the quickest.

    Hope that helps the newbies (like me). PS. I am not game enough to stack all my vouchers, so just did 3 and I am covered until Oct 2015… WIN!

    When I was doing self-checkout at Coles, the staff member queried what I was doing and why I was rescanning the same SIM pack, he also came over like 5-6 times and started getting a little annoyed, until I found out he didn't need to come over until at the end, despite the machine beeping its head off everytime I scanned the SIM pack.

    Also to confirm, with this deal, the monthly amount is $17.90 + $2 SIM = $19.90 for unlimited calls/text and 5gb of 4G data via Optus network.

    BIG NOTE: The expiry on the recharges (for me anyway) is 2 May 2016 - so it's not a 12 mth expiry!


    • @siu_loong_bao, that was a very good explanation for a confused, out-of-date guy like me. Thanks

      PS: So if you re-scan the same SIM over couple of times that means each time you're getting charged with extra $17.90 and you're saving the cost of extra SIM cards, right? Like if I buy a single $2 SIM and recharge it, let's 5 times, that would be $2 (the SIM cost) + 5x$17.90 = $91.50?

      • +1

        no, if you scan 1 sim and 1x $44.90 recharge, you pay $19.90
        if you scan 1 sim and 2x $44.90 recharge, you pay $19.90 + $44.90
        if you scan 2 sim and 2x $44.90 recharge, you pay $19.90 + $19.90

        basically, you ONLY get the discounted recharge to $17.90 when you scan a corresponding $2 sim (bringing total to $19.90). so you basically "throw" away $2 each time because the sim is ONLY needed to get the discount.

    • i scan sim pack and go straight to recharge voucher - dont need to authorise the sim pack scan. for 7 vouchers, i only had to get authorisation at self service when i clicked 'pay' after i added all 7

      • See, that's what I thought someone said early this morning here in this thread and somehow leeroys_dad above you says that is not how it works. Don't know.

        Well, I only bought 1 SIM and one recharge voucher so it doesn't matter anyway. Thanks all.

        • it does pop up on the screen "authorisation required" after each sim pack scan, but you don't actually need to get it authorised at that point. you can wait until payment is needed :)

        • @leeroys_dad:

          Agreed. Authorisation only at payment despite the msg popping up

  • Just bought the recharge voucher and it specifically states that it's for a $44.90 plan. Those who want to try to convert this to a dollar value to use on some other plan may not be able to convince a CSR.

  • I just bought 12 vouchers today and upon chatting with live chat, they confirmed that the the vouchers don't expire upon being activated. So I activated all 12. I am now tempted to buy another years worth of supply since its such a bargain but am just afraid of them changing their policy on expiration date of activated vouchers. Has anyone been game enough to purchase 2 years worth of vouchers yet?

    • +1

      12 months for me

      • Not worth risking. I just got off the phone with Amaysim. The vouchers stack but are activated individually month by month. The stacked vouchers will be invalid if it passes it's expiry date.

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