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RITECH Virtual Reality 3D Glasses Version 2 - $13.11 Delivered @ GearBest


Great price on a decent VR headset. This is the second version of the Ritech headsets, much better features.

This version has the magnet button selector included.

Highlight Features:
Compatible with iOS / Android operating systems
Compatible with 3.5 - 6 inch mobile phones
One second to change you phone into 3D cinema, let you enjoy 3D world at anywhere and anytime
Comfortable headband, face foam protector, ideal heat dissipating design

Gearbest Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1VRD...

Consumer Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPD6P0mBwzs

CASHREWARDS + 8% Discount

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  • Just got a response from Paypal after I disputed.

    Dear Buyer
    Thanks for shopping with us . We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
    We have prepared your items, would you please close the case and we'll ship them to you asap, is this ok?

    Im not too impressed with the delay, was only a purchase on a whim at the time, now not so interested so asked to cancel it.

  • +3

    Brought on Jul 11th and still waiting… FFS!

  • Anyone received theirs yet? I'm still waiting.

    • Yes, received mine mid week, ordered on 11th July.

  • According to my order info on their site, mine hasn't even shipped yet. I've also had no contact from them. I've just sent a cranky message to them.

    • +1

      So after I contacted them they said not to worry as it's ready to ship. I stated I would like a free upgrade to express shipping since it took them a month to get it ready to ship. I then got an automatic notification saying it has been shipped, and THEN they replied to my message saying it is too late to give me free express shipping as it has already been shipped. Dodgy. They "kindly" gave me a voucher for 3% off my next order, which frankly is pretty insulting, both due to the fact the discount is so poor and the fact I will never order off them again so it is useless.

  • +1

    Nothing here either. Still in "processing" but they have the product available for sale on their site. No communication from them on the delay.

  • Ordered 12 Jul 2015. Marked as shipped 09 Aug 2015. Although the tracking number comes up as invalid on the Australia Post Tracking site…

    • Received mine today. Pretty good for the price. But I probably won't be ordering anything through GearBest anytime soon.

  • +1

    Ordered July 12th 2015. Still sitting in processing for me. I submitted a ticket about it and no reply at all. This site is absolutely hopeless. Definitely my first and last time dealing with them.

    Would cancel the order but it's for such a small amount of money and I have waited this long already. Just doesn't seem worthwhile.

  • +4

    Negging this, as i piad for it when the deal was posted, no notification of shipment, nothing arrived…refunded automatically. Very poor experience.

  • They have just sent my one 4 weeks after I ordered it ….probably take another 4 weeks to get with China Post.
    Not very impressed with Gearbest.

  • Same story as everyone, bought it the day this deal was posted. I just received an email today that they've shipped it. 1 month to just dispatch the item is way too long, will be avoiding GearBest from now on.

  • seems out of stock now. i canned my order ages ago.
    looks like they are bringing out their own 'GearBest VR'

    • Looks to be the exact same product except with Gearbest printed on it instead of Ritech. When you click on the link in OP it goes to the Gearbest VR page now!

  • Got mine yesterday

    • Can you let us know when yours was marked as posted?

      • I binned the post packet sorry, and I am not sure I ever got an email.

  • +1

    Got mine today. Impressive for what you pay. One thing though - those that have a Oneplus One will need a case of some kind. It won't stick to the suction cups otherwise. I think it's because of the curved back and sandstone texture. Luckily I had a smooth back case. Still loses suction sometimes still.

    • When did u order and when was the dispatch date from GB ? i am still waiting. Ordered on 11 June

      • Would have ordered mine roughly the same time. By the looks of it, it was posted on the 13th of last month from Sweden

        • So took 1 month to dispatch after order and another 1 month to be delivered.

        • @ozyboy:

          Looks like it. Great delivery times…

  • For those that ordered - it looks like they'll only ship once you send them a cranky message - that is if there's still stock. Happened to me - and judging by messages above, a few others.

  • Got this the other day tried it, its ok…. i guess i expected a bit more… its not true 3d and its not as wide angle as i expected it looks more like letterbox format when you put a full screen movie on…. to get a true imax experience it would need to magnify more so that you cant see the left/right top/bottom border. Can anyone recommend some good resources for this… apps / side by side movies….cheers

  • Caved and cancelled the order… There support just kept saying if I could wait another few days to ship. Refund was quick though which was good.

  • Finally received yesterday after 2 months.

  • +2

    Ordered 11/07/2015. Apparently shipped out 1 month ago.

    Still not received it yet.

    Anyone in the same boat?

    • Still waiting here. Ordered the hobby knife from them a few weeks before i ordered this headset and the knife only arrived this week (that bargain was so old the comments had closed).

    • This is so frustrating.

      Ordered 12/07/15
      Angry Email 06/07/15
      Reply that it was shipped 10/08/15

      Still haven't arrived, tracking number doesn't even function.

      Has anyone even had their tracking number work?

      • +1

        Still not received parcel

        Ordered 11/07/15

        Clicked on tracking number on China Post website:
        "Tracking Number is not Found or Service Unavailable"

        This is the quickest way to lose business in the future for a supposed "bargain".

        Never again for GearBest!

        Live and Learn

  • I posted above. But not sure if people saw it as I replied to my own post. But in summary:
    Ordered 12 Jul 2015.
    Marked as shipped 09 Aug 2015
    Received 18 Aug 2015

    Tracking number didn't work on any tracking site.

    Item was what I expected. And I'm looking to order more for Xmas presents but I'm looking for another supplier as this was a poor experience. So if anyone finds a seller with similar pricing please post.

  • I still haven't received mine. Terrible service when you're waiting for nearly two months for an item.

  • Yeah I've given up that it will ever arrive and have raised a paypal dispute.

  • +1

    Ordered: 11 July
    Shipped: 03 August

    No updates since.

    • Finally arrived today (30/09)

  • As my previous post

    shipped 10/08/15

    still not received..
    Has anyone actually received a reply from the support team. None of my emails have been answered.

    • Mine was replied saying.. it will take time to re-stock but i did receive my item after 10 days
      So ordered 12th June
      followed up in july
      and received on 11th Aug.
      it took 2 months to be delivered

    • After I submitted the PayPal claim I got an email asking me to close the PayPal claim, and to please just wait a mere 45 more business days.

      • hahah. what a joke ..

        • I initially asked them for a discount as I wanted to buy like 15. They gave me a coupon code. But when I applied the coupon it made the order more expensive. The company is a joke. I've given up on them.
          (I understand that the coupon code reverts the price to the normal price and applied a discount. But the discount was worst than the sale price.)

        • +3

          @bluechan: That was my first and last order with that company.

        • @bluechan:

          lucky you didn't get 15
          count your blessings

          why u need 15 anyways?
          trying to make some profit?

        • @tyler.durden: Neah. Xmas presents. I gave all mates mini quads last year. Trying to find something else I can buy in bulk.

        • @bluechan:

          well lucky you don't get 15
          since we didn't not even get 1 yet..

  • shipped 06/08/15

    Still not arrived.

    Boat must have sunk…

    • Ditto, shipped 6th August and nothing yet.

  • 10/8/15
    It'll be a while still…

  • I'm still waiting ;/

    • Me too. :-(

      Ridiculous it can take so long.

  • almost 2 months waiting now…….

  • I still haven't got mine either. I completely forgot I ordered it, until I saw my bank statement today.

    Order Placed: 11th July 2015
    Shipped: 3rd August 2015

    Also 2 whole months…..

  • Bern waiting almost 2 months & still not arrived. Anyone else get theirs?

  • Ordered early July. Two months and I haven't received it yet.

    • +1

      I expect a month or so wait from china for delivery and that's fine, it's the month they took to dispatch the goods that shits me.

      I'll wait patiently but doubt think I'll be rushing in to make an order there again.

  • Has not arrived after 2 Months!

  • +1

    Add me to the list.

    12/07/2015 : confirmation of order email
    02/08/2015 : status still processing; ticket lodged with support
    06/08/2015 : Marked as shipped and tracking number provided : China Unreg Post
    07/09/2015 : nothing

    Total time waiting in anticipation and telling everyone "yeah, my VR headset is on its way, it should be here soon": 58 days

  • +1

    Almost forgot until my friend told me he intend to buy a phone there……..
    told him to avoid…..

  • +1

    I've been advised by Gearbest to wait until October 6th before they will investigate further (purchased on July 12th).
    To anyone thinking of spending their hard earned money with Gearbest, it can potentially takes months for anything to get looked upon if your item doesn't arrive.

    Management at Gearbest must think that's exceptional customer service just quietly.
    It's only $13 - $14 so I'll probably write this one off but I'm grateful it's not an expensive item that was purchased.

  • +2

    Order Placed: 11th July 2015
    Shipped: 3rd August 2015

    Still nothing

  • +2

    Nothing for me either.

    Did anyone get one?

    • not me.. no idea why i bother with gearbest and banggood et al.

    • Same here. Still nothing.
      Order Placed: 12th July 2015
      Shipped: 5th August 2015

      Apparently, when they say "Shipped" they literally meant that. The orders were sent via surface mail (ie. ship?) and the ETA is 2 months, according to their reply:

      "With international surface mail the delivery is slower than expidited shipping(ie DHL). There are some external factors which may cause some delay on delivery time,such as remote locations, peak shopping and shipping periods, Holidays and Festivals, weather, customs clearance. Your order has been shipped out on August 5, therefore your delivery deadline will expire on October 5."

  • Not happy Jane!

  • still waiting :(

  • I've got mine, but my iphone keeps splipping down on the suction cups. Ukh. Useless

  • still havent received it damn..

  • I am not alone. Still not receive it.

  • Still nothing for me. Shipped out 3rd August.

    • is the paypal deadline 90 days?
      is that why they want you to wait after oct?
      order mines in july and still waiting!

      • I think it's been extended by Paypal.

        Here's what I get in my account.

        Need help?
        If there's a problem, lodge a dispute by 9 January 2016. You may be eligible for Buyer Protection.

      • +1

        It used to be, but as mentioned PayPal extended it a significant amount (probably because of all the places that genuinely take a month to get an item to you). However, from a retailer perspective, the more you can push it back, the less bothered people will be to claim. So they'll keep pushing. I got my PayPal refund last week though after escalating. They sided with me that the shipping times on the web site do not match with what gearbest ask you to accept after you've made the purchase. I'm happy to wait a month if I buy something that says it will take a month (eg banggood). I'm not happy to wait three months for something that said it will take a month.

        • +1

          Same here. Gearbest said it'd take 5-10 days to be sent, took 3 weeks.
          They said postage would take 10-25 days. It's been 6 weeks since it was "posted".

          When I opened a paypal claim Gearbest basically said, it's your fault for picking the slowest shipping option. I pretty much told them go shove it because they say that their slowest shipping option would take about 35 days max (10 days to ship + 25 shipping). They keep arguing that this means business days, not consecutive days but so far paypal has generally refunded me when I say that's rubbish. Currently waiting on paypal to sort out my refund and if the product arrives in the mail that'll be a bonus.

        • +1


          I just got the same response.
          "please understand due to you selected the slowest way to ship it "

          But when you click shipping details on the item page says up to 3 days processing time and 5-11 business days to Australia.

          It mentions nothing about "if you select the free shipping expect to wait over 45 business days".
          Even the longest quoted delivery time is only 10-25 business days.. and that's to Brazil, Mexico and Italy0

  • +2

    Created an account to tell everyone not to purchase from these guys. I'm still waiting - They want to charge me to again for a new one. Disputing with PayPal now.

  • +1

    Paypal approved a refund for my dispute today. Have given up on the item ever arriving though but at least I'll probably make a profit now that the AUD has dropped!

  • +1

    Just received mine in the mail this morning….took them long enough.

    • OMG lucky u

  • +2


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