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Etihad Super Sale - Cheap Flights to Europe in August


Hey guys,

I was looking at a random trip away in August (had a look a week or two ago all the flights were $2000+) then found the Etihad sale. Has great value to Athens, Belgrade, Paris ect. In August which is peak season.

  • Melbourne to Madrid from $1347
  • Melbourne to Paris from $1387

Anyhow it's a saving of $500 :) if you are planning on a trip down that way. Also tried to package it to go via LAX best I could find was $2600. I'm not too experienced with the bargain FF flying but yeah this seemed worth posting as there appear to be plenty of tickets and options available.

P.s. Please make sure you get Startravel? to match it as they get the cheapest tickets… (inside joke)

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  • Was looking at these a couple nights ago and they were around $2000, thanks OP.

  • $1560 mel-lhr in October.

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    Good luck getting these. During their last sale I attempted to get sale fares and it wouldn't go through. 3 months later I'm still having back and forth with their "customer service". Their call centre only does phone bookings and won't process sale fares from online even of the site is having an issue. Nor are they "permitted" to transfer people to someone that can help. The only possible contact is back and forth via email. Absolutely hopeless customer service.

    • The reason I am posting this is because the flights are very available go on there site and have a look - there customer service is no better then most others.

      And they are primarily for online bookings so if you can use OZB I'm sure you can book a ticket or two online… It's pretty straight forward no need to call them.

      • Nah. During the last sale I attempted to make a booking meeting all the rules for the sale fare. The online price was around $3500 when it should have been $1750 (as part of the sale). Maybe they've fixed it now, but my complaint with them is still open. They give zero support. I'm not saying this is a bad deal. If it works it's a decent deal. Just posting my experience with them which has not been good.

        • I booked mine with no hassle… and not even considering which date's they had set I was fortunate enough they had the tickets I wanted in the time I wanted to travel for $1500 the super bargains maybe a bit more specific late sept ect.

  • Woops wrong reply

  • How are they as an airline?

  • Most routes are not valid for August though it says so on the landing page

    Brisbane to Frankfurt .
    Sydney to London

    Detailed page states:
    You must travel between:
    27 Sep 2015 - 30 Nov 2015