This was posted 12 years 1 month 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired Boxing Day Sale (Starts Now)


As stated ppl, now open for free online delivery. A few very good bargains sorry for not having time to list the details. Please follow the link for a summary of current offers.

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  • +3

    Just got DJ Hero Renegade edition for $99. SCORE! :D

    • tempting to get it too ….

      • I think I can resist this..
        Bought far too many games recently.
        Why are they all out so cheap this year? I'm sure it wasn't like this last year!

  • Same!! WoooooHOOOOOOO

  • That was too hard to resist…been eying DJ Hero for a while

    • DJ Hero is supposed to be a bit of a dog, hence why it's totally bombed and retailers are clearing stock.

      • Agreed…tried it out at JB Hi-Fi. It was crap IMO

  • Just bought tekken 6 for $69, band hero for $219 and controller for $78, pretty sweet!

  • +2

    Been curious about DJ Hero but the ~$250 price tags weren't that friendly… but wow, this was a no-brainer for me, thanks!

  • Added to cart and inputed CC details.
    Order hasn't been registered.

    Site getting hammered now.

  • Hope Renegade isn't sold out yet, been dying for it but it was always too expensive. Site is down now, hope I can get a copy :)

    EDIT: Site fine now, just bought a copy - hope I get the stock :)

  • Looks like the site is down.

    I trying to get my DJHero!

    • Site's working fine for me

      • Started working properly about 80 seconds after I posted.

  • -1

    Works for me..

  • Site working now.
    Just put my order in.
    Hope they don't do a COTD and charge me several times for failed orders.

    • Game have a reputation to honor all orders. re: The $20 PS3 controllers.

      • that did not happen at my local store

        • -2

          Same for me, still boycotting them for it.

      • Game earlier this year refunded one game but posted the addon to that game (that I'd ordered at the same time) without my consent.. First thing I knew about it was the morning before I received the package.
        Ended up having to return it in-store.
        Was not impressed! But, you get that

    • +10

      Crownie… I can confirm that not only was your order successful, but your first attempt was not charged. No COTD's in sight :) Merry Christmas everyone!

  • i wonder what the trade in value of dj hero would be

  • Awesome sale, some pretty good prices for the other items. But the real standout is the $99 DJ Hero with free shipping.

    I got one for myself, and spread the word about the sale.

  • -1

    See a retailer that finally doesnt have lagg on their site, and none of that time delay like EB.

    Game is awesome!
    Dont forget about your GAME Membership points.

    Ive got a few vouchers to be used. Too bad you cannot use them at the online store. :(

  • i wonder if anyone would price match this

  • ummm the xbox one is now 219…
    and also you can put 5 in your cart….

  • -1

    PS3 and Xbox360 SOLD OUT!

  • +2

    Xbox 360 and PS3 versions had sold out (not surprising). More have now been added to stock and these product are now available to purchase once again.

    Please be aware that there is a limit of one per customer for DJ Hero Renegade Edition that will be strictly upheld. Orders for multiple qtys may be cancelled (or reduced to 1) at our discretion. Sorry to disappoint, but we'd really rather keep as many people happy as possible.

    Merry Christmas

    • Thanks GAME, the 1 game limit is a good position to take, and one that will be supported by OzBargain I'm sure.

  • is that one per customer no matter the platform? ie can you order both a wii and 360 version?

    • +1


      That is permitted. To clarify further: There is a limit of 1x DJ Hero Renegade Edition per format, per customer.

      Unfortunately, we'd also like to make it clear that these items will most likely not ship until early next week, due to the majority of our logistics partners closing for the Christmas break. Thanks for your understanding.


  • Nice one, I already bought Batman: AA yesterday. Seriously considering getting Assassin's Creed 2.

  • +1

    LOL to the suckers who bought the regular DJ Hero for $99 on Mad Monday and Wacky Wednesday.

    • -1

      the renegade edition isnt that much more different. Only an extra carry case, stand for the dj controller, a cd with w/e songs and i think an extra track in the game… defintely not worth it full price granted i wouldve preferred getting this than the one i did on the mad monday sale

      • You forgot the gloss and gold you get with the renegade controller. Awesome deal. You'd think it's below cost at this price.

        • It is below cost, far below it.

  • Thanks for posting here Game. Nice to see some feedback.

  • damn ps3 sold out again lol!

    only managed to get 360 version but still good ^_^

    • +1

      will there be anymore ps3? :-(

  • +5

    Other good deals on 360 games:

    Beowulf - $9
    WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008 - High Flyer Edition - $9
    Don King Presents: Prizefighter - $14
    Battlestations Pacific - $16
    GAMEWare Xbox 360 Play and Charge Pack - White - $16
    BioShock - $19
    Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway - $19
    Dark Messiah of Might & Magic - $19
    FIFA Street 3 - $19
    Supreme Commander - $19
    Tomb Raider Underworld - $19
    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - $24
    007: Quantum of Solace - Collector's Edition - $29
    You're in the Movies - $29
    Tomb Raider Underworld - Collector's Edition - $38

    Couple of highlights in there… Others maybe not so much… :)

  • wwe smackdown vs raw 2008 high flyer edition $9.00 comes with t-shirt and everything!
    bioshock $19

    some not bad bargains that aren't listed.

  • Game can you please release some more ps3 versions :(


    I'll be your slave lol!

    • lol…yeah i actually wanted to get this as a belated xmas gift for a mate

  • -1

    hey is the xbox360 DJ renegade bundle compatible with ps3/ps2 since they are sold out already (back to orig price)?
    Also does anyone know if the band hero bundle would be on special?

    • +1

      no, 360 and PS3 are completely different inerfaces.. Ditto for Wii

  • GAME is there more PS3 Version of DJ Hero going to be released?

  • Sorry guys, I don't see any $99 for DJ Hero, it showed $219. Did I miss the special??

  • Is there gonna be a local store sale?

    • Probably not for $99 I would assume. The deal was first sent out to people who have previously ordered from GAME online, so I think it's an online only thing. Shame you missed out though.

  • -3

    This sucks… I only just received the email about the sale at 5:20pm (that's the time stamp on it) - I immediately go on the website, but click on the link and it shows it's $219 and can only be bought in-store. I've checked several times throughout the day, and again just now.

    I wish people wouldn't post things that are meant to be "exclusive" for GAME online customers on public sites like this.

    I just hope GAME offers them again for $99 for the PS3.

    • You should check here more often! :-)

  • This is definitely available in-store. Picked up an Xbox one last night for $99 @ Hornsby. All had been marked down to $99 with 2 Wii and 1 Xbox left.

  • +1

    Goto your local game shop, they will be selling it for that price there! KGO!

    • Thanks Turd.

      You're absolutely right… called up the nearest store (Colonnades, SA) and they had heaps of them for the PS3, Wii and 360.


  • I wonder if my EB will match Game…
    probably not as the nearest one is 2 hours away.. DAMN regional queensland

    • Yes, I got them to match Fifa 10 and they beat it by $2 as well…

  • I was told by my local GAME store that they are not getting anymore at that price and I got them to check half of the Sydney stores and they all didnt have any stock left.

  • Just picked one up @ GAME Broadway… they still have a couple of Wii and X360 ones left.. Give them a call! :)

  • Wow - would have liked to get the 360 Dj Hero, but I just got a Wii for Christmas so I picked up Wii games:
    DJ Hero - Renegade Edition (Game + Turntable Controller, Stand & Case) $99
    New Super Mario Bros. $76
    Cricket (Game + Kookaburra Mini Bat) $68

    Thanks maxixix, stoked!

  • Oh man…Can't believe I missed the $99 for DJ Hero…I was gonna do it as soon as I get home but I was too tired from last minute xmas work that I forgot…orz…

    On the bright side, looking at the comments, I would've missed it even if I checked as soon as I got home…= =

  • It was available on the website again this morning (DJ Hero for PS3 $99) - I ordered one a hour ago. Good luck!

  • WOW Hori fighting sticks for $69 bucks delivered!!

    Couldn't get these for even $150 when Street Fighter was released a few months back

  • Picked up the last PS3 DJ Hero at Greensborough.

  • FYI: Perth City Store in Forrest Chase have 2x of the DJ Heroes left @ $99.00. Not really my thing but Spider Man 3 for $12 will suit my son very well.

  • Just went to MIRANDA, they have a few $99 DJ Heros left (mostly Xbox 360). Picked up a Wii version for myself! and 2 other games too ^^

  • Some pretty good prices.

    I got:

    WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008 - High Flyer Edition - $9
    Battlestations Pacific - $16
    Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway - $19
    Tomb Raider Underworld - $19

    For the grand total of $63.

    Thanks for the post, done my boxing day shopping on Christmas Eve :)

  • +1

    in the email it says: DSi Guitar Hero Bundle ONLY $199*!

    But when i view the site, its a ds lite and the box is also a ds lite… it'd be great if it was actually a dsi because id get it.

  • +1

    DSi doesn't support Guitar Hero as it has no second slot so it is most certainly not a DSi.

  • Picked up DJ Hero from Myer Centre, Adelaide, this morning (360 version). They had 4 for the 360 and 1 for the Wii - the 360 versions were snapped up as soon as the store opened but the Wii version was still there when I left.

  • picked up the last ps3 version today from game in windsor.

    awesome buy!

  • Any idea when these will be shipped? I bought Band Hero for Wii and it still says pending in my account? I can't wait for much longer as this is for a friend's birthday…

    • I just recieved mine. Express post parcel.

      • What did your account status say?

        Mine is still Pending, the same as dumdidum above. I was really hoping this would arrive today so we can play it while we are still on holidays. If it doesn't come by tomorrow, it won't come until next week when we are back at work =(

        I'm booooooreeeed!

        I ordered Lego Rock Band for $49 to go with the rockband kit I got from Target for $38. The instruments are boring without a game!

        • My status changed to shipping early yesterday and eventually the parcel came early today so I'm very happy. Time to wrap it up!

          • @dumdidum: Awww.. mine still says pending. So I doubt I'll see it till after the holidays.

            I emailed game today to enquire about it, and got no response.

            There's a game store 1 minute down the road from me… if only they offered it for a reasonable price in store too =(

            Thanks for the info.

            • @mightyboy: Mine is still in the "pending" stage as well.
              Even after GAME themselves assured me that my order went through :)
              ????? Maybe there's problems with getting my other games: Batman: Arkham Asylum and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed ?????

  • Went to EB this arvo they selling $98.

    • Not for the Renegade edition ;)

    • Yeah crownie is right
      That is the normal edition for $98

      • Will eb pricematch on the renegade edition one ?

  • GAME Liverpool has two more DJ Hero Renegade Edition (Xbox 360). Just got one today.

  • Games arrvived yesterday, and were sent express post.

    Very happy!

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