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[AmEx] $20 Credit for $50 Spend Participating Fashion Brands (Limited to First 20,000 Cards)


Register an eligible Card, spend $50 or more on that Card, in one transaction, in-store at any participating fashion brands, between 26 August and 5 October 2015 and receive one $20 statement credit, at up to three different fashion brands. This offer is limited to the first 20,000 Cards to register.

Eligible brands:
Just Jeans
Peter Alexander
MJ Bale
Black Pepper
Payless Shoes
Shoes & Sox

possibly excludes gift cards and orders taken over the phone

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (2)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (20)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • Cool. Gift card time?
    Wow just did a ctrl + f of T&Cs for "gift" and there's no mention of it being excluded this time either..

  • Now to find a good pair of jeans on sale.

    • Just Jeans has 30% off at the moment so if you combine it with the credit, you should get a pair for a decent price.

  • Just thought I'd clarify that it appears you can only get one credit for each store, but can get credit for up to 3 stores, per card registered.

  • Hmm why can't I see the offer in my Amex app?

    • Neither mine. You need to register through OP's link. Got an email confirmation almost instantly.

    • Are you by any chance using a bank issued AmEx?
      I just tried to get the app to use with my NAB Amex and NAB customer support told me that the app only works on Amex direct cards.

      • All of mine are bank issued and I was able to register via amexconnect.com.au (rather than manually keying in all the cards' details).

        • I registered the offer via amexconnect.com.au but I was enquiring about the actual app for iOS/Android. I installed that and couldn't log in. I kept getting a register your card for Online Services error. My current theory is that Amex direct cards = Amex Online site & app but Bank issued = Amex Connect website.

  • Good timing for Just Jean, they are offering 40% in store.

  • Even i was not able to see this offer in my Amex app. Had to register manually.

    • It is there, hard to see in middle of offers and not listed under shopping, search fashion from main offers page (on pc anyways!)

  • Once registered manually it will appear on your amex account as saved offer

  • it worked for anz issued amex

  • It says instore only, so is Topman included as it's part of the Topshop store?

  • So much easier to register 4 cards when all 4 are registered on the one Amex Connect account, just switch-save-switch-save etc
    Hope my Amex Velocity comes today before the 20000 cards are registered and I missout on a 5th

    • cool story bro

    • How do you register multiple cards on the same account? I have a supplementary card and I can't figure out how to do it easily

      • Edit your cards and then ADD, input the card details and all good. I have both my partners (x2) and my (x2) bank issued on the one account.

        Amex Velocity came today, but you can't add it into Amex Connect, so have registered via Amex login…..

  • Terms and conditions state the offer is available for Anz, cba, nab and westpac accounts.

  • Thank you :)

  • Thanks. Registered 2 NAB AMEX cards. Not available on AMEX Discovery.

  • Nevermind.

  • Registered all 3 amex cards. Thanks op!

  • Thanks OP!

  • Awesome, perfect timing for a gift card for my niece!

  • Registered 4 AmEx cards.

  • does this work on AMEX corporate charge cards?

  • Signed up - Doing my bit for the economy :D

  • Here is the direct link if you have an AmexConnect account (saves you inputting all your details):


    Terms & Conditions:

    • Offer is only available at participating fashion brands listed here.
    • Registered Card Members can redeem the offer at each fashion brand only once and up to a maximum of 3 different fashion brands.
    • Card Members must register by saving this offer to this Card and spend $50 or more on their registered Card in-store only at any participating fashion brand, in one transaction, between 26/08/15 and 05/10/15 to receive one $20 statement credit up to a maximum 3 times.
    • Offer only applies to spend on this Card. It does not apply to spend on any supplementary Cards on this account or any other American Express Cards you might hold.
    • Participation is limited to the first 20,000 Cards to register, and the offer is limited to up to three statement credits per registered Card.
    • Purchases made at department stores and concessions such as David Jones or Myer, online or via aggregators such as PayPal or other retailers are excluded.
    • Offer valid in-store only.
    • Offer excludes gift cards and orders taken over the phone.
    • Offer is only valid at Australian locations only.
    • Statement credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
    • Statement credit is normally issued within 5 business days of the eligible spend, but may take up to 8 weeks to appear in your account.
    • Statement credit may not be applied to your Card Account if it has been suspended or cancelled and may be reversed if qualifying purchase is returned or cancelled.

    Full terms and conditions available here

  • edit: don't worry should've gave the T&C a better look.

  • Anyone have an idea for the best use of this deal with the Glue store?

    I have 3 AMEX cards. Thinking of simply buying x3 $50 gift cards then buying some new stuff online.

    Any decent reward / discount programs with these guys?

    • "make the qualifying purchase in-store at a participating fashion brand of $50 to get a $20 statement credit, at up to three different brands." You might not get the rebate by buying at the same outlet.

    • What do you mean?

      Offer excludes gift cards and orders taken over the phone.

      I don't think buying a giftcard will qualify you for the credit…

      • I think with these Amex rebates - all Ozbargainers know by now that Gift Card puchases almost always work.

        They have no way of knowing what you purchased.

        • Fair enough… can someone confirm it once they do it? Still a little skeptical when it was stated in the T&C is all.

        • @ProjectZero:

          I can confirm for you that it worked for me for previous AMEX cashback promotions when I purchased David Jones, Dan Murphy's, Liquorland gift cards

          And yes, they had the same T&C's, Gift cards excluded etc blah blah blah


    $45.95 for a t-shirt at Espirit. Let me think about that for a moment…

  • I suspect it's not possible to stack Quicksilver and Roxy on the same card? Anyone know?

    I think Metalicus gift cards can also be used at Review and vice versa.

  • Anyone know if it would work for a $100 purchase split into 2 transactions to get $40 back?

    • Buy 2 gift cards 50$ with two amex carfs then buy what you want
      I bought gift card and get email said that 20$ on its way to my account

    • I think this would work for sure and was thinking the same thing. Even takes out the risk of not abidibing by T&cs with buying giftcard and be much quicker. (though am sure as per previous deals giftcards will work fine). On a complete side note how ppl go with Netflix. I have netflix US and have had 2 months payment go through but no rebate.

  • Thanks op. Did work with my DJ Card pity I can not use it at DJ's. Good pick up

  • I just received my Velocity Amex and I'm trying to get the most out of it. Can somebody explain what "one $20 statement credit, at up to three different fashion brands" means? Thanks

  • need all this credit from Amex. More stores seem to add a surcharge for Amex. Bought a Chromecast from Dick's a week or 2 back and they said there was a surcharge! Can't recall Dick doing that before.

    • Just order online and use Amex so that the instore dicks don't get any credit for the sales. Online still allows Amex, not sure about instore though.

  • We have one direct AMEX and one supplementary card with different card number at last 2 digits,
    Can I get $20x3=$60x2=$120

  • Thanks, signed up for just jeans membership for $5 and got 30% off. jeans plus membership came to $53, minus the $20 and i got a great pair of $70 jeans for $33.

  • Just bought some gift card and got email for credit statement :)

  • anyone having trouble getting rebates on their CBA Amex? I have had two not come through. It used to be instant.

  • Does anyone know if we refund the product does the cashback also refund too?