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Samsonite Lite-Cube Graphite Spinner Case 82cm $479.20 (+ $7 Shipping NSW, $25 WA) @ Peter's of Kensington eBay


Generally this case goes on sale (40% off RRP) at DJs or Myer every few months.

Made with Samsonite’s unique Curve material, which is highly impact-resistant yet lightweight, Lite-Cube can also absorb a high amount of the energy involved in the impacts of in air travel, so you know contents of your bag will be protected. This Curve material also grants Lite-Cube its attractive, interwoven pattern, with a slightly glossy finish to its exterior.

With 360° spinner wheels, extendible trolley handles, zipper protection, divided compartments and secure TSA locks across all suitcases sizes, Lite-Cube is tried and tested to be some of the most reliable luggage around.

Lite-Cube Spinner Case features:
* Designed in America, made in Europe.
* Hard, exterior shell made from unique Curv technology, a German-made polypropylene.
* Highly impact-resistant and energy absorbent. Zipper protection.
* Four multi-directional smooth and silent wheels allow 360° movement.
* Extendible trolley handle. Comfortable, push button wheel handle, with padded grip.
* Top and side and carry handles for easy lifting.
* Interior divider pad for easy and organised packing in the top compartment.
* Additional mesh divider. Elastic crossed packing straps.
* Fixed three-digit TSA combination lock consists of three locks, for secure travel to the USA and to protect your personal belongings. Airport staff within America will be able to unlock your suitcase without any need to damage the lock, and secure it once again for you, should they need to inspect the contents.

2.5% cashback from Cash Rewards

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    price in title pl0x

  • +4 votes

    $479 is still quite the price for a suitcase


    599 without any coupons
    479.2 with 20% off coupon
    467.22 with 20% off and 2.5% cash rewards cash back

    Those prices above don't take into account postage. That is another 9.50 if you don't click and collect.


    didn't they go like for about 150 at the samsonite sales in springvale?

  • +3 votes

    Swim? Swammi? Slippy? Slappy? Swenson? Swanson? Sampsonite! I was way off!


    If you're looking for luggage may I suggest American Tourister. It's owned by Samsonite so they use the same technology but fraction of the price.


    this or the firelite better?

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      from what i gather, the main difference are that the cubelite has double wheels (as opposed to single wheels on the cosmolite/firelite) and a more ergonomic and stable double frame handle (as opposed the the T shaped handle on the firelite/cosmolite).

      but the cubelite is heavier and lowest capacity (3.5kg, 122L) vs cosmolite (3.1kg, 123L) vs firelite (3.1kg, 124L).


        ty for the insight. appreciated.
        happy with my firelite then (as my priority is less weight)


          yeah, i bought the firelite for my cousin for that reason. if you already have the firelite, i wouldn't bother up/side-grading.

          personally, i'd probably sacrifice the 400g and 2L and go for the cubelite for the handle - more comfortable to hold, easier/more stable to stack things on top of the suitcase (because you can lean against the two poles), and probably stronger. plus i prefer the styling of the cubelite.

          but yeah, i wouldn't bother switching if i already had one! :)


    FYI, they have pretty much all the 75/76cm and 81/82cm models (lite-cube, lite-locked, cosmolite, firelite, etc) at 52% off (40%+20%):

    probably as cheap as you'll get them, outside of the clearance sales (ie. springvale)


    no 80/20 distribution though like the spin trunk. waiting for an 80/20 suitcase which is as light as the firelite


    just a tip, be wary of purchasing the larger 81/82cm bags because not all airlines allow that size. e.g. Qantas.