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Straight Outta Compton Preview Screening 2 September 2015 - $12.50 [Membership Required]


For all those who were on the "straight outta" meme bandwagon the other week, now you can watch the movie.

Received this email:

"Take a ride back to where it all began this week with Straight Outta Compton (MA15+).

UPGRADE your account to HOYTS Rewards today and join us for our Members' Preview Screening next Wednesday 2 September at 6:45pm - Tickets just $12.50* in general admission, or $30* in HOYTS LUX

The HOYTS Cinema Team"

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  • Watched a bootleg copy of this movie as it just wouldn't feel gansta enough paying for it. Totally disappointed that they focused on the infighting with Ice Cube, when the ultimate insult to all of them was Tim Dog stealing their music track and launching a tirade of insults that source magazine has rated as one of the best of all time. What happened to the conspiracy that Ezy E was murdered for going against Hymie town?

  • isnt it cheaper if you use the Groupon special

    at the moment this movie is previewing, i think id rather wait a week for the official release date and pay 8.50 a ticket.

  • Straight outta Bankstown Cuz is free to experience in 3D


    Id see it if it was 50cent….

  • Would be worth going for the comedy value of the white gangstas

  • Watched it last week as part of a Hoyts preview screening it was awesome, took me back to when i first got a hold of straight out of compton on cassette back in year 6. Good times. If you consider yourself a hip hop fan (especially west coast) then i highly recommend.

    • Was the label on the tape WCA? That was my life story back in grade 6, took me ages to figure out it was NWA as it was such a pioneering new type of music and it broke new ground in that those who were the early adopters were abused and ridiculed relentlessly for listening to it.

      • My mate actually dubbed it off his older brother and gave it to me. I didnt buy the CD until about 1998 although i did buy the 100 miles and running EP. At first listen i think it was the use of profanity and rebelliousness that drew me in. It was all a bit naughty being an 11 year old kid in 1990 listening to rap music.

        • So funny, I got the tape from a mate at the private school I attended, we both were clueless for many years as who these artists were as there was no internet and mainstream record shops offered little to no help. I was a huge fan of this type of music and when I discovered Black Market Music near the Queen Victorian Market it was like my second home, I cleaned them out of most cd's and tapes when they eventually closed down. I outgrew this type of music when I discovered Happy Hardcore as it was basically sped up hip hop beats and I was sick of hearing them complain about the white devil. My friends who stayed listening to this type of music ended up having very self destructive lifestyles and it basically consumed them for the worst. Nowadays in my old age I can only handle down tempo Electro and Progressive House.

  • straight outta bankstown

  • Grand Cinemas is showing this for $10 for members on 30 Aug: http://www.grandcinemas.com.au/Movie/Straight-Outta-Compton

  • Pack of degenerates