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Royal Bananas Mix 5 kg $13.5 Delivered to ACT NSW QLD VIC @FarmHouseDirect


That is $2.7/kg delivered to your door. Not 100% sure what they mean by Royal Bananas Mix, maybe a mix of Little Royals, Queen’s Delight and King’s Feast. I'll have to try to find out how much different these bananas are.

This producer sells banana chew and banana flour as well.

I bought from FHD several times before, not this specific producer though, was happy with the products and service.

From their website:

Whether you are an elite athlete, have a restricted diet, digestive ailments or children with insatiable appetites we have bananas for you!

Our fruit is better tasting not only because of our growing practices, but also because it arrives at your door FRESH - within 48 hrs of harvest.

Free shipping ends tonight.

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