This was posted 6 years 4 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Bose Soundtrue IE $77, OE $119, AE $137, Bose QC25 $319 @ Myer

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    Looks like they dont have the Soundlink II Around ear wireless ones. Damn.

  • Damn it, do I get QC25 or wait to find QC20 on special again?

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      Thanks to Ozbargain impulse buying, I have both. Both exceptional. I think QC25's will last longer, replaceable lead and battery will ensure this. The comfort and the portability of the QC20's is undeniable though.

      • Portability is important, although I know the 25s are excellent.
        Longevity is a factor when they cost this much too! Still on the fence….

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          I think if I had to replace them, I'd go qc25, just for the durability factor.

          The only reason I bought the qc20i's was because they were $194

        • @ash2000:

          The smaller carry size of the QC20s is a huge bonus. After having the larger case for years, the small pouch is like a miracle. The concern is that one the battery dies after a few years, the QC20s become useless. I got two pairs (his and her set) at the special price, it was simply not possible to pass on that deal.
          I do also love not having the pressure on top of the head, it can become annoying on a 14hr flight, as can getting warm ears.

        • I've had the QC20i since 2012 and they've held up fine so far. They are very durable for in-ears, although i do take care of the cables. I only use them for flights, but I fly internationally at least once a month.

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        QC25's died on me within a year. Loose soldering within the earcup, as diagnosed by myself, some forums, and some tapping on the earcup which would occasionally produce sound.
        Went to Bose store in Sydney, gave me a brand new pair (in box and packaging).
        Keep your receipts!

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          I recently had an issue with my qc20i's too …. I had some sort of electrical interference when traveling on Sydney trains. They sent a new pair out via mail.

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          All is well within warranty. Have another year of warranty but hope it holds up

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          Even years out of warranty Bose have a pro-rata system for replacement headphones.

          Keep the receipts, people.

        • @KentT:

          Doh! My Myer Gift Card isn't accepted online! Looks like I miss out on the $15 off :(

        • This! Bose as you'd expect have excellent customer service

        • @ATangk: Does it have one year or two year warranty? I know apple has two year warranty according to the Australian consumer law.

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      Qc25 are definitely with the upgrade.. Can play without battery and the can two the quality of sound is better. Not a professional in sound but judging by ear.

  • Don't forget this as well


      • does it count as a toy?

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          No idea why ash2000 said that, coz it doesn't count as any of them.
          Maybe he considers these speakers to be his intimat apparel lol.

        • @cloudy:

          I said it because your link wasn't relevant to this offer.

  • Save me $5, time and fuel to travel to airport, and a international air ticket to get QC25 from this deal. Thanks OP.


    This is search link for Myer and Bose the QC25 is $319.20, unless I'm reading this wrong.

    • I was about to say the same, does the sale start tomorrow?

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        Put in the code at the top of the page for an additional $15 off.

        • Sorted! Thanks!

  • Does anyone know if these are the Android version?

    • appears to be the apple version :(

      • I think ill still buy it… $304 is the best price i've seen in a few months

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          The only difference is the inclusion of the volume control on the iPhone version. Not a big deal for android users, the buttons just don't function whilst in an android device.

        • @ash2000: I would personally just prefer to have no controls, but when you spend $300 on headphones it would be nice to have that function.
          Either way, headphones purchased, collecting today!

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          Nice….money well spent.

          If you don't want any controls you can just use any male to male 3.5mm cable to span the headphones and the device.

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      Android version is actually "Samsung" specific for the most part. The controls don't fare too well with non-Samsung devices unless maybe it's on a list of known fully compatible devices. eg. On Motorola Andoid, I seem to be able to stop playback but NOT control volume from cable.

      So unless you have a Samsung or other known compatible android device, you're not going to notice difference.

      btw the department stores like DJs and Myers seem to only keep the iPhone version in store. Online they don't even bother mentioning individual version, it would be iPhone/iPod only.

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        Also, the only difference is the detachable cable. The headphones themselves are the same.

        If you change phones, you can buy the appropriate cable on its own.

  • Received my mini 2 after 4 days, shoulda gone to click and collect instead! Anyway, this is definitely the best price you can get if you're into quality speakers!

  • has anyone here tried the sound true around-ear? (the one for $122) was waiting for another deal on the sennheiser momentum but these look pretty good.

    • Going to buy them! I was waiting for the momentum too but i've been a bose fan for years now. Products haven't let me down yet! THey've got good ratings on majority of websites.

    • Was in a similar position up until last week, waiting for either the AE or M50x to come up on special. Ended up getting the M50x from the Co-Op deal, but I'm still tempted to get the QC25 for active noise cancelling.
      Is the sound quality on the QC25 any good? Compared to M50x?

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        I can't help with your question as i've never used the M50X however the QC25 is very bassy and crisp sound ( i need that haha!) and i can vouch for the sound and quality.
        I was just about to buy the SoundTrue around-ear however am now in the process of purchasing the QC25. It's ability to have replaceable battery and lead. At this price, you will be unlikely to upgrade as it's quality is quite right up there! For me anyway :) All in all, very subjective to how each person is going to use it! Mine will mainly be music.

      • M50x is alot better. more cleaner sound.

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    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmnnnn you Ozbargain!! In the span of 5 minutes I have now purchased a printer for $17 and QC25's.
    Thanks OP :)

    • what printer did you buy??

      • The HP deal from harvy's. On the front page.

  • Does QC25 get hot under the ear after 4 hours use?
    If you are in a noisy office can you turn on the active cancellation and not listen to any music?
    Does this work well? Or is it too much ' emptiness' for the brain?

    • All noise cancelling headphones get hot, it's not too bad if you just lift the cups for a few seconds every half hour or so.

      Having them on without audio takes a bit of getting used to - similar feeling to needing to pop your ears when on a plane.

      • All noise cancelling headphones get hot,

        No, the QC20s are in ear, not over the ear, so they don't make your ears even remotely hot.

        I have used my ANC headphones (Jabra over the ear and Bose QC 20s) many times with no audio just to silence background noise. It is great.

  • Nice one!
    Any idea what price these used to be? I just bought em
    Bose Soundtrue In-ear Headphones $77(

  • Is this code for online only?
    if i go in store, itll be the price without the code?

    • Online or in-store.

      To use in store, go to the "Original Code Post" link at the bottom of the OP, click on the image in that deal, and print off. It says it can used either way.

      (Note I haven't actually done this yet, will be doing it tomorrow.)

      • So further to that, as it doesnt let me use a gift card online - will i be able to use a gift card in store?

        • You should be able to :)

    • Just went to Myers in the city, they will match the online price today, however, you need an emporium magazine to get the extra $15 off, they need to scan a code according to the guy there. I'm a Myer One member so I can get the magazines for free, however, I need to have bought something else to get one.

  • Keep in mind that the Soundtrue in-ear headphones is the old model which has been replaced;
    News ones cost 199$ so still a good bargain!

  • Can we buy this in store today at the price advertised? Or is it online only today?

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      In store 2mrw I think

  • Does anyone know the around ear comes with a carry bag ot a pouch? Just bought the around ear for $122. I might return it and buy the on ear if it doesn't come with a pouch?

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      yeah just picked up mine, it came with a zip pouch

      • thanks. good to know. i thought only the on ear comes with the zip pouch because it is smaller. how is it though? I was lucky I was thinking buying this at 179 few weeks ago seeing it reduced from 229 at Bose website. Now i feel really happy buying at 122. best deal ever

  • Can confirm it works instore today.

    Showed the guy the price online on the website + had the $15 printout and it went through no problems.

    This is Perth CBD

    • Same here in Brisbane - although might depend on how nice the salesperson is feeling.

  • The folks at Head-fi may rattle off slogans about Bose, they may be right…but nobody shuts out crying babies on an airplane like Dr Bose.

  • Thank you, Trent86! JB Hi Fi were happy to price match.

    • Did they price match to 319 or 304?

      • $304. The sales guy didn't even think twice. I showed him the Myer deal on my phone with the coupon code applied and he was like, "yep, we will match it."

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      Good to hear :) Although I like to give myer credit for being the only ones to reduce these

      • Agree mate. I've never seen them lower at any of the local retailers either.

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    Great timing, was looking for a QC25 special prior to my flights to TRS.

  • Tempting, tempting. I have some Awards points to pay with

  • For TRS reasons , if you know you will be traveling in say 4 months, is it possible to Lay By these for that period so when you pick up the item(or have it delivered) the invoice date will be within The 60 days from travel to claim the GST back?

    • As long as the invoice date is within 60 days of your travel date its fine.

  • I purchased the qc25 online for $304..picked up the headphones and actually didn't quite liked the sound leakage.. So returned them and asked them to price match for qc20.. I got Qc20 for $320 in store..!

  • Thanks! Just bought the QC25 and will be heading to the US for work within 60 days too : )

  • Myers is having a 20% off all headphones, apart from ones already discounted. This is on until Sunday according to the sign.

  • Note that the Soundtrue In-Ear earphone listed here is without remote. The Soundtrue In-Ear with remote is $107 and I have just purchased a pair from Myer Chatswood for $107. Personally I think this is a better deal as I can use the $15 off voucher to bring the price down to $92.

    While this model has been superseded, the price of the new model is $199 and I don't think the new model is twice as good as this model.

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    thanks OP! bought qc25 android from jb asking for a price beat, costed $285:)

    • Can you please post the copy of the receipt, my local JB guy is not ready to sell it @285 :(

      • Sorry guys, I just saw these messages, perhaps not of any help now:( but let me know if you still want to give it a shot and i will upload the receipt? Also whats easiest option to share an image here?

        edit - appears deal is still on but no stock.. here is the link for receipt hope it helps

    • Reiterating what kt71 said, if you have time could you post the receipt please :)? I'm hopefully going to go to JB this afternoon to pick myself up a pair!

      • I tried my local JB and got told they would only match the 319

        • receipt uploaded

  • Myer is now out of stock on the QC25's

    • Still showing in stock for me, I can add to cart too

      • When you checkout it says that there are none left and to remove from your cart

        • Yeah I am, I get to stage of payment

  • Ordered a QC25 online last night and went to Indooroopilly shopping centre this afternoon. First, I sneaked into the Bose store and tested both the QC25 and QC20. I found QC20 is more comfortable than QC25. So I decided to change the order. In the Myer store, there are definitely more Bose products than online. In store, they have QC20 and SoundTrue in-ear iphone version etc, while both do not exist online. All the bose products have at least 20% off discount this weekend. This must be the best price in Australia at the moment. I brought a QC20i for $320 (20% off ) and SoundTrue in-ear iphone for $92 (using 15 discount code). I shall say the sound quality is OK but not great. But hey, the noise cancelation of QC20 is just phenomenal! They basically blocked out the loudspeaker sound from the supermarket. Even without NC, those earbuds are still the most comfortable ones I have worn. Thanks OP!

  • Looks like the sale is over?

    • Yeah looks like just the soundtrue headphones are still on sale

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    Friendly tip:

    For those who have purchased the Truesound in-ear headphones for $77, I highly recommend getting a set of QC20 earbuds to use on these headphones.

    By default the Truesound earphones don't block much, if any, ambient noise. They rest gently against the ear canal, not in it. The QC20 earbuds on the other hand seal over the ear canal, resulting is much richer bass, and blocking ambient noise.

    Makes a HUGE difference for less than $4!

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