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Virgin $50 Unlimited Calls & Text + 10 GB Data + $300 Worth Int' Calls + Rollover Data (Online Only)


Virgin $50 UNLIMITED CALLS & TEXTS, 10 GB DATA + $300 Worth of International Calls + ROLLOVER DATA following month only

Better then Vodafone network and better deal then Optus.
EPIC DEAL in its price range. ONLINE ONLY
Optus customers are not eligible for this offer. Optus customers needs to port out to some other provider then they can port in to Virgin - confirmed with virgin customer care.

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  • Am i missing something? I'm reading $60 a month not $50?

    edit: oh just googled it - they've dropped the price of their $60 plan to $50, my bad - looks like a good deal!

  • I want unlimited international calls to 10 Countries, so Vodafone works for me. Vodafone coverage is fine in my area too.

    But still thank you for sharing the deal. Might help others.

  • Can confirm. $60/month slashed to $50/month.
    "5GB + 4GB bonus + 1GB online exclusive, when you switch networks or upgrade"
    See: http://www.virginmobile.com.au/monthly-mobile-plans/#sim-pla...

  • Vodafone has rooms to negotiate if ever want to convert your prepaid to plan. Virgin wouldn't budge, talking to Virgin's customer reps is like talking to a brick wall.

  • Vodafone seems to have the same offer now with 10GB data and unlimited calls to selected countries overseas…. I'm on the call with them trying to upgrade my sim only plan.

    • This one alone should be on its own as a better deal….

    • Oops, i stand corrected. Vodafone is month-to-month as well.

    • Yeah I think Vodafone wins… also has the $5/day global roaming, it is 120 minutes to selected international countries outside of free call countries (China, India, USA, UK, NZ, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and South Korea). Does not seem to have rollover though which is the flipside. If they included Spotify then this would be the best deal.

    • Just an update. They had put me on 80 plan and gave $30 off for 24 months. I also got an extra 2gb of data from the mobile broadband sim that I had wished to cancel but they included that with my 10GB, made it shared and gave me $10 off for 6 months on it. So even though i was tempted to switch to virgin, I guess vodafone won me over again….

      • Vodafone's retention team is one of the best to negotiate with. I've had some great success with them too.

  • @deepansh Rollover of the data is the killer deal!!!!

  • Unfortunately if you try to get same/similar plan with iPhone it would be different.

  • 10GB of data? SWEEET! Great for those who don't have broadband at home. Thanks OP!

    On the side note: is there a contract, or is this month-to-month?

  • Since when was optus better that Vodafone? Optus network is horrible!


      Debatable. In my experience Optus has better calls. Equivalent coverage in CBD - But Optus has more coverage for me in Adelaide hills.

      Vodafone has higher peak download speeds but it is very inconsistent so sometimes you have to wait 10 to 20s for something to START loading

      Virgin has far superior customer service

      In the end I shelled out for Telstra though, after using the lot

      • Let the experienced users downvote away, my personal phone is with Voda and work phone was swapped from Optus to Telstra last year, optus was near unusable all over Melbourne. I found myself using my personal phone way too often because I couldn't barely get data or keep 30+ minute calls going on Optus.

        Vodas network may not be as good as Telstra's but it blows Optus away in any non-regional area (and uses it in the rest)

      • I live in the adelaide hills, Virgin is atrocious.

        • Is the Adelaide Hills counted as metropolitan?

          In any case it's not a typical metropolitan. Vodafone has improved their network greatly in my location and commute over the past decade or whatever since Vodafail-gate.

        • It's only a 20 min car ride to the CBD. Adelaide is surrounded by hills

      • I was previously on Optus for 5 years, decided to change to Vodafone and haven't looked back. Also the customer service with Vodafone has been great. Always speak to Aussies.

  • Seems like a good deal, but I like the shared data capability with optus (I run the kid's tablets with that), and their travel packs. Anyone know if Virgin have similar options available?

    • was about to ask the same question. It seems like the telco wars are getting hotter and hotter. It will be just a matter of time before Optus comes out with a deal.

      • Um have you forgotten that data prices per unit have approximately doubled over the past 2 or whatever years since TelstraMobileFromKogan-gate.

        Rather than the blistering competition you seem to believe is happening people are paying a lot more for data. Whilst exclaiming what a great deal they're getting in some cases ;)

  • It's still a plan no matter what, still the usual hassles of credit check employment details etc etc. Too invasive for something they claimed to be NO contract month to month.

  • Just called virgin and tried to upgrade as an existing customer and was told that I could only get 9gb as the extra 1gb was an online exclusive and you would have to sign up with a new number. On a pretty decent plan at the moment and wanted a nice round 10gb of data so decided not to upgrade.

    Guess you could still buy another sim (on a different network) transfer your existing number there and then purchase this plan and retain your old number but not worth the time and hassle of a credit check. Lets hope some of the other carriers try beating this plan.

    • It sucks how they "punish" existing customers like yourself. But they don't do a credit check when you port your number, just a simple ID check, like providing your driving licence. It's super easy, and usually ports in 2 or so business hours. Just pick up a free lycramobile sim free starter sims (one of this week's ozbargain deals and start porting away)

    • I would give it another try with a different person. I just upgraded my plan from $20 to the $40 plan with the 1GB online exclusive offer over the phone a couple of weeks ago. I was happy with 3GB if they can't give me the 1GB online bonus so I just asked the guy straight up and he's like "yup not a problem, I can do the 1GB online bonus for you too".

      I have 4GB in total now.


    I find optus reception pretty average in bris.

  • I signed up when it was $60 two weeks ago; one six-minute call later and I'm now on this plan. Great deal, and super impressed how easy it was to update my plan to take advantage.

  • Signed up to their $40/m sim offer the other month with 4gb.

    Gee not sure if I need any extra 6gb for only $10 as am struggling to use the 4gb but a good offer none the less

  • Telstra $50 5GB deal still not bad if you need the better reception

    • Agreed. The only downside is that its NOT unlimited calls rather, $1k worth at inflated call rates. On the other hand, Boost mobile is about to go live with Telstra 4G next week (Not 4Gx) and uses all of Telstra 3G, not "part of".

      $40 per month is very good for this. My wife is on Boost and i find that Boost (Telstra)3G speeds are faster than my Optus 4G speeds….most of the time.

      Having said that, pretty happy with my Optus coverage.


  • This is an amazing deal, however I don't think virgin allow you to share data across sim cards if you have multiple devices eg. (android phone/tablet and a windows laptop with a sim card slot) …. if so I would change across from the $50 optus plan.

  • What a bleeping joke.

    I tried to upgrade my postpaid plan, pay an extra $10 and get their $40 version of this (unlimited calls and texts, but only 3GB + 1GB data), and as I have a timed commitment with Virgin I can't, I can only change to a dearer wimpy limited $ amount plan.

    Yet if somebody comes along and wants the unlimited stuff, they're more than welcome, getting an infinitely better deal for the exact same money.

    It doesn't make sense - way to get on the bad side of committed customers. I'm getting penalised for making a commitment. Sounds like marriage!

    • Exactly what I wanted to do but Virgin didnt want to play ball. I jumped over to Optus. Now Virgin wants to keep up with the competition. My advice Virgin, look after your customers - loyalty's gotta mean something.

  • Just beware data is much slower on virgin than Optus unless you use the Optus APN.

  • No visual voicemail, pass.

  • So where it says "upgrade" does that mean people on a cheap month to month contract with Virgin can upgrade to this plan on same number?

  • Can I port from Amaysim? or is that the same boat as porting from Optus?

  • Quite a runaround to find the Deal..it is here….http://www.virginmobile.com.au/monthly-mobile-plans/?i_cid=HM_WidgetTiles_Phones

    I'l probably do the $5 Voda $30 starter pack and transfer from there.


    It is still post paid and if you somehow get over your usage…you know what would happen.

  • Can vodafone price match this? With the rollover?

  • Are we locked in a contract with this? Cant tell if its month by month or not. Can i cancel at any time?

  • Why are optus customers ineligible?

    • Double Data: available when you get a new number with us, switch by porting your current number across from a provider that does not use the Optus network, or upgrade your plan with us to selected postpaid plans. Available on the $35 and $80 SIM (only) Plans as well as on the $40 (24 month) Phone Plan or higher. You will receive double your plan’s standard monthly data allowance (to use in Oz) until you cancel or change plans. Not available to use with other bonus data offers unless explicitly stated otherwise. Offer now ends 7 October 2015.

  • I just called Virgin on this as an existing customer. Essentially there is no way to sign up online and get the 10 gig plan. in fact you can't even get the 9 gig version online without getting a new number. Essentially you have to go through the call centre to get the 9 gig plan for $50 on your existing number. I argued the point that I could just switch to Vodafone for $50 a month and get a 10 gig plan and they argued that they simply didn't have that offer for me being a new customer, they didn't bat an eyelid in telling me to go for it. Wow. So much for trying to keep your customers.

    • I'm with Virgin too and I'm seriously considering moving to telstra. I got the same blatant response. Even Optus has better offers than these clowns at this point. 2 things Telstra has that I'd like are visual voicemail and Apple Music subscription.

      Maybe the time has come!

      Now to wait for the contract to end.

      • Telstra only has 5 gig at the $50 range, I really want something a bit higher on the data side. I'm ready to take whatever network has the best offer since I am not on plan. However a bit hesitant to switch to Vodafone and would prefer Telstra if they even did 7 gig for $50 a month.

  • Took a different tact today, rang up said I was an existing customer and told them that I was going to join Vodafone for their $50 10 gig plan. Asked if they'd match it, no problems. All sorted within minutes. I guess it really depends on who you get on the other end of the phone!

    • Don't they keep a record of your discussions with them? Surely they would know that they already spoke to you about it. Maybe what they're allowed to offer/accept changed today as the people up top decided to fight back?

      • The first time around the person never even asked for my number. She just got her back up about not giving me the 10 gig plan first.

        • Nicely done!

          Did your contract with Virgin already expire?

          Also, did you go through to disconnections or sales?

        • @montorola:

          I've been on a post paid plan month to month plan since I bought my nexus 5 two years ago? I was on the $20 1.5gig data plan (which was a special they had ages ago).

          Went through Sales and then the existing customer/upgrade section.

  • BUNDABERG QLD has bad vodafone coverage and telstra's isnt much better with lots of 1bar or no service black spots and due to the centeral location of the Optus tower i get almost full bars everywhere, so it has to be on the optus network for coverage here. Wish Vodafone listened to customers on towers, they have given up in Bundy and dont even have a dedicated shop anymore!

    So the choices was between
    $50 Optus 8gb (additional 1gb=$10) offer with travelpacks for roaming and 300min … OR …
    $50 VirginMobile 10gb with rollover and 5.2cPerMb possible excess, normal roaming (this sucks) and $300CR for international calls
    Both on the same network coverage and call quality.

    Roaming isnt a big deal, im sure Virginmobile will have to adopt better roaming deals and excess data packs (eventually)
    Excess, while a concern is lessened with the knowledge i can use leftover data from the previous month

    One last thing, VirginMobile do -$5 off data only offers (best was $40-$5=$35 for 12gb SIM) but no data sharing/pooling (yet anyway) so with 10gb=22gb a month for $85
    The $80 plan comes with 15gb for the moment, but its not the best way to buy data bang for buck on virginmobile!

    Optus does POOL with a single one off $5 second sim offer with a single $10 a month credit your bill

    Just the things i resseled with before bitting the bullet. I had no trouble with the creditcheck but then i dont lie to botnets