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$30 Vodafone Starter Pack for $5 at All Kmarts


$30 Vodafone Starter Pack for $5

At Kmart.

While Stocks Last!

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  • Vodafone packs don't have expiry date, this is good!

    Anyone please confirm, is this nationwide ?

    • Do they recycle the numbers making them useless?

    • It must be a relatively new thing. I have vodaphone packs with expiry dates

      • sure that's not just the manufacturer date?

  • Thanks OP!. This is good.

  • Good Price. Unfortunately though vodafone sucks where I live, still stuck with 3g at 2 mb/s.

    • 2 mb/s are you sure about that?. That's full ADSL2+ type speed.

      • yes that's the results speedtest.net report. My home connection according to speedtest results are 10 mb/s. Boost mobile gives around double that speed, and Telstra is around 95. Optus I usually see around 50.

      • +1

        It's stil technically correct. MBps = Megabytes per second Mbps = Megabits per second

        • Exactly

        • Well. I didn't know that 3G could do 2 mb/s (2 MBps) that's quite fast enough.

        • +1

          Stop trolling you knew my figures are megabits.

        • +1


          Pardon that i temporarily confused mb/s (which should have been typed Mb/s for megabits per second) as MB/s (which is megabytes per second).

        • +1

          According to unit charts, MBps stands for megabytes per second (also known as MB/s). Therefore to say 2 mb/s could have been confused as 2 megabytes per second who didn't read it properly. It should have been typed as 2 Mb/s (for 2 megabits per second) to be absolutely technically correct.

        • -2


          Only a user trolling would be so pedantic

        • +6


          Actually to be really pedantic, your original post "still stuck with 3g at 2 mb/s" translates as "still stuck with 3 grams at 2 millibits per second".

          I shall now return to my place of abode under a nearby bridge…

        • Come on guys, just let it rest now. This is OzBargain, even we have to be stingy with our use of proper grammar :D

  • How much data can you squeeze out of this?

    • 1.5gb?

      • Yep, according to their website (only $30 one I can see) included are:
        * Combo credit: $30
        * Data for use in Oz: 1.5GB
        * Standard national calls: Infinite
        * Standard national TXT and PXT: Infinite
        * Expiry period: 28 days

    • Not getting free WiFi anymore lol

      • +2

        Do you mean no more free Data on weekends?

        • +2

          Yep, that's what he meant! :)

  • Good deal

  • All kmarts?

  • +1

    so can this be used as "re-charge voucher" for the same #? Say if I buy 6 of this,is there a way I can used to re-charge 6 times? cheers

    • Unfortunately they don't work as recharge vouchers however you can port out your number onto a $2 Optus or Telstra sim and port back in onto this starter pack and keep on doing this for as many times as you want

      • Are you sure ?, I know that Telstra won't allow you to port back and I presumed this was standard industry practice ?!

        • +4

          Been doing this from last 8 months

        • +2

          nah, been porting out and back to Telstra for a while, sometimes the whole process took only 30mins. I'd recommend porting to Optus as Vodafone is useless, took them 1 day to do this.

      • In KMart at Brandon Park (VIC), there's a $2 Telstra prepaid SIM being sold for $0.50.

        • And I'm pretty sure Target Melbourne CBD sells Optus sim cards for $0.50.

      • +1

        better yet get a $30 optus starter kit for $5, use that for the 30 days, then port back to vodafone. Keep an eye out on cheap telstra starter kits as well

  • normally they came with $450 worth of calls and 1 gig data and unli txt.

  • -1

    Does Vodafail still fail today?

    • +1

      Perfect coverage wherever I go these days in melb

      • Where in melbourne do you go shapers?

        • Live in the eastern suburbs, go to uni in the city and have a house near Wilson's prom.

          Wilson's prom house never use to have any reception until they expanded their network now it has 2-3 bars compared to telstra where I have to stand on the roof to get 1 bar so I'm quite pleased with voda

    • Better than optus in my area

  • Thanks OP.

    Mine does not come with a plastic wrap. Inside the outer cover, a "$2 SIM" Pack can easily be slipped out. Should I be worried?

    Or is it always that in a $30 Prepaid Combo, they simply include the $30 value in a "$2 SIM"…

    • I bought one of these Vodafone $30 SIM starter packs from Kmart a while back. The $30 value is automatically included in the SIM card activation applied to the account. There is no $30 voucher as per say.

      • Thanks. The inner package with wording "$2 SIM" got me nervous…. :-)

        • Hmmmm i hope you didn't buy one of the $2 SIM by mistake?. Those $2 SIM generally don't come with any credit and don't have a plastic wrap on it either. Exactly how much did you pay for it?.

          The $30 starter pack has $30 Prepaid Combo on it.

        • It turned out that mine was indeed just a $2 SIM with no value in it.

          The $2M SIM with its packaging was slotted into a $30 Prepaid Combo outter cover. The whole thing was not plastic sealed but was locked in a display cabinet.

          Activated today only to find there was no credit in the SIM card!

          Someone might have accidentally put the wrong SIM card in the $30 Prepaid Combo package…. but I don't know who and not sure if Kmart will refund me now…..


        • @My_Name_Is_Mike:

          Of course they will take it back.

        • @My_Name_Is_Mike:

          How did this end up going? I just bought 6 yesterday, opened up (and activating) my first now, but it too is a $2 inside the $30 packaging as shown in this deal. Didn't notice until I'd already activated it.

          Just waiting for the SMS, I've transferred my existing number.

          Surely this is the real thing and not a $2 empty SIM?! False advertising if it is, the stack clearly said $30 marked down to $5 from which I got 6 from.

          EDIT: I got scammed, all are $2 despite being advertised as $30 down to $5 SIM's with all the included data. Complaining to Vodafone now to see if they can do anything with my activated sim and I'll return the other 5 back to Kmart.

        • UPDATE

          Escalated my case at Vodafone to various managers, I told them I don't care about the other 5 SIMs I bought but I've just ported my existing number over to a dead $2 sim and that's a problem since I'm currently 8 hours from home and need a working phone.

          After a lot of drama they've given me $30 unlimited on good will, to be fair they had no proof I wasn't trying to scam them as it appeared I only had a $2 SIM pack.

          I've since emailed them my Kmart receipt showing the 6 x $30 packs @ $5ea, the pic from this deal from presumably a Sydney Kmart store and all my $30 packs with $2 inside.

          Pain in the arse but at least I have 1 unlimited pack. Just gotta return the other 5 dodgy ones.

        • @Click_It:
          I took the Combo kit back to Kmart and they said it was normal to have the $30 Combo inside a $2M SIM, and since the SIM had been activated they could not refund me and if there is no credit inside I had to contact Vodafone…

          Called Vodafone four times still waiting for a return call. Said I needed to fax them a request or I have to go back to Kmart to sort it out by issuing me a $30 voucher…..

          I got the $30 combo from Carlingford. Do you happened to get yours from same store?

          Yes indeed this is a pain. The front cover says $30 Prepaid Combo….

        • @My_Name_Is_Mike:

          Total bull what Kmart said. I can tell you these Vodafone $30 combo have nothing to do with a $2 SIM that's a separate SIM card release.

          Sounds like some one slipped some $2 SIM's inside $30 combo outside package covers (a staff member probably stole the $30 combo SIMs).

        • My bad, the Kmart shop I got the pack from was in North Rocks (near but not quite Carlingford).

        • @My_Name_Is_Mike:

          As holly said, the $2 thing shouldn't have anything to do with the $30 pack. That's what Vodafone told me and are now investigating Kmart's "sale".

          And no, I got mine from Lake Haven NSW which makes this even worse for kmart.

          I was pushy with Vodafone until they have me some credit, even though it wasn't their fault, it was their reputation and let's face it, Vodafone don't want more of that. Ring and be assertive and get some credit. I went through 3 managers before I got mine so expect some time on the phone. At least the call is free 1512 from memory. You will need to scan your receipt and email it into them. I also sent the pic from this deal and a pic of the $2 in my $30 pack.

          EDIT: I wouldn't be surprised if what Holly said about staff swapping out the packs is true, that'd certainly explain it.

        • @Click_It:
          Yeap I finally got my $30 Combo credit after calling four times speaking to three supervisors and faxing through photocopy of the $30 Combo outter package twice.

        • @My_Name_Is_Mike:

          Good work! Still peed off we had to go through all this, while not Vodafone's fault, unless they stay plastic packing their starter packs I'm steering clear. Kmart staff must have pinched them all.

        • Took off the slip and this is what's inside it, grr

          a $2 sim wrapped inside a cover stating "Ask for the new $30 cap with this SIM".
          Doubt the $30 is actually included. Taking this back to Kmart in Brisbane.

        • @payton:

          I took my 5 back for refund today. Expected some headaches from Kmart but it was a smooth process.

          Think I'll generally avoid Vodafone in future, this crap has never happened with the other networks.

        • @Click_It:

          The glue holding the seal on their other SIM kits comes off easy as well, which means the details needed for activation is open for all to see.

        • @payton:

          Vodafone still have a lot of work to do. I'll stick with the reliable networks here on in.

  • +12

    Just to share a good way to use this,
    -get a dual sim mobile
    -Sim 1,port your main number to Aldi mobile for answering calls only, $5/Year, got mine for $1,thanks ozbargain.
    -Sim 2, buy lots of starter pack, optus, vodafone, telstra and whatever suits you for $5 or less, use them for calls and data, when data finishes or at the end of month, just bin the sim and activate another, therefore no more port in and out, activation of new sims usually takes no more than 30 seconds. Sometimes Amaysim offer free first month which you can use as well.

    • +2

      LOL you truly qualified as an OzBargainer.

    • +3

      I have been doing that for over a year but people get cheesed with all the new numbers i keep ringing them from lol.

      • +1


      • I know the feeling

      • Yes people assume that's your number and then you get another.

      • +1

        If it helps, use the block number feature on your mobile phone settings so that when you call is appears as 'unknown number'

    • +3

      I'v been doing this for about 1 year now. Prior to this I was paying $30-45 a month depending on how much I used.

      However doing this works until.. you

      1) Need to check your voicemail (I guess you can disable your voicemail)
      2) Change numbers and you call people up and they say who is this, before you start speaking.
      3) Return a call a missed call. You can't really say from the number you just called because you called back from a different number.
      4) You can't ring people to give them your number. If you accidentally do this and don't realized they have no way contacting you after you swap out the sim.
      5) if you send a SMS after you swap out your sim they may mistake you for someone else, or they will not know who you are <—- this is a biggie lol

    • I have been doing this for 4 years. Adding smspup in to the mix for sending texts from my main number,and yearly Skype world package for overseas calls over 3/4g

      • It normally only takes 5mins-2hrs to port your number over to the new sim card, I have been doing this.

        BTW there was still about 5 of these on the shelf at kmart garden city (mt gravatt QLD) yesterday. They are selling a max of 2 per person.

        • I have a good prepaid deal (where I can get lots of data with cap credit) I don't want to lose it on my main number that's why I'm not porting it. Prior to that, I had been porting my number almost every second month.

        • @notoriousft:
          Yeah i have the old woolies sim as my main number 5gig data and $500 calls i think with 45 days expiry for $26 only 3g though.

      • How do you handle phone verification without a carrier based sms service though?

        Most large entities such as Google, Facebook will not send messages to free sms nor will many other large service providers.

      • Very most flexible credit to what I find i suspect now comes from Freedom Plus, perversely. This can replace longlife optus for the doing usual carrier stuff. Also bought the year of DataPass (MBN)

        Planning to get Xiaomi and leaves second slot to a strong 4G in my area VF; use by dates on those vouchers suck but is forgiven by 10G/58days $24 (even $6 last mo) for we early pioneers. Worthy backup for voip QoS stuff.

        Managed w' vpn to grab free perm num from GoogleVoice — NY 646. A universal carrier number? Classic. To my surprise it recognise Skype's CID just fine w voicemail+number transcribe to Gmail. Gonna reward this with $40.

    • Wouldn't it be better to buy a data only plan rather than a voice service for the second SIM?

  • Do the $30 voda packs that say 1GB have 1.5GB like the new packaging?

    • Yep you can choose the combo you want when you activate the sim

      • Thx mate. Seems the 1.5gb is the way to go. Cheers

  • burwood vic had none as of last night

  • I took the last 2 from Northland Preston.

  • Munno Para, SA had no idea of this deal.

  • Still plenty at TTP in radelaide.

    • Yep got one earlier from there

      • You were kind..i grabbed 6

  • Has anyone had experience of swapping sim packs at vodafone stores? Do they make you activate it instore because I don't want to do that. I've bought a nano sim pack but need micro sim instead.

    • I have micro's but need nanos

  • No Stock Keilor Downs.

  • southland had already been cleared out :(

    • Always check the boxes of sim. I was told it was out of stock last time but I noticed an unopened box of 5 and bought 4.


  • got the last 5 from blacktown NSW store

  • btw, how many credit is included for making international calls?

  • Super handy for traveling, thanks OP.

  • The Kmart here in tassie , Kmart newtown is selling the same for $15. Are the prices different across Kmarts nationally ? I asked they said they dont price match with other Kmarts. Is that true ?

    • Did it scan up at $15? my kmart didn't have the sale advertised but it scanned at $5

      • Hi lkp,

        No. It was advertised as $15. I will give the scan a try today. Thanks

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