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LG G4 H815 32GB $458.15 Delivered from QD eBay


The LG G4 is only $458.15 delivered using the 15% off eBay voucher. All colours back in stock.


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        • @xyron: iChopstick replied to me that He didn't receive the extra plastic back cover in the box, he received from this deal. Would you like to say anything on this now. I told you that they are for different regions and might be different retail versions of H815

        • @OzSikhs: Nope. What made you think that?

  • This on or the Oppo R7 plus? Arrghh :) Two days left to choose. This is replacing a "fill in" phone which is a Nokia 830 which I bought after the screen on my note 3 cracked. Not a big Windows phone fan but the camera on the 830 is pretty awesome and needless to say, I'm looking for this on my next android phone. The F1.8 on the G4 is really appealing.

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      This phone. It's one of the best phones out. Chances that you will regret the purchase are low..

    • This!!!

  • It's bloody good phone. I just couldn't believe that 3 months ago I spent 600 on it and it was a good bargain. But 3 months later it's almost $150 less!!

    • +2

      I don't think it will drop too much from here, best guess is maybe $400 in 12 months times, LG still need to make money on phones they sell and middlemen also need to make money. Cost to manufacture this phone will be between $200-250 in my opinion before R&D, so at $400, there are not much profit to be shared between LG and the middlemen.

      • I think this is the time to buy. It`ll probably be another 6 months before it's cheaper than this. ☺

  • I did in fact purchase this phone, my question is when Android Marshmellow 6.0 gets released, will LG be pushing the release or a carrier in Taiwan. How will you know that Marshmellow is coming to your phone?

  • Very tempting.

  • +3

    And gave in to temptation a couple of hours ago!

    And now the wait has begun!

    • Same.
      Cancelled my previous Kogan $499 (15/09) order and bought this one.
      Will probably arrive sooner than my first order would have done.

  • Took the bait. Now waiting for the new shiny red G4!

  • +3

    Bought 1! Thanks for making my wallet lighter OP! ;)

  • I quite like the Verus protective case posted earlier on Pg 1. Can I just buy this Qi chip to enable wireless charging? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Qi-NFC-Wireless-Charging-Chip-Rec...
    Will the case be too thick for wireless charging?

  • Can you get the Tourist Refund Scheme on a phone bought through this vendor?

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  • This only comes with 1yr local warranty right? Isnt it supposed to be 2yrs (if it was local AU stock from LG)?

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      Well because it isn't AU stock…

      • ok…i guess that's where the cost saving came from….oh well :)
        Worse comes to worse hopefully I can claim it under AMEX buyer protection (1 extra yr warranty)…not sure if it's eligible tho….

        • Will it work if you use paypal?

        • @udyz: I dont see why not….but I've never had the unfortunate to try (touch wood) :)

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    Does anyone have the contact number of the seller? I tried to message the seller for three times as I ordered the wrong model (G3) and didn't get a reply.

    • It's public holiday in Taiwan and basically China today. You might need to wait till tomorrow.

    • All sorted, thanks guys.

      Amazed that Linda from qa_au replied at 1:30am last night. Even if she is highly likely be in Taiwan but still it was 10:30pm.

      • Still waiting for a reply, as I wanted to change my order to galaxy s6.

  • does this work 100% with telstra 4g/lte whatever is the standard now with telstra?

    • Yes

      • thanks, the multi window sold me.
        also one of the review says it already comes with screen protector in the box https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-7o1Z_GMew

        • Hmm… on what minute the screen protector is?
          LG tried to sell this phone in a really low price so I reckon they won't include it as it will increase the Sale of Price.

          Anyway if you still need screen protector, The best option in ebay might be this one:

      • There seems to be a T model for AU ? This is not the T model.

        H815T (Hong Kong and Australia?)
        2G 850/900/1800/1900MHz
        3G 850/900/1900/2100 MHz
        FDD: 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 17, 20, 28, 40
        TDD: 2300(B40) MHz

        • This is the Taiwan model (H815), which comes with all frequencies you mentioned except TDD 2300 that is used by Optus, especially in Canberra.

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    With more than 200 orders I don't think seller can meet the delivery before 7th Oct for yesterday orders..

    • yeah thats just on one color aswell, i hope they dont cancel after the 15% off deal has expired….

      • which color do you mean?

  • Makes me kinda regret getting the G Flex 2 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/208321) last month with only $100 difference

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      You are using $100 less to buy a phone with a newer cpu, there's no reason to regret really, since the two are similar.

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    thanks OP , bought one , i thought i could resist , but keep on seeing this deal in the top deals pane and finally sucked in to it !

    • +1

      I hear ya!

    • I bought one after months sitting on the sideline and looking at all the meizu, Lenovo k3, ect…

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    For those of you wondering about the h815 missing the b40 band, it's not as big a deal as you think. Check this out https://community.optus.com.au/t5/Network-Coverage/Where-is-... .

    The 815t costs way more for one silly frequency, so yeah don't hold back

    • thanks heaps for that, I was gonna pull the trigger but then I was worried about the missing band… well, the trigger has now been pulled

      • All good mate, I got my knickers all caught up too thinking it was a serious issue as well. Thankfully it's not really worth mentioning

  • Just bought one black for myself and one red for the missus. Shouldn't say that but I am retiring our iPhone 4S and decided not to get a new 6s due to the astronomical price for the 128GB version (my storage space requirements are a bit higher nowadays).

  • Arghhh forgot to get the cashback … again!

    • +1

      That's 13.48 you'll never see again :p

      • +4

        i know im an embarrassment

        • +1

          Alas I, too, an am embarrassment.

        • @askjeebs: yeah, me too.
          Though, I did save another $ 40 by cancelling my $499 Kogan order.and rebuying at $458.

  • +1

    now all we need is a good deal on storage expansion cards.

  • Review to watch and look forward to while you wait https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEc7eygICBE

    i generally don't buy anything with bloatware but the camera sold me on it.

  • +3

    Important Update:

    This transaction does not include any taxes so GST is not included.

    As for the shipping, a typhoon has hit Taiwan unexpectedly so there will be delays in processing your order. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience.



    • Uh oh…

    • I hope they dont declare bankruptcy but paypal should cover it. Just in case.

      • I don't think so. The store has been operating since 2004 with 32,000 + transactions on Ebay and a 99.9% positive feedback.

        On early reports, the typhoon is not a severe as the one in August.

        • I've bought from this seller a couple of times in the last year, they're reliable (although haven't had to instigate a warranty claim yet, so not sure how they fare on that front).

      • This is a good seller on eBay, it will all be sweet

    • Thanks for posting this! Why would GST be applied for this sale?

      • Lods of people asked for this because of TRS scheme.
        Told them that it won't include GST as the company operate like kogan.
        They don't believe me.

  • Finally, Order confirmed for brown LG G4!

  • Bought one on Sunday, has not been dispatched yet. Is anyone having the same issue? Will it be posted from SYD or TW ?

    • +1

      Tw, also someone mentioned earlier there was a public holiday in TW on Monday.

      • -1

        Great, by the time it arrives to Sydney it would have dropped a further $100 :-(

        • Also typhoon stay-at-home day today, so most likely will be shipped tomorrow or Thursday.

    • be patient, its worth waiting for

    • Man I was hoping I would receive this before the Friday public holiday in Melbourne….looks unlikely though :(

  • Can't decide brown or black :P Any vote for this two colors :D

    • +2

      Why not Red. Stands out, somewhat unique

    • +1

      From how many units sold by the seller, seems like Black is the popular one.
      So Black, Brown and Red

    • +2


      • +4

        We should bought Tanny Brown.
        It's OZB national theme colour

    • +2

      I reckon most people were in the same boat. I prefer brown instead of black after 1 day full research. Brown surface is much smoother and looks classy. I ask the seller for the advice and this is what she gave me

      From the Seller

      "Black is indeed the safest colour (pun intended) when it comes to colour choice and the gripping. All other leather colours will eventually become dirty especially when you scratch the back. You may need to watch out for the corners as not many people are capable of keeping the corners clean. Nevertheless, I'd personally choose Leather Brown as it is really unique, and if it gets dirty, the cover is changeable so I won't worry too much about that.



      • +2

        I picked brown too, had so many black phones in the past and this version of black leather seems grainy.

      • +1

        We brown and black shoes polishes are household items so provided its leather I guess one can put that shoes polish to some good use ;)

    • +2

      i went with Red, as Red leather will get darker by time. and the red will become much more awesome haha. Was thinking of switching to brown, however, my friend said that he was disappointed when he received the phone.

      • I chose red too.☺

      • Red is faster :)

    • It doesn't matter. You can always buy a new leather back cover.

  • +8

    Thanks OP. Very nervously bought. Most I have ever spent of a phone by about $250!

    • If my LG G3 is anything to go by, you won't regret your purchase.

      • Plenty complain about the laggy UI on the G3, so hopefully the G4 is smooth. Looking forward to finding out. Hopefully it's not like lagwiz. :P I think my expectations are too high though, I'm sure it'll lag a bit.

        • The newest android update fixed my laggy ui on g3.

        • @verapa: but doesnt fix the battery life. we had g2 for a couple of months, its battery life can kill any smart phone i have ever used except huawei's …. (cant remember the model number but it was very popular at around $50)

  • whats the best way to transfer all apps and data from another android phone??

    • +1

      Titanium backup, but both phones have to be rooted to use this

  • Anyone know if you can root and get xposed on this Phone?

    • +1

      Root is easy you need to go to the LG website and get a code to unlock bootloader.

      Then its like most other phones with unlocked bootloader - flash custom recovery and supersu.

      I don't see why you wouldn't be able to install xposed once rooted. I had xposed on my oneplus one with lollipop 5.1.1

      • There's no bootloader unlock for the SEA version, which this will be. Only certain EU IMEIs can get the code.

        If you search on XDA you'll find some (rather convoluted) rooting instructions. I plan to try it when mine arrives. No bootloader unlock, unfortunately, so it's rather risky (no custom recovery either).

  • +2

    Still not dispatched….

  • +4

    The seller should atleast inform of the delay due to so many orders ..

    • +2


    • Probably waiting till after the 15% has expired

    • +1

      As a seller on ebay, sending a message will only delay the shipping further.

  • In the opinion of the great people on OzBargain, would this be a good upgrade for the Note 3 or is it not enough of a reason to upgrade?

    • I think it is. Note 3 design is crap imo. I'm thinking of 'upgrading' from a note 4.

    • coming from note 2 I have high expectation from this phone :)
      I think note 2 and note 3 are fairly similar so i would say yes

      • Note 2 compared to 3 I think there's a huge difference.

        But what I like about the LG G4 is that the front facing camera is 4 times better than Note 3.

        Otherwise, I think the screen is better. The only thing not sure of is processor from research.

        I think it's better, but upgrade, not sure.

        But coming from Note 2, you're going to love G4 then, well done on the purchase.

        • thanks, now the long wait begins :)

    • +1

      Anything where you move away from samsung touchwiz interface would be considered an upgrade IMO