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(50% off) $1 Kinder Bueno Bars @ Coles


Probably won't get many bites - but it is an item I do like to stock up on when they go on sale (last time I bought 2-3 and went back to buy more and they had completely sold out so a bit of a hot item when on sale…)

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  • Hmm. I think I saw some of those for like 72 cents or something at Woolworths Marketown Newcastle today.

    • Unfortunately I don't shop at Woolies often so wouldn't know (if anyone has more details please share :) ).

  • I bought one yesterday, can't pass up that offer! they're the best chocolate bar.

  • I find the cheap DairyFine wafer bars from Aldi to be much better than these and they are much cheaper to get. Just saying. Kinder chocolate is so overpriced.

  • I don't know if local only but in the point cook post office they are always a 3pack for $3.-

  • These aren't bad, but the white versions are better. Too bad they are discontinued in Australia.

  • This was a bad idea… instant pimples…