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[QLD] Movie World, Sea World, Wet N Wild and Paradise Country Unlimited Pass till 30/6/2016 - $89.99 @ Scoopon


Unlimited Entry to Movie World, Sea World, Wet n Wild and Paradise Country till 30 June 2016!

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    Price in title: $89.99 (adult or child)

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    Interestingly theme parks are moving towards a subscription model (like pretty much every other service nowadays).


    They have tiered subscriptions:

    MEMBERSHIP $9 a month

    PREMIER $12 a month

    ELITE $15 a month

    One way to ensure recurring income for the parks…

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      I couldn't see details on the website, however, when I was at Sea World or Wet 'n Wild World it had a billboard saying something like minimum 12 months (ie. it's an annual fee anyway). So, you pay about the same (or more). Some subscriptions give you added extras like Carnivale (at Movie World - it's a super fancy parade on the main street), White Christmas (at Movie World) or Fright Nights (at Movie World - most probably linked to Halloween). If you're there at the right time, it may be worth it.


      eg. Fright nights is on each Fri/Sat in October.

      Their website is so crappy that i'm not going to try find further details. It times out and some pages show special events, some don't.


      yes, locked in for 12 months of payments.


        Yes, more-so the point I was making was is that consumers will be inclined to continue their membership past 12 months, thus recurring income.

        It is a the same pricing scheme as phones, music, television, television, gyms, apps etc. It would seem as if pretty much all standard services are jumping on this bandwagon (can't blame them, it results in some serious $$$). However as a consumer I don't want a multitude of subscriptions.


          buying the yearly pass previously, they always offered us a discount to buy the following year, monthly stops that and makes them more money.
          We don't buy any tickets now, the parks are looking a bit tired and food is incredibly expensive for the quality. (like close to $10 for a hotdog with sauce)

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    $89.99 is pretty standard price, so not really a deal
    RACQ always has them for $90

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    Dammit we just paid $75 each for these and now they are free?!?!

    I don't see a price anywhere in the post or title.
    And from the looks of it these are at the usual price of $90 and not on special at all.

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      $75 is a good price. You may want to share that with others.


      Yeah, what DeWalt said.

      Where did you find them for $75? :)


        Was this code here. We didn't do the $10 referral though, but did use cashrewards
        If there was a current deal i would have posted it!

        Damn, I didn't realise it was so long ago we haven't used them yet!



          Ah damn. Yeah, still sad that I didn't buy those earlier this year. Hopefully something decent will pop up soon!

          Thanks anyway :)


    Thanks OP.
    I'd rather deal with Scoopon than Groupon. As others have said, many of the Automobile Associations have the same price (eg. RAA, RACQ).


      racq used to only sell daily tickets at a discount, they never had these yearly ones.- maybe its changed now.


    we're going up on Monday, so can anyone who buys these passes please not go up and make it crowded before the week after that?

    Thanks :)


      School holidays + Public Holiday I think it might be standing room only


    We're going up in two weeks. We're getting tickets from RACV however. Just going to the two main parks. Dream World and Movie World. Good deal if someone doesn't have RACV, RACQ, ect.


    Hi everyone,
    I am in surfers paradise now. If i buy this pass, does it post to home address or send to email? Thanks