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10% off Masters Online with hipages.com.au


Just recieved this email this morning…

Use the promo code HIPAGES10 at the checkout when shopping online with Masters and receive 10%* off of your purchase.

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Masters Home Improvement
Masters Home Improvement

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    Previous code finished Sunday. Might as well make their prices permanently 10% off.

  • Hipages, guaranteed to cost you more than just findings a local tradesman.

    • When I asked Hipages for quotes I drew a blank - not a single reply. ServiceSeeking on the other hand worked very well, 6 quotes within a couple of days, some of them quite competitive, others just crazy.

      • As a tradesman I can tell you that all of these quote seeking sites will cost you extra. We have to pay for the right to give you a quotation. Then we have to allow for the fact that we aren't going to get every job we quote. The average decent lead costs around $40.

        Do yourselves a favour and just use the Yellow Pages (online or book) or your local newspaper. Also ask your friends for recommdations.

        • I know they get a commission. For a while I ran a business that was flooded by offers for such leads. I never used them. I did just fine with some initial Google advertising and then referrals from happy customers.

          But then this particular job was something of an eye opener in the other direction. How quotes for a very well defined job can vary between $1500 and $3400 is beyond me. And it wasn't just one crazy outlier: the second highest came in at $3360.

          In the end I did not pick the cheapest but someone who left a very good first impression, still saving heaps compared to the expensive options.

          Btw: I had an indication on what the job should cost from friends who got the same done earlier in the year. Unfortunately they live too far away to use the same trades-person.

    • If it's a genuine Honda, yes.

      Although, I thought Honda mowers came with 4 year warranties… Watch out for those mower brands which just use the Chinese made Honda engines.

      • Thanks, this one appears to be a genuine honda as it is also listed on hondas website

  • Found most of my guys from service central and hipages… if for nothing else, they give you a good ball park figure of how much a job would take and saves you heaps of time from calling around. Tradies must be making millions the way they pick and choose jobs. Some doesn't return calls, some says they will be there and never shows up, some comes around but never gives u a quote… I'd DIY everything if I could. I probably put more care into my work.

  • thanks - im thinking to buy a shed. Does anyone know if the masters sheds are decent or rubbish?

  • perfect. Ill give that a shot

    thank you for letting me know

  • Got these cloths with discount $9.80 awesome price 36pk had em before they are awesome

  • Don't forget they are now doing a "buy 5, get 1 free" deal. Could be good for big items like kitchen cupboards, or power tool packs, or even drill bits or timber