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PS4 500GB w/ Uncharted Collection or Infinity 3.0 $418, Halo 5 $68, A/Creed Syndicate $68 @ Target


New Target catalogue starting this Thursday. Gaming deals as follows:

  • PS4 500GB with Stan voucher plus choice of Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection OR Infinity 3.0 - $418 (AVAILABLE FROM WEDNESDAY 21st)
  • XB1 Halo console $558 (available from Tuesday 20th)
  • Halo 5 - $68 (includes Recon clash DMR with Silencer DLC) - (out Tuesday 27th)
  • PS4/XB1 Assassins Creed Syndicate Special Edition -$68 each (out Friday 23rd)
  • 3DS Zelda Tri-Force Heroes - $47 (out Sat 24th)
  • Just Dance 2016 from $39 (Wii/Wiiu/X360) to $59 (PS4/XB1) -(out Thursday 22nd)
  • Also Guitar Hero Bundle will be $109 (just not pictured)

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  • +1

    Well that's Halo 5 sorted for me, thanks.

    I am also surprised about Just Dance 2016 on the Wii, I swear I read somewhere that Just Dance 2015 was going to be the last Wii game ever released. Guess it still has some life in it yet.

  • Tempting if it was a hard copy version of the game (the Halo console bundle contains the downloadable code for the game)

    • Apparently MS is happy to give you the disc…..

    • Includes a uniquely designed Spartan themed SteelBook® containing a full game pre-download of Halo 5: Guardians (available to play on October 27th), Warzone REQ Bundle, FOTUS-class armor and multiplayer emblem

      oh no How many GB's will this download be?

      • Around 46GB

        • wow…

        • +1


          just fyi the game doesn't come out till the 27th and you can buy the console bundle on the 20th so you have 7 days to download the game before it comes out :)

    • I'd be happy to pay someone on here $67 for a download code. I'm fully digital due to my Xbox being upright.

    • +2

      In case you weren't aware Halo 5 has no split screen multiplayer or coop :(

      • Seriously? even story mode!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

        • Yeah no split screen at all in any form. Singleplayer/online only. Not sure what on earth they were thinking as this has instantly killed the idea of any Halo nights. Surely they could've got at least 2 player split screen for multiplayer, there's not that much going on in an 8 player match…

  • +2

    AC Syndicate. $68….thanks…

  • Was wondering if I should get AC after Unity… Trying hard to fight that addiction after the mess Unity was! But target pulls through! Will be getting one thanks!

    • +1

      I would wait for reviews and bug reports first. I'm personally done with the series.

      • Yep, after Unity waiting for reviews is a must.

    • I agree with the above comments, I'm waiting for a few reviews first. Unity was fun enough, but it was so buggy, and Arno, meh haha. I saw a 'first play' of Syndicate and it doesn't look much of an improvement (in terms of gameplay), although the streets are wider so you're less likely to constantly run into people like unity haha.

    • +2

      The engine runs better this time around, they've removed small crowded interiors & reduced the population which makes sense as the massive population was more clones than anything significant. So overall expect a smoother framerate

      Gameplay wise they've done a GTAV style with control over 2 different characters, one stealth, one action. Does still seem like more of the same though, Ubisoft needs to take a break if they want to spice things up

    • Unity was $12 for a hard copy xbox one game in January. I personally might just wait a few months

    • It's all single-player anyway so it can only get better if you wait.

  • +2

    Apparently you get Fallout 4 from EB with the Halo 5 console bundle (in store orders so far) the console now/Fallout 4 on release

    • That's correct, it's the best deal around, assuming Fallout 4 is of use to you.

    • I'm sure they won't but if EB matched this price and gave you Fallout 4, that would be THE best deal around ;)

      Some people are having a hard enough time just trying to match the console price as it is so I doubt they will do it. Stranger things though…

    • +3

      It's pretty obvious EB threw in Fallout 4 to avoid having to price-matching the Halo 5 console bundle to Target's or Big W's price.

      • +3

        Well, they could easily have done that without a not-yet-released A-list game. Good for them, I say.

        • supposedly microsoft gave it free to eb as a freebie for a specific bundle. so it didnt even cost eb anything extra. thats what ive heard from someone anyway

    • EB generally don't match console bundles that are specific to a store. Target or whoever can add whatever they want, if it's not packed in to begin with, they won't match.

    • So you just need to go order in store and they're include Fallout 4? How much?

      • Hey!

        If you grab a Halo console for $599 you will receive Fallout 4 when it launches for free :)

    • Is this advertised anywhere? I can't find any details besides your post

      • +1

        do you have Facebook, check their page out

        • Thanks a lot mate, found it! Confirmed!

  • JB is bundling in Sunset Overdrive and some Assassin's Creed game with their $599 Halo 5 console. Would've preferred the EB bundle with Fallout 4, but I'm stuck with JB, got some gift cards to use up.

  • +2

    Can I get the white PS4 in the $418 bundle?

    • +2

      Yes- but only with Uncharted.

      • +2

        That's the one I wanted anyways. Excellent post OP. Cheers.

  • Not too sure if the new PS4 is out yet so does anyone know if this is the new one with updated hardware or the old one? Not going to hold my breathe as my guess is this is the old one however would like a confirmation.


    • Just go down and look at the bottom right of the box or if the box hasn't got a handle your good

      • any big difference between the 2 models of ps4?

        • Biggest difference is that the newer one uses less power:


        • @Lioness15:

          And If your a fan of the Touch Sensitive button's found on the Xbox 360 S,Xbox One,PS3 Fat and the CUH-1000 ps4 then your out of luck with the new CUH-1200 model which replaces it with Physical Plastic button's that pop out of the console's body abit.

          also the Harddrive cover on the left is Matte instead of glossy.

        • ive had both best parts of the new one is matte cover and push power button
          they are both about the same loudness on fan but the new has the crap new controller that wont let me use my boss headphone mic… but if you have an licences sony headphone u will be fine

    • I got the white uncharted pack and it did come with the new model console with the revised buttons on the front etc…I bought it last week from eBay Target for around $420 with a 10% coupon. So this is a great deal!

  • I'm just gonna cancel my Halo 5 LE pre-order at JB (not that great anyway compared to Collector's Edition) and get this for $68, way better price.

  • -4

    Anyone still boycotting this place or were they all talk and no action?

    • +1


      • -7

        Yes due to them withholding the sale of a video game (GTAV) because they chose to bow down to a bunch of misinformed misandrists.

        • +16

          If you think this website is going to boycott a bargain for your petty politics then you've come to the wrong place my friend.

        • +1

          @ludacrisjones: at the time, that is what a lot of people were prepared to do, personally, I've already made like 5 purchases since, but the GTA V/Gold Mario situations pissed me off significantly…

        • they havent even boycotted DSE and you cant get any more dodgey than them with thier "sales" …. so there's no way anyone would boycott target for a game they chose NOT to make money off of…. lol

        • @scud70:

          They were already selling it and were quite happy with the money they were making off it in the first week or so. Then an uneducated group complained and Target removed the game from the shelves. The backlash from gamers was quite large but I guess everyone has a short memory.

        • @ludacrisjones: my petty politics? We're talking about a company bowing down to the voice of an uneducated minority.

          We'll see what happens when GTAVI comes out.

        • @Andy50: lol so basically all the hardcore gamer guys who were going to buy it from target had already bought it … good move by target made the money and kept the mothers happy! … brilliant if you ask me… like i said if DSE gets deals posted up left right and center this reason wouldn't even come close to having target boycotted.

    • +3

      I get EB to price match their catalog. I won't shop at Target for games.

      • +1

        Good idea. Would JB price match too?

        • +2

          Yes, they should.

      • -1

        most EBgames wont price match.

        • +2

          No problems with EB price matching here.
          I usually pre-order at EB, pay the initial $10 deposit and then get them to price match on the day.
          Stock is guaranteed and I don't have line up early at Big W/Target in hope that they have stock / that staff have put them out on the shelves / that staff actually know what the game is or where it is located out the back!

        • +3

          I haven't had any problems with price matching at EB in the past.

        • +1


          I second this.

        • maybe I just have bad luck

        • @shadowrukia: I find it also helps if you're a fairly regular customer too. They used to ask me for proof but nowadays my local EB just takes my word for it and does the price match because they know i'll be back again in a week or two anyway.

    • +8

      Why boycott Target? they have been the best lately for new games? Cheaper than buying overseas too…

      • -5

        I'm just waiting for them to start selling GTAV again.

      • Why boycott Target? they have been the best lately for new games? Cheaper than buying overseas

        You know they advertised the game next to kids toys in their catalogue and pissed off that group that were trying to get Zoo magazine removed from supermarket shelves? And then bowed down to their pressure? If that was a launch catalogue do you think they would have done the same thing and stopped selling? I don't think so…

  • +2

    So what do we think guys? A PS4 with the uncharted collection, do you think its worth it? I'm in the market for a PS4 sooner rather than later preferably to buy and play the new metal gear solid. Is $418 a really good deal? How were the christmas sales last year? Should I just go ahead and buy it or are there going to be killer deals closer to christmas? Thanks for any replies!

    • I think it's a great deal, I reckon the Big W one isn't bad though too.

      Christmas can be a hard time to find stock too though.

    • +1

      definitely a great deal. I got this last week with uncharted using a ebay discount coupon for around $422 from target, the game alone still sells for a fair bit. Just started getting back into console gaming from the ps1 days lol!

    • +4

      I've been watching PS4 prices a lot lately. The cheapest i've seen for the standalone console is ~$380 so to get this collection for ~$420 is good assuming you actually want the game. If not be as great value, but $420 is still a good price even if you don't think you'll get a lot out of the bundle. Worst case flog the game (it retails for far higher than $40) and pocket the difference.

      EDIT: No idea about Christmas sales, though. Does anybody think the price would drop a bit lower?

      • Not worth waiting that long

    • +1

      Around this time last year I jumped on getting my Xbox One from JB. It was a pretty good (actually, excellent) deal at the time, but about a month later, in the lead up to christmas, the Microsoft store was doing the same deal, but chucked in a controller to boot. Although going instore to JB let me swap out Sunset Overdrive for Shadow of Mordor. So you may get a better deal, but this seems pretty good.

  • I bought the same uncharted pack $468 from Target online last week, can't belieave Target is having another better deal so soon! Can they price match and credit the variance within 7 days?? Not very happy:(

    • +1

      Never heard of them doing it, guess this is one of them situations where 28 Degrees feature could be useful.

    • can you buy another one and return it using the older receipt or nah?

      • Don't think they like opened games coming back, hence their seals the stick on.

        • +5

          he will be returning the unopened new one! :)

    • +3

      Like scuderiarmani said, your CC might have price drop protection if you bought it with that. Even some platinum debit cards do it.

      • +2

        I will be doing this!

        • Unfortunately, with CBA anyway, they will only refund a price difference between $75 - $500.

        • @ohmumma:

          You're probably right, and it's probably in their terms, but if that's the case, I will no longer be a CBA platinum holder. I have other cards vying for my attention.

    • I think its a bit silly IMO. I called up my local target. they still have the $468 deal at the moment, i asked if they would drop to the $418 price as its the same thing and happening in two days. They said no as I thought they would.

      Then I asked if they would refund me the difference when it does drop in price and they also said no which was confusing.

  • Has anyone had any experience with Target swapping out a bundle game for one you actually wanted, as long as they are a similar price or even lower?

    • +1

      Good luck with that…. wouldn't hold your breath.

      If they have run out of the copies of an included game, and they are hell bent on offering the deal still, MAYBE you'll get lucky. But yeah doubt it.

    • +2

      When I went to purchase my Bloodborne/Driveclub/TLOU pack back in April they had no copies of Bloodborne, so the guy let me choose another game of similar value. I doubt they would let you swap if the game was in stock though :(

      • +1

        That sucks man, Bloodborne is my favorite game on PS4 so far

  • +1

    In retrospect that PS4 + Infinity 3.0 + $50 ebay voucher for $400 ebay group buy deal was a really good deal

    • here's hoping stock shows up on Target's ebay store for the $100 ebay voucher! I'm going to guess no though.

      • It won't as target is coles myer

  • +1

    Awesome thanks OP! Thats Halo sorted for me too, although if anyone wants to swap their digital code for a physical copy of Halo 5 please PM me.

  • ….

  • +1

    I am considering it for TLoU and Uncharted Series. I suppose I could also get a second hand PS3 with those games, but the extra couple of hundred dollars to play those games at 1080p and 60fps is tempting.

    • +1

      The initial investment of a ps4 is so worth it, uncharted 1 is a little buggy, but much better with a ds4 controller

    • +1

      TLOU has slowdown at certain points of the game making it a bit unresponsive and you have to enable the 30fps lock if you want to enjoy them smoothly but overall the 60fps/1080p holds up great =) A huge improvement over the PS3 original. I have no comment about Uncharted though as I haven't played the demo or the full game yet.

  • I think i'll be going with the big w bundle for the 1gb console.

  • Just checking if these deals would be available through the target website and click and collect or if they are only in-store deals? Anyone had any past experience?

    • maybe the Big-W ebay store.. the Target one doesn't sell any consols.

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