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Nexus 6P 32GB $744 + ($30 Sim Only Plan) = $774 @Optus AU


This deal is not advertised. Only available via live chat or phone, but Optus will sell you the Nexus 6P (32gb) outright on a sim-only plan for $744 + ($30 sim).

You need to cancel the plan after the first month to prevent any subsequent charges. You are not locked into any contracts.

RRP from Google playstore is $899.

Update #1: After you've recieved your order you can confirm it's been accepted here: https://www.optus.com.au/shop/welcome?defaultTab=1
Update #2: You can track your order after Optus confirm it's been sent to warehouse 'Your order has been sent to our warehouse for packaging' on startrack with optus order number: http://sttrackandtrace.startrack.com.au/
Update #3: Some users are reporting they are calling optus in advanced, and cancelling the sim service. Saving $30 :)

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  • Can't do 64gb?

    • +1

      I don't believe they are stocking any…. I'd suggest hunting some JB vouchers and buying from JB Hifi instead.

  • US is selling for $4XX USD only :(

    • +1

      +1, but hey i think there are taxes on top of it

    • +6

      $499 USD which is almost $700 AUD.. This deal is pretty close to be honest. Much better than google play store of $899 thats for sure.

      • +4

        Not to mention the US$499 doesn't include sales tax to be added on top of that so A$774 is probably as close as we'll get for current exchange rates at launch.

    • +1

      It's 499 + 10% GST = $548.90USD which is roughly $756 AUD

      So this deal is pretty good given it's Australian stock too with full warranty

      • -3

        There's no GST payable on overseas purchases under AU$1000 until July 1, 2017.

        • +2

          The point is our prices have GST baked in, in the US you have to add sales tax of around 10% to the 499USD price people are touting.

        • +1

          @4wd: GST is, by definition, a sales tax.

      • +2

        From what I understand we also have different bands on that phone, so AUD is going to be better.

        • +2

          US Nexus 6P only has the band "Nickelback"

    • +1

      I'm not asking to purchase from US

      I'm just saying Why the RRP is so different???

      US RRP $499 USD (~$688 AUD)

      AU RRP $899 AUD

      • -1

        Um, I was replying to chukkii who was implying GST was to be added (which it isn't) - nothing to do with your original question.

      • You still haven't added sales tax for most states in the US. Doesn't get you all the way there but can add up to nearly 10%

        • +1

          Alternatively you can remove the 10% GST from here, since sales tax in the US depends on where you buy it, so if you do that, $899/11*10 = $817 AUD ~ $592 USD. So we're still getting stiffed by around $100 USD.

        • @ilikeradiohead:

          might as well start comparing minimum wage in USA and Aus…

          i think for uni kids in AUS forking out 817 is probs a lot easier than a uni kid in USA forking out 499 USD

        • +1

          Funnily enough, if you buy the 6P from the Google Store there is no GST paid. It's just $899.

        • @astarman:

          Good point there, agree for most working class people.

  • Is the $60 per month for 3 GB plan a good plan compared to buying out right?

    Someone please knock some sense into me.

    • +1

      Buy outright and go in the 8gb plan for $50 sim only on Optus.

      • +2

        Over 24 months, that way costs over $500 more.

    • +4

      $60 a month makes it just over $1400 over 12 months.
      If the phone costs $744 outright, then you are paying about $696 over 12 months (or $29 a month) for the plan.
      Seems pretty good.

    • +3

      1440 - 774 = $666 /24 months
      $27.75 pm for 24 months for 3gb plan. (excluding time value of money).

    • Thanks for the replies. <$30 for 3GB sounds reasonable.

      I am paying Amaysim $30 for 2gb per month at the moment.

    • I'm seriously contemplating this myself.

  • +2

    Thanks, OP. Just pulled the trigger.

    I've got a reference number from Optus, but not showing up in their system yet.

  • When are they actually available from Optus? Was it the 21st of November?

    • Not sure about in store, but online orders are shipping November 2nd.

      • +1

        Not if you actually order. I've ordered from Google Play store and the delivery date estimation is November 6th-10th.

        Just wondering if Optus was going to be same timeframe because I had read somewhere it was later.

        Shame I don't want the 32gig version or I might go for this!

        • +1

          Optus chat rep said this: "The standard delivery time frame is 2-3 business days from 2nd November."

  • +3

    … if only Google's Nexus comes with a MicroSD slot, buying it would have become a no-brainer.

    • +3

      It never has and never will. Why do people still go on about this?

      • +10

        Because we want value for money. I'll rock my note 4 for the next year till all decent flagships officially drop the sd card slot. The 64gb 6p costs 999 ffs i think at that price opinions are welcome.

        • Nearly all people complain when a new flagship comes out for Android and there is no microsd slot. 90% of the phones don't have it, the nexus line has never had it. I just don't see the point on commenting on it for the Nexus for every single time a phone comes out without one.

        • -9

          Value for money means getting an SD Card slot? Oh get over it. Samsung and Apple have realised that there's much more money to be made with different internal storage capacities being made available.
          Internal memory is also way more faster.

          GO buy a wifi capable USB or a Sandisk USB OTG to store all your crap on it.
          Storage whores are the worst.

        • +8

          @tendollar: arrrr someone has a different opinion!!! Must attack them!!!! Arrrrr

        • -7


          Arrrrghhh…beating a dead horse. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgghhhh

        • @tendollar:
          I know you like the note 5 so it's normal that you think it's not a big deal (even though you use a zenfone 2)

          I just have to say wifi capable usb? OTG? Why should i carry so much crap when a tiny slot can be put in a phone for external storage? External storage is not gonna slow the phone down and you shouldn't need the fastest storage for music and stuff…
          Besides, having a slot doesn’t mean you have to use it, I'm sure plenty of people don't, even if they have a phone with an sd slot.

        • +1
        • @starburstyellow:

          You know about an hour after I posted that I remembered that ;)

          But I never did own one, I only started at the galaxy nexus.

        • @tendollar: As you stated, it's the companies that are making more money. It is not good value for me to pay 100-200 more for 32Gb extra, when i am confident tightarse will be posting a $30 64gb SD card every few weeks. I don't see how i gain from apple and samsung etc making more money.

      • +2

        It's called wishful thinking. I pretty much know that Nexus has never had it. Just saying that I'd stop looking for a non-stock Android phone if only Nexus comes with a MicroSD slot. For a lot of people, the flexibility it offers is important, especially now that the 6P can record videos in 4k.

        Last time I checked, a 1080p 1 minute video takes around 100MB. What will it be for 4k?

        My favorite game, World of Tanks Blitz takes up almost 3GB of space.

        @tendollar, can you move applications to a "wifi capable USB or a Sandisk USB OTG" and use/kick it off from there? Last time I checked, you can't do that.

        • +1

          Just record 1 minute UHD video on my LG G Flex2, it is 216MB.

        • If your phone is rooted, and you know linux well, technically, it should be possible to put app files on USB OTG (you will probably need to re-partition the USB OTG). There is nothing stopping you creating symbolic links once you have full access to the phone. However, it is going to be messy and time consuming.

          With Android M, things may change. Hopefully, microSD card support will be included in more flagship phones.


          However, the change in SD card support in Android M is meant for low-end/mid-range phones. Apparently Samsung removed the microSD support in their latest flagship phones to implement a faster flash memory system (with SD card support, they wouldn't be able to). A lot of SD/micro SD cards use cheaper / inferior flash memory and most of them would be TLC type memory.

          Having micro SD support is definitely a good feature. However, most people don't really care because Apple iPhones still sell like hot cakes. Besides, if micro SD card support is a must for you to accept Android, then Android has failed.

        • The first nexus had micro sd slot. If that's important to you then the nexus isn't for you. XD

          It goes against google strategy of getting you to use their cloud services.

        • +1

          @netsurfer: I was on iPhone until 4S. Moved to Samsung Note 3 primarily because of, you guessed it right, MicroSD support and the ease of being able to use copy and paste to transfer various types of media over (between PC and phone) — i've had enough of the synching horrors of iOS devices.

        • @JaxSantiago: Hopefully, with improved microSD card support in Android M, there will be more phones with microSD card support.

          That said, it would be better for phones to continue to have more phone storage. Some of the low end phones and older mid range phones still have very limited phone storage. MicroSD card is not a good substitute for reducing phone storage space (good for storing media files, but not a good choice for apps).

  • http://shop.vodafone.com.au/mobile-details/nexus-6p-aluminiu...
    First 1000 customers: Enjoy a free headset, case and Huawei TalkBand B2

    • Is there even an outright option here?

      • It's the same sort of things as with Optus. You get a 'device payment plan' for a $30 SIM Only month to month plan and cancel after the first month. Total cost if $999 + $30 for the 64GB Nexus 6P Aluminium with the bonus pack.

  • This is a great deal.

    I bought a Nexus 6 about a month ago.

    I wish I had waited.

    Well done OP.

  • +1

    Wish the 5X was 500 ish from Optus.

  • great deal

  • Does anyone know how I can get in touch withg optus live chat. Cant find it anywhere on their website

  • Wait, so we just order the phone, and chuck our regular Telstra (Boost) Sim in, and we're good to go? Or is it locked? Will there be carrier bloatware? Seems like a great opening price.

    • +1

      I spoke to the optus live chat guy and he said 1. phone is unlocked and 2. plan can be cancelled at any time

    • The phone shouldn't be locked.

      This phone is just about perfect, but they didn't get the camera right. No ois = no sale for me, even in 12 months time when they are under $500.😀

      • +1

        OIS would definitely be a nice addition… but even the new iPhone 6s forgoes OIS and does a great job with EIS and all the reviews indicated the N6P camera is right at the top with the S5/6S/6P/X5.

        • How many flagship phones have OIS?

        • @serpserpserp: From memory, Huawei p8,lumia (numerous), z5? (not sure), g4, m9+ possibly? Mist that I can think of

        • @Jackson:

          So 3?

        • +1

          i6Plus, i6sPlus, Samsung S6 Note4 Note5, LG G3 G4, HTC M7 M9+supreme edition A9. None of the Sony phones have OIS (but have EIS).

        • @serpserpserp: I just did a quick check, Huawei, LG, Lumia, and Samsung all have OIS.

          I guess that leaves HTC, Apple, and Sony, that don't. Maybe I missed some brands, but they are all the top ones that I can think of, and it's 4 plays 3, unless someone wants to add

          So according to above apple and HTC do too. Doesn't leave much

      • You should read up on why Google did this, it's got to do with the larger sensor which will largely offset the need for OIS. The actual end result on pictures of moving objects, that to in low light is yet to be seen with this phones camera. I agree though, OIS missing was almost a show stopper for me and still may be once I see some reviews online.

        • Yeah the iPhone is more forgivable since it does a lot better job with it's EIS, though I still wouldn't buy one because of it. You only have to look at video's like this to see that the nexus 6P is sub par. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x13cWp7eiLM

          It also a shame that the 5x didn't get the same EIS, it's a lot more apparent between the two. Also the 6S plus still get's OIS, it's only the lower end iPhone model that misses out.

  • +1

    I just ordered mine, it is unlocked so you can use it on any network.

  • I think I'm going to wait until the 64GB comes out.
    I've got my eye on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus and am wondering whether they'll come out with a 128GB.

    I'm moving away from the iphone so doing my shopping around now.
    This is a good deal though. Will seriously consider.

  • Good deal, but the prices usually fall in next 4-5 months. For the early adopters, this is a really good deal.

    • +1

      4 months is a long time!

    • I dunno, the Nexus 6 took a long time to drop a reasonable amount.

  • +3

    Considered this and I never consider going on a plan, but came up with the following comparison in case anyone else is in a similar boat to me:
    Plan: $60 plan x 24 months = $1440 and includes 3GB data.
    Outright: $774, then I'll pay my current $22/month (LiveConnected) for 24 months = $528 + $774 = $1302 but I only get 1.5GB month. So if I pay an extra $5.75/month ($138/24 months) I'll get twice as much data, 3GB vs 1.5GB.

    As much as I hate going on plans and knowing I'm locked in for 2 years, getting 3GB vs 1.5GB for just an extra $5.75/month seems like a pretty good deal to me. Am I missing anything?

    • +3

      Makes sense to me if you need the extra data tbh

    • +1

      Optus also gives you 2 years warranty directly, which is nice. Optus rewards also gives you access to cheap tickets.

    • +1

      Thanks for doing the math for me. I'm gonna wait it out to see if the 128GB version comes out on plan otherwise I'll explore other options.

    • Unlimited calls too on Optus. Not sure what the LiveConnected plan is as there's no current $22/month plan. 1.5GB/month plan is $29/month. Optus' plan is really comparable to the $49/month plan then.

      • Here's the LiveConnected plan I'm currently on: http://www.liveconnected.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/B... (only paying $22 due to going on it ages ago - was $12/month, don't get me started)

        Yeah, unlimited calls is much better than $500 worth, but I really don't even use that, but do have to be careful not to blow my data out, so twice as much would be handy.

    • Here's a curious question. If I sign on any 24 months contract that includes a phone, am I eligible to get GST for the phone refunded through TRS at all?

      • +2

        No. Why would you think you would? You can't take it out of the country for a start. The phone is free on these plans. You pay for the service.

        • My question is assuming if I am leaving overseas within the next 60 days or so.

          I'm making the assumption that with the contract, I'm paying for the monthly service + the phone itself. And if you had purchased the phone outright, you would be eligible for TRS.

          Might be a really dumb question! I know! >.<

        • +1

          No you're paying for the service and getting the phone for free. You'll probably even get an invoice for it for $0. You're also not taking the service with you.

          Yes if you buy it outright you'd be eligible.

    • Is the $60 plan with Optus? I see an additional $5 handset repayment per month = $65, is that right?

      • It was $60 until Sunday, was special pre order price

  • +10

    just got one thanks
    btw virgin got similar deal if sold out on optus

    • +3

      That's not similar, that's $10 cheaper. Here, have an upvote!

    • I can't seem to add it to my cart, tried in different browsers. No live chat online either.

    • Over 12 months
      Without a Plan Commitment for $82 per month
      ($20 plan + $62 phone cost)
      $984 min. total cost over 12 months. Cancel any time. So cancel immediately so phone cost is $744? Is this what you mean?

  • body color: only silver available on both virgin and optus.

    • I checked like an hour ago and I think it was Optus who just had black available.

      • I prefer silver this time because all my nexus were in black, but black looks more professional though.

  • +1

    I got an order number from Optus that the live chat salesperson supplied me with … but there was no acknowledgement email and no payment method asked for.

    Is this usual or did the live chat salesperson stuff something up?

    • +1

      same here

    • You should've been sent a a order confirmation number. As per the post, you can confirm your order has been received by punching it in the order tracker.

    • I asked them how do I pay for the phone, also purchased outright.

      Visitor: How do I make payment for the device?
      Rick S : You'll pay once you get the bill.

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