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Game Sale: FIFA 15 $15, COD Ghosts $5, PS TV $60, Titanfall $5, SOM PC $12, COD AW $28 + MORE @ Harvey Norman

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Harvey Norman

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  • Stock will be very limited in-store.

  • Thanks Trent, $2 ps vita game is pretty sweet! Now that's a bargain :D

    • Bad game! Check the reviews - not sure it's worth $2!

      • The ps vita has like 5 games, gotta get what you can.

        • Harvey norman sells like 5 games.

          But there are HEAPS of vita games out there and plenty of them are amazing.

          (Although I am a vita fan, that's because of it's merits, not fanboyism. I own every fixed & portable console since the ps2/dreamcast with heaps of games on each)

        • @justtoreply:

          I love my vita too. Don't want to pollute it with this title - even at $2! And, I'm not into fighting games really anyway…

  • Got bf4 and 2k14 for xbone. Cheers.

  • For interest, those ea titles like the Fifa & NBA ones should be available for free if you have Xbox live gold subscription

  • Cheers OP.

    Picked up Ryse and Dead Rising 3 (for $15).

    • Thinking of going to JBHIFI and getting them to price match so I can get the legendary editions with all the dlc with them cause they dont stock it in the ordinary copies anymore

  • Ordered a copy of Killzone, thanks OP :)

  • Thanks bought a PS Vita TV. Why? I Dunno.

    • I bought one too… im actually not really sure what it does.

      Hoping to stream ps4 games into another room. If it sucks balls and is laggy ill take it back

      • Hoping to stream ps4 games into another room. If it sucks balls and is laggy ill take it back<

        I'll buy 2 for the bedroom if it sucks balls!

      • If you just want to play ps4 in another room why not just get a screen cast? Works well on my PS3 should be fine on PS4 I guess.

      • Depends how far it is from the PS4. If its reasonably close it shouldn't lag at all because the PS4 generates a hotpsot for that or the Vita to connect to. I have remote play on my phone and it can't use that so it makes a vota or PS Vita TV a little more attractive. Also, there are some Vita games I'd like to play.

  • SingStar PS4 is still $38, it's the PS3 that's $10.

    Also, stay away! They 'rebooted' it, and broke almost everything that was good about SingStar… http://gamesblip.com/review-SINGSTAR.htm

    • Ouch that is a harsh review!

      • …and people usually accuse me of being too nice. ;)

        It's like they systematically set out to destroy everything that was most popular about SingStar. Pure filicide. :(

  • Kinda sad when a PS Vita memory card cost more than the PS TV.

  • Minecraft is $22. I guess when the sale is over it'll go back to $20 :P

  • If you guys go to Jb they will price match Ryse and Dead rising and give you their special editions that come with all the dlc

  • Thanks for posting. Picked up Microsoft Xbox One stereo headset for $48.

  • Cheers, bought a PSTV so I can play Vita games on the couch. Website says "in stock" for my local store. Local store says "none in stock" … we will see. I saw one in the back corner weeks ago and I doubt anyone has bought it.

    • "bought a PSTV so I can play Vita games on the couch".
      And you cant do that with a vita? :p

      • Ha. I would prefer the PS4 controller. As much as I love the Vita, my big hands cramp for longer sessions … said the actress to the bishop ;)

        Anyway, as expected "There has been a delay in your order" from Harvey Norman. So, website probably incorrectly noted that they had some in stock. Will see if I can change to free delivery to home instead of store given that is a waste of my time.

  • Do you think the PS4 games would be the same price as the cheap XBOX ONE games?

    • Most of the time they are but sometimes they are not like the Wathdogs is $15 on PS4 But $24 on XB1

  • Awesome deal !!

  • Cheers OP, got CoD advanced warfare, BF4 and Titanfall


    Was going to buy the Playstation TV but then realised Vita has no games.

  • Dse have to be the worst to deal with. They won't price match HNs $60 for the PSTV. I wonder if they have ever sold an item below cost? The obvious answer is of course they bloody have… And the PSTV is such a disappointing let down that the price has been dropped so low because it's going nowhere fast. Might speak to head office during the week.

  • Picked up BF4 for 10 Bucks…was marked at 88 0_0 ..thanks OP

  • The Elder Scrolls Online is also available on PS4 (Not just XB1) for $28:


    • Shoot. Bought mine for a good deal (maybe $50) and still have barely played it. $28 would make that more palatable …

  • Shadowfall is $20 at target.

  • Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor PC is cheap at $15

  • Dead link on the playstation TV

  • Singstar PS4 is $38 still, only the PS3 version is 10.

    Also can't find a PS TV on their site at all, but didn't look super hard so if it does turn up that's on me for being lazy.
    Edit: comments says instore only.

  • Wanted titan fall but it seems none in store in melbourne so need to pay delivery

  • I just got an email from PayPal telling me Harvey Norman have refunded me a portion of my order. All the $5 & $10 games I bought seem to be cancelled by them… funny how all the other items above $20 were still honored. They didn't even have the decency to call or email me to tell me. Very disappointed… will never buy online through them again. Anyone else have this issue?

    • strange, when did you order?.. i purchased 4 games $5, 10$, $15, $15 + $5 delivery and paid with Credit Card.. havent had any refunds yet.. did purchased 30 minutes after the sale started :) My guess is that the website is not being updated with stock levels and all the cheapies got snaped up right away by people looking to just "resell them on ebay" for a profit.. its sad but this kinda thing is happening allot .. more so when kmart had the clearance sale $3-$6 on games that cost over $30-40 … people purchased "everything" and listed them all on ebay at 10 times the price they paid.

      • I ordered on the 7th at around 4pm.
        FYI I sent in an email complaining about them cancelling my order when they still had stock in stores and online… haven't received a reply!

        Anyway I went to JB HiFi yesterday and they price matched all the games for me… even the $10 games they did for $5.
        That's why I love JB… I'm going to stick with them in the future.

        • Happy ending for you :) .. nice work.. i should have thought of that doh! .. well they have sent me Watch Dogs so far.. still waiting for the other 3 games,.. odd They didn't send them all at the same time.

        • Really disappointing. I ordered it on day 1 of the sale. I called them last week and they told me it was being transferred in from another store. Wake up today to see an email telling me they have issued me a refund. Poor form.

  • Anyone get a Playstation TV they didn't want/haven't used? Have been looking for a cheap one for a while and only came across this too late.

  • HN are out of stock now, but I did get my Playstation TV for $60 and free shipping from the store I nominated as pick-up (seeing as website said they had it in stock but didn't). As a Vita owner, it's brilliant :D

    I will also say that Harvey Norman customer service were very good. I have no love lost for Gerry Harvey and his general attitude to retail, but I have bought a few things from Harvey Norman online and they have always had really good customer service/sorted out issues.

  • Picked up

    Dead Rising 3

    Call of Duty: Ghosts

    Battlefield 4

    For $45.95 delivered

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