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20000 Products Ea for $0.05 (USD)/$0.08 (AUD) Delivery Included - JD


Starts 9th/Nov/2015 @ 6pm (AEDT). Max 3 uses of JD555 per customer (use the code in three individual transactions)

Three links to search for available products. Please note - some products are out of stock or have exhausted the number of 5 cent allocations and have reverted back to their original price.

To get items for 5 cents, the price before you click "Add to Cart" has to show as either $8.05 or $9.05 or $10.05. If an item is showing as more than $10.05 and has multiple options to choose a different colour or size, then try selecting them as the price for other variants of the same product could still be available for purchase at 5 cents.

Link 1 Scroll down the page and look for products in the "20000 PRODUCTS FOR JUST 5 CENTS" section.
Link 2 The prices shown are not accurate. Click into a particular product to see the correct price after discount.

Known website issues:
1. The website sometimes logs you out for no reason during a purchase. This usually occurs when you are redirected to the chinese page during checkout.
2. If you are 100% sure that you have not used the JD555 code three times and it is not letting you use it anymore, then goto My Account -> My Order. Look for any orders that have a big red Checkout button and cancel the order. You will then be able to apply the JD555 code again.
3. The referral and coupon system is buggy. People have reported many issues with using their $10 referral credit or even seeing it in their accounts. Just come back and try again later.

Feel free to use my invitation code when you sign up to get free $10 USD - 7HNIW0
or use other members codes

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2015.

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