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20000 Products Ea for $0.05 (USD)/$0.08 (AUD) Delivery Included - JD


Starts 9th/Nov/2015 @ 6pm (AEDT). Max 3 uses of JD555 per customer (use the code in three individual transactions)

Three links to search for available products. Please note - some products are out of stock or have exhausted the number of 5 cent allocations and have reverted back to their original price.

To get items for 5 cents, the price before you click "Add to Cart" has to show as either $8.05 or $9.05 or $10.05. If an item is showing as more than $10.05 and has multiple options to choose a different colour or size, then try selecting them as the price for other variants of the same product could still be available for purchase at 5 cents.

Link 1 Scroll down the page and look for products in the "20000 PRODUCTS FOR JUST 5 CENTS" section.
Link 2 The prices shown are not accurate. Click into a particular product to see the correct price after discount.

Known website issues:
1. The website sometimes logs you out for no reason during a purchase. This usually occurs when you are redirected to the chinese page during checkout.
2. If you are 100% sure that you have not used the JD555 code three times and it is not letting you use it anymore, then goto My Account -> My Order. Look for any orders that have a big red Checkout button and cancel the order. You will then be able to apply the JD555 code again.
3. The referral and coupon system is buggy. People have reported many issues with using their $10 referral credit or even seeing it in their accounts. Just come back and try again later.

Feel free to use my invitation code when you sign up to get free $10 USD - 7HNIW0
or use other members codes

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2015.

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  • Hopefully good products. Thanks for Sharing.

  • +1
  • I bought a few things off JD last week and they are still Awaiting Shipment

    • whats the difference between JD.com and aliexpress? does JD stock the products themselves?

      • +1

        Biggest difference is that JD has paypal.

        • i noticed that but it doesnt matter to me

          is there any other difference or they just trying to copy aliexpress?

        • +1

          JD copies aliexpress the way aliexpress copies ebay.

          It's online shopping. Same same.

      • no, they don't stock products.

  • +1

    Only 1 item per order

  • Cant seem to sign up.

  • +3

    Used your referral OP, but just FYI it needs minimum $20 spend

    • Activity Rules:
      1) All coupons on this activity are not eligible on orders costing less than the coupon's discount.
      2) Only one coupon per order.
      3) Value of the coupon non-refundable on returns.
      4) The coupons apply to all orders that conform to the activity rules.
      5) This activity is only for legitimate customers. JD reserve the right to revoke coupon and orders due to fraudulent behavior.

      lets see if minimum spend is $20 or $10, the $10 coupon says $10 off orders $10+

      • +1

        Just bought some crap i didnt need for $0.17 USD. Total was $10.17 before $10 coupon. So confirmed the minimum spend is NOT $20

  • Cannot sign up. What is a Verify code?

    • Your phone number will receive an SMS code. Probs best to put in a prepaid number or something in case it's dodgy.

  • +5

    I think this jd website will be completely useless when this promo starts.

    • +2

      When you try and search for a page , the items don't completely load and you have to refresh a few times. Wondering what will happen when it gets hammered by ozbargain traffic

      • Yeah and prices dont show on the item listings, hope it's just a bug!

        • +1

          its always been like that . Prices dont load, you need to keep refreshing multiple times till the page loads properly.

          Managed to snap 2 X AUKEY 7 Port USB hub for $7 last week. Selling on amazon for $35. But still awaiting shipment. 1 day later, it was OOS

        • +4

          @easternculture: y u no share dis?

    • Cart doesn't work either for me. Just shows as blank cos I'm trying to get stuff in my cart to checkout at 3pm.

  • +4

    Some of these "massagers" are very sus.

    • And contain something that causes cancer ;)

      • +3

        Is it bacon? Mmmm… Bacon massager!

  • -1

    cheap,but how much for shipping

    • Free? See title.

    • let me caps the "Free Shipping" part in the title for you :)

  • thanks, will be interested to see what they release.

  • +5

    Heads up for people buying any of the three wireless mice.
    It does not come with the Bluetooth USB receiver.

    • So you have to use your own? Do they connect alright?

      • I have no idea. I haven't bought one before.

    • I bet the Farmer's wife took off with it…

  • Can't even sign up …

    • +3

      I'm with the same problem. Tried on 3 different browsers and 2 computers. Same thing… I can't chose the country.

      • Yeah. same :(

  • +1

    Can we get a link to the Chinese Version of this offer? There might be some translation error.

  • +2

    "All products have a Limited Supply"

    sounds like a cotd-like fail event in the making, 1 or less of each item?

    • +1

      As far as I know the 11.11 is the big sales day in China now. Kinda like the black friday in the US. Last year Alibaba reported US$9 billion sales record from their own websites in China alone. JD is the biggest competitor of Alibaba in China. So it is expected to have a big sale. Great for Aussies because they are doing free shipping to us as well.


  • +9
    • +1

      Must be the whispering eye.

      Edit: joke too late. See below

    • Not gonna lie when I saw "Micro Vibration Massage" I was thinking it could be for something else entirely

  • urgh sign up doesn't work….

  • Unable to sign up/join. Same problems as mentioned in a few posts earlier. I can not read Chinese, so I am unable to try to join via the Chinese web site. Any suggestions? Thanks

  • Where is the JD rep? Can you please fix the sign up page? It was working about 30-40 mins ago.

    • They turned it off. To minimize losses lol

    • Update? Is it working now? Also, I've seen a lot of people trying to do this from our Chinese site. It is important to make sure you sign up from en.jd.com.

      • Hi Rep

        Your sign up page isn't secure can you please fix this?

        • Can you give me more specifics so I can inform our IT team, please?

        • +1

          @JDglobal: They should know what it means… Basically there is no lock in the URL to show it is using HTTPS that means that the connection is secured and your data will be secure when you submit.

          I've never come across a sign up page without this before.

  • +6
    • After Sign up, can anyone actually Sign In?

    • NitroNinja for MVCommenter. Seriously, thank you.

  • lmao PANGAO PG-M120 Eye Massager.

    I didn't know these were so popular, or even existed.

  • +1

    Guys, don't bother signing up, you can't login.

    Site no longer has a countdown timer anymore. o_O.

    • I still see the timer, but can't log in. Just noticed they spelt start satrt

      nvm, cant see timer now.

  • +3

    too hard next bargain…..

  • +2

    Looks like the website has been raped

    • +2

      Too many singles pounding it

  • The power of OzBargain, the website is down…

  • The website is screwed… the formatting all out and seems to be on the broken side. Reminds me of Catch of the Day when the heavy promos are on. hahah..

  • This is the maccas deal all over again..

  • Can't sign up "the server responded with a status of 503 (Service Unavailable)"

  • Apparently i had already signed up to here "Sorry, your account is locked. Please contact our customer service for help". #firstworldproblemd :P

  • Mobile site seems to be working a bit better

  • Where on the website does it say starts 3pm?

    And where on the website does it say Max 3 purchases per customer?

    • http://en.jd.com/act/singles_day.html

      1. click on banner
      2. scroll down to see the preview items
      3. "Pay only $0.05 with code. Only available for select products. Three products at most per person"
      • Thank you, and I now also see the countdown to 3pm

  • works now.
    2 hours and 18 minutes to go.
    Plenty of time for it to crash completely :p

  • +3

    Guys, I tried buying something and it's almost impossible to add an address and to even get the order to load…

    • Yep, I can't even get the order confirmation page to load after waiting extensive periods of time and refreshing on several instances. Alas, it appears that multiple 8c tech goods (beyond a nose hair trimmer) with free delivery is too good to be true.

      Edit: Working now, but can't even enter address haha. "please select your country" - go to select from drop down menu and the only option is -select-

  • cant sign up. wont send verification code

    • I managed to sign up without any verification, not even email
      (I have no idea how)

  • +2

    BLOODY HELL their website is running slowly.

    While I am tempted to order a speaker for 5c…. The signup page isn't secured so it is probably gonna submit to a unsecured database somewhere in China. Umm no thank you I'd rather pay $40 and not have my identity stolen.

    Unless they fix this no deal.

    • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • -2

    Coupon code - JD555 comes up with Invalid Code

    • Not valid until 3pm AEDT

    • Because it's not valid until 3pm.

  • +2

    Can't figure out which items I can get for 5c. There are no items on the sale page. Any links to the items please?

  • I can't seem to change my profile name.. o_O I wonder if this will affect my purchases, i.e. paypal.

  • +2

    For people looking for items, closest I can get is searching "jd555" as lots of the items seem to have modified their descriptions to mention it.

    • Yep. Same thing i did!

  • +1

    Let's hope it's not a typo, and the actual offer is only $8-$10 off…

    It would explain why the JD555 code doesn't work, otherwise wouldn't it be already $8-$10 off, with the expectation it falls to 5 cent later?

    Even the word Start is spelt wrong… So it might be 5 cent shipping….. Only time will tell….

    • Mentions free shipping

      • Yeah, that's the problem, but the products only mention $8-$10 off…

  • I wonder if anyone is getting through

    • No luck so far

  • +4

    Code still doesn't work…

    • -1

      Sale starts in 30 minutes!

      • -5

        First item i click on "cannot ship to your location" yet its listed on the main page and advertised for 5c. I assume you posted this KNOWING this is an AUSTRALIAN website, right? Even if i click the link and change the country from USA to AUS doesn't make a difference.

        Fix your sh*t first, then post a deal…


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