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20000 Products Ea for $0.05 (USD)/$0.08 (AUD) Delivery Included - JD


Starts 9th/Nov/2015 @ 6pm (AEDT). Max 3 uses of JD555 per customer (use the code in three individual transactions)

Three links to search for available products. Please note - some products are out of stock or have exhausted the number of 5 cent allocations and have reverted back to their original price.

To get items for 5 cents, the price before you click "Add to Cart" has to show as either $8.05 or $9.05 or $10.05. If an item is showing as more than $10.05 and has multiple options to choose a different colour or size, then try selecting them as the price for other variants of the same product could still be available for purchase at 5 cents.

Link 1 Scroll down the page and look for products in the "20000 PRODUCTS FOR JUST 5 CENTS" section.
Link 2 The prices shown are not accurate. Click into a particular product to see the correct price after discount.

Known website issues:
1. The website sometimes logs you out for no reason during a purchase. This usually occurs when you are redirected to the chinese page during checkout.
2. If you are 100% sure that you have not used the JD555 code three times and it is not letting you use it anymore, then goto My Account -> My Order. Look for any orders that have a big red Checkout button and cancel the order. You will then be able to apply the JD555 code again.
3. The referral and coupon system is buggy. People have reported many issues with using their $10 referral credit or even seeing it in their accounts. Just come back and try again later.

Feel free to use my invitation code when you sign up to get free $10 USD - 7HNIW0
or use other members codes

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2015.

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    JUST BOUGHT wireless headphones


  • Got my products - needed to put them in 3 separate orders for the codes to work.

  • Cheers OP

    Bought Tronsmart charger, bluetooth speaker, selfie stick (lol) for 15c, went back and got another charger for 5c after $10 referral credit :)

  • Put items through individual orders for the $0.05.

  • Thanks OP. Placed my three orders for 5c each

    1. Save $8-$10 with JD555 Mini White 2.4G Wireless Fly Air Mouse 92-Key Keyboard Touchpad
    2. LIEQI LQ-001 3 in 1 Universal Clip Fisheye Lens Mobile Phone Lens
    3. Save $8-$10 with JD555 ELFTEAR HV-800 Bluetooth Headset Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headphones
    • Need to place 3 separate orders?

      • yes three separate orders

  • Hurry guys, probably not much left by now.

    Lots of pictures showing SOLD OUT

  • +3

    A bit concerning, that on the paypal page it says "You'll be able to review your order before you complete your purchase." but when I press continue it completes the transaction and returns to the merchant site… all good though it would have been nice to see the amount being paid to the merchant at the final step.

  • PayPal is giving me a internal server error :S

    • disable hola

  • Internal Server Error - Read

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

  • ripp

  • quick way for them to make $1000+ from all these buyers… who is actually going to follow up a refund of 0.05c in 2 months if it does not arrive?

  • thanks, got 3 items no dramas

  • Thanks, ordered 3 items

  • Nice.
    Bluetooth headphones, wireless keyboard & mouse set, Tronsmart car charger

  • only got 1, can't use jd555, says invalid?

    • JD555

    • Hmm.. Just saw someone post that it is finished. 20,000 items only.

      • Ozbargained in half an hour?
        Is that a record?

        • That's slow by our standards.

    • And it's back up

  • expired now

  • Just got a BT mouse, BT speakers and an USB car charger for $0.05 each. Thanks!

  • Picked up BT mini keyboard/trackpad, BT speaker and 4-port usb hub.

    Now to … "await shipment"…

    Thanks OP! :)

  • It's only taking $10 off?

    • What items are you purchasing? Are they the ones on the promotion list?

      Not everything is 5 cents.

      There are other codes to take off more money on higher value items including JD111, JD777

      • If the person has more than 1 item in their cart it applies a $10 max discount, probably why

    • Got to have only 1 item in your cart! Real confusing layout

  • +5

    eyes strained from all the bargains today. could really use the eye massager

    • +1

      thats not all it could used to massage, hur hur

      • haha good point! ;)

  • Worked just fine, grabbed the Tronsmart and the bluetooth mouse. Will probably end up being knockoffs or something and come in like 3 months, but oh well, that's a surprise for then!

  • +4

    Guys, those who are using the https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/jd_global_referral_links
    to get $10 signing codes. Please also use from the bottom, because the first few would have received the maximum 50 referrals already, and there would be no way the others down the list would get any benefit (and neither the ones at the top) - because there is no way to no if they have been exhausted.
    I think the one at the top should remove their names if they are already full, alternatively, try randomly.

  • It's working for me now. Thanks!

  • Ordered and successfully paid $0.05 for some power banks.
    What'd everyone else grab?

  • +7

    Xiaomi Piston is $0.05USD….. Not sure if Genuine, enjoy regardless!

    • How did I miss these? :(

    • how to get it at 5 cents USD?

    • +1

      It says Piston blah blah blah FOR XIAOMI. Meaning they are not original but replica. Confirmed this from various eBay sellers.. When they list FOR xiaomi it means they are replicas. But at that price who cares

    • it's $16.08 now D:

      • Always has been. You apply the code at checkout to get it for 5c.

        • Shows up as USD $6.08 for me.

          And yes I only have that item in my cart. :/

        • @Scrooge McDuck: "Save $8-$10 with JD555". I guess the seller has sold too many and don't want to lose any more profit.

  • Is is just me or I can't review my order before confirming on PayPal? After redirecting to PayPal and when I hit the continue boom it just confirms!

    • everyone

    • yeah same

      • yeahhh that's so strange!

  • expired?

  • Any cashback promos, TA? :)

  • Working OK.. Will upvote if I get my items..

    • +1

      you will be waiting several months..

    • +1

      so i have to wait 1-2 months for your vote? :(

      • Sorry.. from past experiences normally I have to wait a couple of months to reneg my vote..

        • have you got any items yet? im still waiting for your vote! hahah

        • @cheapm8:

          Not yet >.<
          I promise you will get it if I see the goods i ordered..

        • @Roary:

          Ok I got 3/6. Guess thats a pass. Thanks

  • +4

    Thanks, code worked well & grabbed 3 items for 5c USD each. I got an error message on the payment page but surprisingly the order went through. Rec'd an email to pay within 72 hrs, I paid 5c USD by paypal and now the order status has changed from awaiting payment to awaiting shipment. So if you received an error message, check My Order page. If your order status is awaiting payment, click on the red checkout button to pay.

  • thanks OP, got 3 items

  • +1

    Not sure why i just bought a pocketwatch… but it was 8c

    • +2

      … the ozbargain lifestyle is rubbing off

  • +1

    Qi charger, worth trying for 5c.

    Search for jd555 in search bar to find items.

  • Kudos to OP. :)

  • +3

    Thought this will be a disaster for them after it being posted on OzBargain. But their website is handling the traffic very well and there are still a lot of items available after one hour.

    Might buy from them again if the items actually arrives.

  • Managed to buy a couple of items but can no longer use the coupon?

    • +2

      Code doesn't work for some items, especially if it is not on the sale page. Try for items around $10 price.

      • I have been only using it under the items listed for the JD555 coupon. Still can't get it to work.

        • That's strange. It didn't work for me for a smart watch but worked for a fitness tracker. So settled down for fitness tracker.

  • Wireless gaming mouse, Pandora bracelet, and men's watch for 15US cents, eh can't complain, hopefully all goes through ok. Thanks OP

  • Items should turn up considering these are from 3rd party suppliers so JD themselves can't refuse to send them.

  • +4

    I wonder why there are only 88 votes for this deal. Even the garbage deals from Gearbest gets more than hundred votes. I think you should be a high profile member to get votes on Ozbargain.

    • I think most people haven't heard of JD before.

      Assuming the gear does show up in the next month or two, the next one will get more votes.

  • I ordered "Stainless Steel Mortar and Pestle Pedestal Bowl Kitchen Garlic Pugging Pot" for US$ 0.05 (AUS$ 0.67). Hope I will get. Waiting….

  • +1

    Link to some JD555 products here

    A simple search of JD555 ;)

    • sone of the items give erro "There was an error loading your order!"

      Plz try these and let me know if im doing anything wrong:

    • that doesn't seem to be 20000 products >_<

      • That's Chinese marketing for you. It's very possible there are 20000 products total, but some have to sell out first, or they change it each day.

  • Want to order this Xiaomi USB fan but can't apply code.

    Does this mean they have sold out?

    • What do you mean cant apply code?

      • It says "Sorry, the coupon code you entered is invalid. Please try again or use other code"
        I ordered 2 other items successfully though, weird.

        • thats happening to me now also

  • I was sleeping til now, but just ordered. Thanks Op

  • Thank you
    Got 3 items.

  • +1

    signup page has no HTTPS. No way Jose!!

    • Back in China, if you offer HTTPS, you are slowed down or sometimes stopped by state sensorship. Since you have nothing to hide from the state, it's better to expose yourself.

  • +3

    Enter the coupon code and click "apply"

    Gets "There was an error loading your order!

    Please fresh the page!"

    Same error on Chrom and Firefox. Refreshing, of course, doesn't work.. So coupon code not usable to me.

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