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20000 Products Ea for $0.05 (USD)/$0.08 (AUD) Delivery Included - JD


Starts 9th/Nov/2015 @ 6pm (AEDT). Max 3 uses of JD555 per customer (use the code in three individual transactions)

Three links to search for available products. Please note - some products are out of stock or have exhausted the number of 5 cent allocations and have reverted back to their original price.

To get items for 5 cents, the price before you click "Add to Cart" has to show as either $8.05 or $9.05 or $10.05. If an item is showing as more than $10.05 and has multiple options to choose a different colour or size, then try selecting them as the price for other variants of the same product could still be available for purchase at 5 cents.

Link 1 Scroll down the page and look for products in the "20000 PRODUCTS FOR JUST 5 CENTS" section.
Link 2 The prices shown are not accurate. Click into a particular product to see the correct price after discount.

Known website issues:
1. The website sometimes logs you out for no reason during a purchase. This usually occurs when you are redirected to the chinese page during checkout.
2. If you are 100% sure that you have not used the JD555 code three times and it is not letting you use it anymore, then goto My Account -> My Order. Look for any orders that have a big red Checkout button and cancel the order. You will then be able to apply the JD555 code again.
3. The referral and coupon system is buggy. People have reported many issues with using their $10 referral credit or even seeing it in their accounts. Just come back and try again later.

Feel free to use my invitation code when you sign up to get free $10 USD - 7HNIW0
or use other members codes

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2015.

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    • Wow, nice work!

      • Wow! 4 packages arrived yesterday and 9 packages arrived today..i feel sorry for my postman. Pretty good delivery times from JD!

  • Screwdriver set came today!

  • +4

    Got 2 of my 3 items.
    The mi piston ear buds are genuine.
    I got 2 drift rc cars too :)
    Wicked deal!

    • Wow,nice to hear.

      I was a bit worried after my questions asking if they were genuine/came with QR was deleted.

    • Now I feel like I got ripped off by paying $16 for the Pistons :)

      • Still a good deal! I can't believe these are genuine but it seems to be the case!

    • +1

      yeah, I can't believe the earbuds are genuine.. QR code checks out (after translating the xiaomi page).. crazy!! Just got them today (1/3 items) :)

      • I doubt its genuine. Received mine either its fake or defective… unbearable the cracking noise
        and the QR on the cable take me to mi.com site (image of a bunny with question mark) which chrome could not translate. QR on the cardboard box tage me to WeChat app on Google play store.

        • -1

          Definitely fake, I smelled the case and it doesn't smell nice. The real one has a distinct perfumish smell. Also the earbuds on the real one has a smooth feel if you rub your fingers on it . The fake one is rough rubber which attracts a lot of dirt.

        • @suudo:

          Instead of smelling the item have you actually listened to them?

          The pair I got are identical to my other genuine pair. Mine are definitely genuine.

          They sound amazing.

        • @millzy:
          I have 3 genuine piston 3 and a couple of other piston 2, the one I received from JD have a hollow sound. The fake isn't bad sounding but there is a big difference. Can't complain for 5 cents headphones but they are definitely not genuine. You may have received genuine one, but mine are no doubt fake.

        • @suudo:

          The pair I got (1st gen version) I would describe as the opposite of hollow. Very full and awesome bass just like my other genuine gen 1 pair.
          IMO this pair is better than the 2nd gen Pistons, haven't tried the 3rd gen version yet..

          Maybe they are shipping different versions…

          The ones that I got from JD are selling for US$26 now.

        • @millzy:

          Yes mine as well sold by AOFENG LIMITED. Probably had different suppliers and batches. I might have been mistaken, the one I ordered from JD was supposed to be 3rd generation which is the fake one I received. 1st and 2nd gen have the same design.


  • +1

    got the stainless steel mortar and pestle! beautiful!

  • +1

    Just received my mini-remote-control with touchpad.

    Good shipping :)

    • +1

      Mine arrived today also' I thought it'd be a bit of a gimmick but it's FANTASTIC! I bought two so looking forward to using the other one with my Wii for searching Netflix.

  • Got my Pistons today and they seem genuine from the QR code attached. Thanks for sharing OP + rezigene!

  • Got pistons,they're legit.

    Power bank also came,was labeled 10000mah.In reality it's only around 2000.Only took little over a hour and a half to charge fully and got to 25% battery after charging my tablet fully.

  • got my "bluetooth headset mini 503" and it seems like its already broken lol. Can't seem to turn it off.. it keeps flashing blue and red

    edit: its stuck on pairing mode i guess..? oh well 8cents

  • Got my mortar and pestle and emoji pillows today!

  • Received my Fitbit knockoff smart wristband today. To my surprise it's working well. Worth my 7C :)

  • got my tronsmart 4 port charger in the mail yesterday. still waiting on 2 more items

  • Received my first product today, which was actually the last one i brought. But its way better than I thought it would be

  • anybody lose their referral coupons? :/

    • they expired on the 20th November

      • but your Terms & Conditions say

        All the coupons will be valid until November 30, 2015.

        under the Activity Rules

  • Anyone had any problems receiving their items? I used Registered Mail and apparently they sent my items with the word null appended to my surname… However, when I ordered I definitely had the correct name…

    In fact if you try to order something new today, there is no option for first/family name, only name.

    • +1

      apparently they sent my items with the word null appended to my surname

      I've seen that on mine as well. Haven't received my items, but I'm pretty certain I will this week (others have reported receiving the stuff I ordered)

      • If you chose slow post or just normal airmail, i.e. not ePacket, then it should just drop at your doorstep. Otherwise you might need to login to en.jd.com and show the tracking number to the Post Office.

    • I ordered 3 items (all ended up being from same 3rd party seller) and missus ordered 1 from a different seller.

      Hers arrived today, sent 2 days earlier than my lot, and I received 1 item so far, yesterday.

      Was addressed properly, though what I ordered didn't match the description (Bluetooth FM transmitter thing, unlike its description that has all the bluetooth specs, doesn't actually have bluetooth at all.)

      Hopefully the rest arrives anyway, as was wanting those more so anyway.

      (Anyone able to leave a review for their products? Wanted to mention missing bluetooth, but it just takes me to the order list when I try to write one)

      • +1

        I got lucky, I had to wait until the Manager got back and after I showed him the order on my phone, along with a copy of the sms advising me to pickup the parcel and the Aust Post "please pickup parcel" pamphlet with the tracking number on it. They finally handed me the parcel!

        However, when I got home to open it, there were some missing items, but hey free is free.. (Referral Credit Included) lol. It's weird that there were multiple items written on the customs declaration but only one item inside. I have no idea who pilfered it. I didn't get a video of it. ;-(

        The review function is also broken for me.

        • "free"???
          That was 8c of your hard-earned, my friend

        • Mine only has 1 item listed, nothing to indicate they haven't shipped separately (regular post) so guess will have to wait and see.

          Leaves me questioning the other (all positive) reviews that have been appearing on the item page though.

  • got my tronsmart charger and wireless keyboard/mouse combo in the mail today.
    wireless combo box says contents was meant to include 3xAAA batteries but they weren't there!
    I'm going to send it back and get my 8c back (not)

  • Tronsmart arrived :)

  • -2

    received my orders of sweat shirt but the size M which I ordered is too small. How Can I change it to L ?

    • -1

      Print an L and attach to it.

    • Did you realise that they're Asian sizes?

      I ordered XXL and it's still too small. ><

  • My order status (for a dual USB from cigarette lighter socket) is still shown as "Awaiting Acceptance". Am I supposed to do anything about it? anybody else got the same status?

    • It means it has been sent and awaiting your acceptance.

    • you hit that once you receive the item

  • +1

    One of my best online shopping experience so far! Super fast delivery with tracking and got all my 9 items this week. One of the biggest surprise has to be the bluetooth rechargeable speaker. It is well constructed and sounds better than my other branded $50 ones.

    • And all for 63 cents (if you paid by mc or amex) or 72 (if you paid by visa) ☺

  • I have received 1/6 items purchased so far (Which is a hobby screwdriver set).
    Others are 'Awaiting Acceptance' so they should eventually arrive, and one is 'Awaiting shipping' which I have messaged the seller and asked why the hell hasn't it been sent yet XD

  • Wonderful people,
    I never actually got an email for this dispatch neither did i receive speakers that i bought - Have any guys received anything? Is there a way to contact them?
    I did receive order confirmation email though..

    • Log into your account and check the order status.

  • I need to contact the seller regarding receiving the wrong item. But when I click "Send Message" nothing happens. Tried FF and IE.


  • Really happy with the bluetooth portable speaker and USB charged electric shaver I ordered, great build quality on both.

  • Yeah bluetooth speaker rocked up yesterday, can't complain for $0.08 :)

    • +1

      Received one too, love the the "You're bluetooth is nowa connected" voice messages! :)

      • +1

        Yep gotta love that accent!

        • i have the bluetooth/fm transmitter for the car.. it's so annoying.. wish there was a way to turn the bloody thing off

      • Mine from HK with a completely different design have the same voice too.

  • Ordered the Tenda router. Came really well packaged and works great. Had to use google translate on the admin screens though as there is no english in the firmware haha!

  • I'm thinking my other 2 out of 3 items aren't going to show, given they were from the same seller and supposedly shipped at the same time.
    Bummer, since they were the ones I wanted more so than the one I have received (and doesn't match the description anyway).

    • +1

      Last of mine only arrived on Monday. They're using the slowest method of China Post.

    • Yeah got one more today so I wouldn't give up yet.

      edit:missing words in sentence :(

    • Well, I honestly thought they weren't gonna show, but the final 2 arrived today.

      Delivered by the regular letters postie, whereas the first came via the parcel postie, so guess they took different paths..

  • +2

    I've received all 20+ things myself/wife/kids accounts ordered
    except 1 thing which they have automatically refunded my 7c for.

    Cannot really complain. :)
    All stuff was good.

  • Received my shaver and charged it. Seems ok but still hesitant about putting it near my face.

    Even comes with USB to shaver charger which is worth 5c in itself and I can use it with my other one at home.

  • 3/4 items have arrived… only item I'm missing and still "Awaiting Acceptance" is the 5c car mobile stand. Pretty happy everything else has arrived.

    • Yes I am waiting for that also? Is it blue/black color?

      I am also waiting for MP3 player

      • Hi Roary,

        Yes it is blue/black colour. Is it time to contact the seller?

        • MP3 player arrived today.. Plastic box all smashed but unit works. Great investment for 8c

          5/6 now and just car mobile stand missing.

          I did contact the seller but I aint gonna chase it..

        • @Roary: Received my MP4 player today. Although it's a no brand one the build quality is pretty good and to my surprise the sound quality is good too (with my Xiaomi postons not with the earphones that came with the player). The sample video it came with is funny. The navigation is a bit hard to understand though. Still figuring out.

        • @Roary: Finally received my car mobile stand today.

        • @iceblock333:

          Same.. Box says it has a suction cup but I didnt get one.
          I used it in mrs car and I dont really need the suction cup anyway

  • Have only received 1/4 items so far :/ Just the BT speaker

  • +2

    got my "eye massager" today….it doesn't feel good on my eyes…but I can imagine it will feel good for lady ozbargainers on other parts of their body. Seriously…this cant be an eye massager can it?


    • +1

      I hope you're not that naive lol

    • have you tried massaging….. not your eye? it's water proof too.. so

      you can use safely in the humid environment

  • finally got my last item which was actually the first one i ordered on nov 9.. usb/lightning cable.. only took a good 7 weeks! but for 5c i'm not complaining ><

  • Got mine :D

  • Yep forgot to say, got all mine in the end :) Tronsmart looks legit :) Cheers OP enjoy the referral cred ;)

  • Got all my items, last one arrived Christmas eve which was great as it was a Christmas present. Awesome for 8c each, especially the Tenda wireless-N router/extender. Used it to extend a wifi network and has awesome range. Wireless keyboard/trackpad combo is great also!

  • +1

    the final package arrived today, got all my 6 items for me and missus, one of the best deal in ozb ever i reckon!

    • +1

      not the best…but definitely worth more then the 175 votes :(

      • +1

        It's way better than those 1c crap from Gearbest or Zapals freebies. When I commented about the few votes in the beginning someone said people will vote if they actually receive the items. Almost everyone got their items by now but still not many votes. I guess they are busy playing with their 8c gadgets.

      • +1

        A lot of ppl are quick to click but forget about a + vote.

        A deal I posted for a free coffee machine (in fact some were making $25 a piece off the deal) just scraped in at 200 votes with 6000+ clicks.

        With over double the clicks you'd think you'd have got a few more +'s hey.

        Hopefully you made some decent referral credit though.

        • yeah i did…maxed out referral credit for me and two mates. $500 each..was hard to spend it all though. i pretty much just got whatever was $10.05. I have received 49/50 items so far all for $4 AUD…crazy.

        • @cheapm8:

          maxed out referral credit for me and two mates. $500 each.


          Could've picked up a few new mobile phones or something!

        • +1

          @Spackbace: unfortunately only one coupon per order :(

  • Received my last item today. Thanks again OP for this great deal.

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