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The Wire - The Complete Series BD $79, DVD $60 at JB Hi-Fi


Cheapest it's ever been, sticker says $99 BD/$75 DVD, though I've seen them selling the BD version as high as $129.

+$1 shipping if you'd rather not pick it up in store.

The BD version is the remastered 16:9 version, DVD is the original 4:3. See here for details on the differences.

DVD version

20% off all Blu-Rays & DVDs

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      I knew this would be the first comment.

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        All in the game yo… all in the game.

  • Season 1 and 3 were great, rest were good. I enjoyed that show.

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      Season 4 was the best in the series for me. The focus on the education system in Baltimore and what happens to the four boys is confronting and heartbreaking.

      It also introduced Snoop and Chris properly, was Bodie's finest moment, and marked the end of Kima and Bubbles' friendship.

      Season 1 is a close second.

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        Bloody hell, spoiler alert much??

        Just bought the BD set from Rundle Mall JB - there were a few copies. Looking forward to seeing it in 16:9 - just started watching season 1 so this came at a perfect time.

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          There you go, giv'n a shit when it ain't your turn to give a shit.

        • But it's how you carry yourself. Always apart. Always aksin', "Why?". When you should be doin' what you're told. You was never one of us. And you never could be.

        • @blitz:

          How does my hair look?

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          You look good, girl…

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      I like S02, the highlight is when Omar testifies against bird: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oYj7q_by_2E

  • F**k

  • Best TV series ever.

  • I realise most readers are excited about recent blu-ray release for The Wire, but if you're content with DVD, check Big W for the complete series $40.50 (instore using 10% off voucher; online it's still $78.00)

  • I was a bit hesitant to get this set. In the end I finally caved in and purchased The Wire on blu-ray. Having never seen any episodes of the wire before I doubt the widescreen aspect ratio will distract when watching what was scripted to be shown in a news media style 4:3 aspect ratio. As from what I've read, most people who have watched the blu-ray version are giving it a positive rating.

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