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Ted's 13% off Sale


Ted's Cameras has a 13% off Sale

All Cameras and Lenses from Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Sigma, Olympus and some Manfrotto and Sandisk items.

Good to combine with Nikon and Fuji cashbacks.


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Ted's Cameras

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  • Online code is Friday13.
    Sale is 13% off all Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Fujifilm & Sigma Cameras & Lenses.
    Plus 13% off Sandisk Memory Cards & Manfrotto Tripods.

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    No Sony lenses :(

    • no sony cameras :(

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    Any bargains? Ted's is overpriced compared to other local aussie stock, so this 13% really just brings their prices down in line with other retailers.

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    I've been digging now for 1 hr and cannot find anything that is ozbargainworthy…

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    I found a good deal for Olympus shooters: Olympus OMD Pro 40-150mm F2.8 + 1.4x Tele-Converter for $1365.96, with free shipping, after $200 Cash back from Olympus.

    • I'm not aware of any current cash back from oly, is there??

    • I've added a couple of Olympus lens deals separately below. I thought they might be more visible there, rather than nested.

      I've found the 1.4x tele not worth using as the results are noticeably softer, and my E-M1 doesn't focus as quickly (very fast without it).

      • Have you noticed whether the tele 1.4 gives better results than the on camera X2 digital zoom?

        • 1.4 tele - I don't use it with the 40-150mm (so I don't use it at all). Perhaps it'll work better with the 300mm when it arrives. 2x digital zoom works ok with the 40-150, and yes I'd definitely go 2x digital over using the teleconverter. I generally don't use 2x digital with the 40-150, but if you have to have a bit more reach it can actually give you a better photo that way.

          2x digital zoom can give really good results with the 45mm & 60mm lenses. The 75-300mm is ok. I never use it with the 12-40 or 75mm as the results are noticeably poorer than cropping. But do your own testing.

          I have a button assigned to 2x digital (mostly for macro) and that works really well for me.

          Any other Qs?

        • @alphaomega: Thanks

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    Good deal on the canon 60mm f2.8
    478.5 after the 13% off. Cheapest online that i've seen

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    Also don't forget CashRewards has 1.92% cashback and PricePal has 2.16% (Founder level)

    Maybe we can get @tightarse to help with the cashback?

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    Ted's 13% off Sale

    Bad Luck !!

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    Fuji XT10 with 18-55 kit comes down to around $917 after ted's discount and fuji $300 cash back…. that's about the cheapest I can can find (including international sellers which aren't eligible for Fuji cash back).

    Compare that to the next best being Digidirect @ $999 after cash back. Until Digidirect have their next 10% off sale, this is a pretty decent price.

    • With cash rewards brings it down to $893… tempting

  • Whats the cheapest way I can get a fairly powerful zoom camera with decent stabliser and perferably some kind of 'burst' mode..

    My local DSE had the SX510HC for $199.. is that still overpriced? Camerasky has the SX530 for about $70 more..

    Any advice is appreciated, thanks

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      If you are in Melb, I saw an Olympus SH-60 at Officeworks Fitzroy for $129 (original $298). 24x zoom, 3-axis stabilisation, but can't find out if it has burst. I haven't posted it as a deal coz I don't know how many are left and whether other stores would have them.

      • Thanks mate.. was a very nice deal.. did drop by today but it was gone.. :(

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    Nikon P900 $749.95 $652.46

    Ryda $668.85 out-of-stock
    Georges $679.00

  • They have no AmEx surcharge - which makes it even cheaper. At least the store I called confirmed they had no surcharge.

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    It's not listed on their website, but they have the D610 with AF-S 50mm f/1.8G lens kit in their systems in stores which I picked up today. It retails for $2200. 13% sale brings it down to $1915. Coupled with Nikon's $300 Cash Back brings the cost of the kit to $1615. Also, you'll receive a $150 Ted's gift card (current 'holiday' promotion) and $10 Ted voucher for signing up to ClubTed (card given to you upon purchase).

    Make sure the salesperson selects the KIT and not the camera and lenses separately.

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    Here are 2 deals for Olympus & Panasonic m43 camera users to add to oecodrew's post above. I called a few other camera stores yesterday and they would all price match. (I even saw Angus Young sitting in a cafe on my travels, which was quite unexpected.)

    Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 7-14mm f2.8 PRO - $1,391.96 - Cheapest I’ve ever seen it

    Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 8mm f1.8 PRO - $1,130.96 - A little dearer than Gerry Gibbs (WA) but no postage to worry about if you have a Ted's nearby

    Both lenses qualify for $200 EFTPOS gift card from Olympus.

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