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50% off Skype Gift Cards, XB1 Bundles from $399, 50% off 360 Games, ROTTR $39, up to 35% off Controllers + More @Microsoft Store

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2015

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  • Xbone + Kinect is with 3 games and not 5 games

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      and is 500GB not 1TB

      • strangely full bundles link mentions 5 games though, still 500gb

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          The extra games come up at checkout. It's Killer Instinct and MInecraft.

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      After u click check out, u will see killer instinct and Minecraft in ur order for free. So it's 5 games.

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    Got my hopes up, Elite controller is out of stock.

  • How do these bundles compare to others around?
    Im after an xbox one bundle,still have my xbox 360 with loads of games out of interest where do i find which ones will work with xbox one?
    I missed out on the bundle target had in ebay with 20% for around 366 i think it was which im gutted as thats the ideal price.
    Or will there be some other offers soon to come up.
    I take my 360 kinect controllers and steering wheel dont work with xbox one.

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      PDF is here: http://www.xbox.com/en-AU/xbox-one/backward-compatibility

      There was also the Big W bundles last weekend which were just as good if not better. These bundles are a bit more expensive IMO and you should wait a bit.

    • I was a lucky one who got that deal. There were only 60 available, and they were gone in 20 minutes. Putting that into perspective it might never occur that you will get that sort of price. Of course if you are in no rush, just do what I did and monitor the deals for a few months with some email alerts and buy as soon as you see a great deal with the bundled items you want.

  • Does anyone have any experience as to whether the Windows Gift Cards be used on the xbox live store to purchase games or add-ons?

    • No experience with them, but it seems to suggest that they can be

    • Yes, I believe so. It's the same as this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/197215

      • So if I get these Microsoft gift cards and then use with this current deal I can buy for less?

        • Not sure if you can double dip.

          If this is possible, it would be best to purchase more gift cards… you could end up with a nearly infinite supply of store credit. I doubt this scenario is possible.

          EDIT: It's is NOT possible to buy anything buy digital content with these gift cards.

        • i do want the gift cards if I'm left with them and not able to use,but I do want a bundle can't see why you can't buy them and then get bundle but not willing to risk

        • @bwatt99: I believe the gift cards can only be used for digital store purchases (from the Digital Xbox Store).

        • @bwatt99:
          Gift cards are for the digital stores (Like Windows Phone/10/Xbox stores) not the retail shop

    • I just confirmed. Yes this works!!!!

      • Do you have any proof because everybody seems to be saying it doesn't work

        • You can follow the discussion on Whirlpool.

        • it is correct that you can use the 25% off gift cards to purchase other DIGITAL content, it was only one poster above that derailed the discussion, everyone else understood it was for digital purchases until someone mentioned being able to purchase more gift cards etc

        • so clear this up here and whirlpool you can't use this towards the bundles on offer?

        • @bwatt99:

          you can

        • some say you can and others say you can't?

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    How did the Elite controllers go out of stock already?

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      My sentiments exactly, there were probably 5 in stock and people who found out before snapped them all up

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        Yea that's a good assumption, they must have known it would eventually get Ozbargained! Ahhh man could have scored them for 149!!! Oh well next time!

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    Thanks OP. I needed those Skype cards :)

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      Me too. Just topped up my credits so I can renew my Skype Premium account next year. Thanks OP.

  • can we use the discounted MS store gift cards to buy discounted MS products? (Skype cards, surface tablets, xbox etc?)

    • Answer from MS live chat:

      "Yep it'sd only work on the windows store so apps,movies,xbox games, and digital content on the devices, not hardware like the lumia/surface"

      • So can't buy Xbox bundle with these gift cards then,if not then what,I had hoped to buy bundle even less if it does how quick do you get the gift cards as this deal only last so long

        • I just purchased a skype card, got it on screen and by an email immediately, not sure about MS store cards

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    Bought the charge and play kit for $22.46. Probably not the cheapest but too sick to go searching! How very un-ozbargain of me.

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        No deal for me. I've enough things to stop my dog chewing without an abundance of batteries being added to the list.

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    I remember same time last year Skype credit cards went on sale, just in time for my renewal. Thanks OP

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    Wow some bargain prices on xbox one games… Not

    • Yeah a bit steep actually lol except maybe GOW & Replay :)

    • Well you get buy the gift cards for 25% off, and use them now or later on anything from the Xbox Digital Store including sale items.

      • Confused? Is this not Xbox digital store?

        Just thought I could save more buy getting them and then buying the Xbox bundle

        • No it's not. The Xbox Digital Store is here.

  • Can you use Windows Gift Cards to buy Xbox Live Gold?

    • No. You are best to purchase Xbox Live Gold from cdkeys.com, which seems to always have the best price on the internet (just make sure you change the currency to USD on in the top-right hand corner). This website is 100% legit, but make sure you pay using PayPal.

  • Will the gift cards become a balance in my microsoft wallet to make in game purchases?

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    I bought the Skype card last month but could not redeem the voucher recently. Contacted Skype and the customer support team informed me the arrangement between the card provider and Skype is no longer effective after October 31. If you are buying the same card, please check with Skype support team. I was told to contact Paysafe for a refund.

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      Yes. You will get a 25-character redemption code you can enter on an Xbox Console, Windows Phone, etc.

      Edit: Opps, I was meant to reply to the poster above you.

      • LOLOLOL

      • Wait really?! So you can't use it without a windows phone or xbox?

    • Just to be safe, I bought the $10 cards. Since people who had trouble with the Skype cards recently said they were the $25 denomination.

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    anyone having trouble checking out microsoft store?
    it keeps on taking me back to verify order page, after I click on complete order

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      I had the same issue checking out with Paypal. Had to verify it twice. I just continued going through it again and it went through fine. The confirmation e-mail only came through once, which should mean I only got charged once.

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        I have the same issue. Went into my PayPal account, and since I bought AUD15 worth of skype cards, there was also a $15 (no currency stated) authorisation entry.

        I rang the customer support and was told that this will drop off in 24 hours.

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    I'm not sure if that XB1 + Kinect + 5 games deal is better than the XB1 + Kinect + Assassin's Creed bundle being sold for $429. Either way, haven't read great reviews on the XB1 media player. Apparently it can't handle large files.

  • Thanks, grabbed a digital gift card to put away. Should be handy in the sales later on…possibly as soon as next week with Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up.

  • How do the Skype cards work? Do they actually send you the physical card(s) or do you just get the voucher codes via email?

    • Voucher codes by email.

      • Thanks, and I will then receive a voucher code by email? Or if I am logged into my Microsoft account will it just automatically be credited to that account?

        • Once you receive the voucher could by email, you have to logon to your skype account and redeem the code in there.

        • Yeah, I thought it would be linked too, but I guess the system is set up such that you can 'gift' the redemption code to someone else if required. By the way, I couldn't find the correct prompt in the Windows Skype app to redeem the code. I ended up doing it over the Skype web version instead, which worked fine.

    • I just bought a Skype card and I got a product key immediately probably have to wait a few hours nbefore it can be redeemed just like when you buy one at a store

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        Nope mine worked immediately

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        No wait required. I redeemed mine within a couple of minutes.

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider for $40 would be a good deal if it was Xbox One.

    No deals here.

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    I think Rare Replay for $24.97 is worth a mention.. :)


  • Can the Windows Store Digital Gift Card be used for my Xbox One? To purchase games on the console???

  • Thanks picked up State of Decay for $15, happy with that.

  • On a side note, have Coles/Woolies ever done 50%-off promos or have theirs only gone as far as 40%?

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    Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone - $7.74! http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msaus/en_AU/pdp/The-Witc...
    Minecraft - $9.99! http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msaus/en_AU/pdp/Minecraf...

    Minecraft is 63% off compared to the Xbox digital store (it's $25.95 on there).

    • Wow, a good DLC in a good sale.. It's a unicorn guys!!

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    I see on of these bundles they offer with fallout bigw has it for 438 this Thursday what's the better deal?im sure Microsoft is downloaded games where I'm sure bigw is disc and downloaded game about $10 less,or is there more off the bigw bundle come Thursday as says I'm sure 20% off toys?this classed as toys or is this for certain items.

    • I will have a look at big w and mention it here, I am after a bundle and the prices on this one are bad, I was not interested in buying anything on here besides the elite controller :(

  • Ori for $113.47, bargain! ;)

  • So buy the gift cards now and then use on the Xbox black Friday deal?

    • Maybe for games if they have a sale for Black Friday.

      No for consoles because you can't use those gift cards for hardware, only digital content.

      Otherwise people would be using discounted gift cards to buy more gift cards.

      • Yeah knew they wouldn't work for physical items, so I'll just probably buy a $100 one and hope games go on sale.

  • Something wrong with the website.. I cant add the 500GB+5Game+Kinect pack saying that there's nothing in my cart. Contacted the online support and they say its a problem with their end and that they are trying to get it looked into..

  • Skype cards showing full price as at 8pm Syd time 18th Nov

    • I think it ended at 7pm, but it must have finished at 6pm QLD time as I noticed prices went back when I checked at about 6:30.

      • Damn.. I was going to go back to get the controller and some discount vouchers today.. but doesnt look like it.

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    Did everybody who ordered skype codes get them? I ordered and still don't have it. I contacted them about it 2 days ago and they said they had a 'known issue' but it would be resolved within 24 hours… still nothing.

    Order status now changed to "Status: FailedExternalDigitalRights " … :(

    • In the end ther refunded me and gave me $20 store credit.

  • anyone order the xb1 halo controllers still waiting for them to ship?

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