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2015 Mazda CX5 Maxx Sport 2.0 FWD Auto Wanneroo WA - $33,800 Drive Away with Extras


33.8k drive away with cargo tray and carpet mats, speak to Liam, Wanneroo Mazda only. for Mazda CX5 maxx Sport. can include the soul red colour in price which is normally $220 extra.

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  • Will you discount other colors by $220 then?

  • I assume this is the 2.0 manual FWD model?

  • all metallic colours withing the selected range are the same price only soul red normally requires extra cost.as it is a premium colour.

    • I see Waneroo Mazda is doing their demo clearance. Can you give Any indication on the price of a demo 2015 auto CX5?

      Partner and I are in the market for one, but only just starting our search.

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    Almost had me, but no cashback via CashRewards was a deal breaker for me…

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      Because it's an expensive it, it won't track anyway.

  • no. it is not with the maxx sport u cannot get manual

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      There's something wrong with the way you advertise when you cant even state basics such as engine size, transmission and drivetrain.

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    thanks buying 5

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      Better move fast people. Looks like this one is gonna get 'Brodened' pretty quick…

  • this is not the normal max , it is the a model upgrade. the maxx sport

  • 17 inch alloy wheels
    Front fog-lamps
    Dual-zone climate control
    Auto on/off headlamps
    Leather-wrapped gear shift knob, handbrake and steering wheel
    Satellite navigation (TomTom)
    6-speaker audio system
    Rain-sensing front wipers
    Vanity mirrors with illumination
    40/20/40 split-folding rear seats

    • With the 2.0L engine, will it have enough grunt to tow my bike?

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        Maybe if it has training wheels

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          I'm not sure my mechanic would know how to attach them to the 17 inch alloy wheels…

  • are the difference between the maxx sport and the normal maxx.

    • If memory serves, they're pretty similar but the former is a bit sportier…

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        Sportier? So a bigger engine or a turbo something? More torque?

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          I was thinking the sam.
          Just add sport to any model, but no changes what so-ever to the performance.
          fog linghts, rain sense wipers, doesnt make it go better, they should call it deluxe instead.

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          @PVA: it has a stripe. makes it more aerodynamic.

        • @altomic:

          and leather gear knob instead of plastic…
          hang on my Xtrail has a leather steering wheel and gear knob, must be a sports car :)

        • More sport

        • +1

          Speed holes

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      lol since the comments got seperated it seems like you are trying to ask the difference whilst advertising

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    What version will be on the MZD on delivery?

    And always check here first. http://haggledb.com/mazda-cx-5/

    • Great link. Cheers.

      • Hi guys is there anything else you woudld like to see on this site?

        I have just added a date column to the CX5 section, will do the others now.

        I am going to take down the TV's I think.

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    Shopping around town are we OP? Lol have you actually bought 1 yet?

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      Didn't he buy one of your swifts?

  • mzd is same as maxx but with gps.

    • What software version I mean

      • Took delivery on a CX-5 a few weeks ago, it had v56 of MZD connect. No CarPlay support yet :(

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    What's the original price?

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    Is this a good price? I am thinking of getting a new car but hate shopping around. What if I live in Springvale Vic, can it be delivered here? (Does this one has cruise control?) Thanks

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    I wonder how one would like if I price matched at office works and then used the old 5% off ING pay wave for purchases under $100….

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    It's an ok deal. I got the same for $33,500 a few months back, also with floor matts but no cargo matt. It's fairly standard price if you are prepared to haggle a little.

    • Thank you.

      • Fyi, I'm in sydney so you should be able to get that price in vic. Yes this has cruise control. The maxx sport has gps, alloys and electric mirrors as standard equipment. See wyongs post above for the complete comparison againnst the base model maxx.

  • When is Mazda bringing back rotaries? Heard a rumour they are. Hopefully it is more RX7 than RX8. Hopefully it is absolutely ferocious !

    • Nooooooooooo ! I had an R100. The biggest mistake of my life. Because of it I will never buy a Mazda again. And because of my Vectra I will never buy a holden again. Looks like I am 'glued-on' to Toyota !!

      • +6

        Vectra isn't even a real Holden.

        • True, but every time that I took it to Holden for warranty work, they did more damage than they repaired. Reflected badly on Holden as a company. I am guessing that they were using a lot of apprentices.

      • +3

        r100, man you hold a grudge.

        • Hehe! Yup. Cost me a fortune because the seals kept going. It was off the road more than it was on. It was a piece of sh#*t.

        • @peck:
          wasnt that one of the first rotaries from Mazda?
          Before the RX3?

      • +1

        :/ Mazda and Sport… Putting those words together makes my head spin… Like putting a cherry on a brick and calling it cake.

        Edit: let the hate come, I can't take it lol. Nissan, Mustang, Euro sports beasts all come to mind… Not Hyundai or Mazda…

  • What about trading in my suv towards it,any deals on the 7 seater?

    • im sure Liam can work out a deal for you.

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    I came here for a $15 Xiaomi PowerBank. I guess I'm getting a new car today.

    • Haha big difference in price for the purchases.

    • the Mazda's 'PowerBank' has much more capacity

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    Did they remove the associated tick box now?

  • Thanks OP bought 4, good stocking fillers.

  • From a flyer I received:

    New Mazda Showroom opening on Dec 01 in the Melbourne Western Suburbs

    Call 03 83080200 Ask for the same deal!

    Caroline Springs Mazda is the local Mazda dealership for Caroline Springs, Sunshine, St Albans, Sydenham, Deer Park, Melton, Bacchus Marsh and surrounding areas. But of course we welcome everyone from all over Melbourne and Victoria. We are committed to delivering a first class customer service experience every time you visit our dealership.

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      Why dont you price beat them by 10% like Jetstar does to Tiger?

      • +2

        Bunnings does.
        As does masters.

        I think they should def do a 10% price beat.

        Good call

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      Got to wonder how much margin are in these cars at retail price.

      Current price on Mazda website says $36,602 (not accounting for the extras) with free on roads this month.

      So the above guy is willing to drop $5k (13%) off the price from the start of the month with no haggling.

      • Did they drop the import tariffs yet for these?

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    Drove the petrol and diesel models.the petrol is so weak, it wouldn't pull the skin off a rice custard.Ok for around town but just leaves you feeling underwhelmed.

    • +4

      Welcome to a lot of modern petrol cars. Any more power and people bitch about the economy figure on the sticker!

      • :/ Just need good Engine design. A friends 4cl drinks more than my 6cl VVTI, year make very close. KM is higher on he's by about 5000km

    • Wondering if it's also loud inside? What's the RPM going 100km/h on flats with 2~3 passengers?

  • More USVs (urban shopping vehicle) on the rd, great.

  • +1

    Thanks for the comments everyone . Very funny.
    If anyone needs some serious perspective on cars
    autoexpert is pretty good.


    • Great plug for your site… Just the ad breaks the page on mobile, is too wide.

      Also site navigation needs work, I don't want to scroll down a hundred (nearly said a million) pages to get to when I need to be

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    Full amount on an AMEX ok?

  • +1

    How much is it normally?

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    Hmmmm. 21st of the month and dealer posting ads on OzB. I smell blood in the water for someone's targets.

    When does this deal end?

    Is there more than 5 of any one type in stock? Otherwise this would be Insufficient Quantity.

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    I had haggled the CX-5 Auto base model poverty pack with no alloys to be $31k drive away in May (West End Mazda) - there wasnt really a sale then either since they said the model was "too popular to be on discount". Even with the alloys, it bought it up to $32.5k. Post smells more like advertising (or more) than a real "Deal" so to speak.

  • -1

    Seriously though, what kind of moron buys a front wheel drive SUV? That's like buying an umbrella with a hole in the top.

    • +1

      Wondered when you'd chime in!

      • +1

        Seriously though, instead of buying a fwd SUV, why not buy a wagon? More space, less fuel, handles better. I love SUVs but a fwd one defies logic. Useless in the snow, a muddy field and around town. Even boardering on dangerous in wet conditions oweing to the higher CoG and the inherent under steer, which can't be addressed by power to the rear wheels. Buying a car designed as an all wheel drive, then converted to front wheel drive by dropping a drive shaft purely in the interest of cost saving, is asking for trouble.

        • +2

          Doesn't seem to be much variety with wagons since suv's became popular.. Your average soccer mum will be better off with the fwd version anyway.. Better fuel economy, less tyre wear, lower weight, cheaper service costs, etc. And most suv's are being sold to soccer mums that spend their time driving from home to school to shops back to school and then back home again… Hardly warrants awd. And given they are generally transverse engines, it's not much of a leap to suggest that the cars are designed as fwd and the awd bit is the afterthought..

        • -2

          @airzone: Fwd have worse tire wear than awd, because of more slippage. And any Suv worth its salt is designed as awd from inception.

        • +1

          @thorton82: A cx5 isn't an suv worth it's salt, it's basically a jacked up mazda 3 :)

        • -2


          No that's the CX3

        • +5

          @Spackbace: I believe the cx3 shares the mazda 2 platform..

    • +1 the comparison with umbrella with a hole on top description!

    • Shhhhhh, they don't know, suckers love it so wez sells it to them!

      They don't buy it for the features, and they don't know how to compare.
      ITS HIGH is all that matters, and this is $10,000 cheaper from any proper SUV, so why not just buy this one…

      And we wonder why stuff goes down hill. Inevitable….

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    Oh…. I thought fwd = four wheels drive. Thanks for pointing that out, bc four wheels drive is one of the feature I need. (Going to the snow, most of the time you don't need to put the chain for four wheel drive).

    Is there a four wheel drive version of this car? Thanks.

    • Yes. Pretty sure it's with the 2.5L donk.

  • +1

    Got 3.

  • +28

    Man I hate advertising like this on Ozb. I work for a Mazda dealership, and I can tell you it's nothing special. Best way to shop to get best deals for cars, get 10 dealerships numbers and take approximately $5k off the rrp. Ask the first dealership if they can do better, if they can you know there is margin so call the next one and take off another grand saying you can buy it for that price. As soon as the 2-3 dealers say 'no chance can I do that price' then go up in smaller increments until they say 'if I will you buy'. The dealerships posting here will hate this advice as it's the hardest way to deal with a shopper. By the way, that maxx sport if you push can be had for around $33

    • +1

      Honest ozbargainer. I appreciate your bargaining tips.

      • +4

        Thanks mate, I' love OzB and appreciate when genuine deals get posted, but when the sellers use it for marketing unless a genuine deal it's not good

    • +1 for life advise. Truly helpful for any car bought apples to apples, not just Mazda.

      I'd +2 you if I could

  • +17

    Also remember the salespersons tactic will be to make the appointment, or only give you info if you give them there number. Tell them you are not giving your number, you are going to check with 3 dealers and the lowest wins, so can you do under ***** if I buy now. When they then say I can do it, tell them your wife/husband has credit card and you will call back, then call another dealer and go lower again.

    If any other dealer posts ruin Ozb I'll keep posting tips (20 years in the game) hahaha, otherwise post genuine deals which are a genuine opportunity which dealers can do sometimes, $33800 is not one of these

    • +4

      I agree with what you say here. this is just an advert.

      But for example, seeing you work for a Mazda dealer and not dobbing yourself in with details where you work - what would your lowest price be for this model? (and what would the real lowest price be that a dealer may get to)

    • we employ some of those tactics. i usually research the car i want and once I'm certain then i will buy over the phone if price is right. we dont go in to dealers..another way is to check car sales for the best price then call up local dealers and ask if they can beat it.

      • He mentioned 33 in an earlier comment

  • how much for delivery to NSW?

  • +4

    Just because it's lower than the RRP (who pays that anyway?) doesn't make it a deal.

  • +1

    Picked up the same model in June minus the cargo tray for $32,300 from Eagers Mazda Newstead in Brisbane.

    • South City in Mt Gravatt were happy to do around the same when I bought my 3 earlier in the year!

  • When does the 2016 model come out and will it have Apple Carplay?

  • Not a deal. Numerous others have pointed out the car can be had for less. A quick search on Carsales confirms this.

  • Only if it was self-driving

  • -2

    Don't get a Mazda. They will threaten to void your warranty if you don't take it in for 2 minor services and 1 major service every year at an official dealer. $500 for an oil and a filter change

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