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Big W 27 Days of Christmas Advent Deals (Starts 28/11)


Starting this Saturday, Big W is having an advent style deal where there is a different deal every day till Christmas Eve.

Day Date Deal
Sat 28.11 30% off Big Toy Brands: Fisher Price, Thomas Tank Engine, Hot Wheels, Monster High, Barbie & Megablocks
Sun 29.11 20% off ALL Mobile and Tablet Accessories
Mon 30.11 25% off ALL headphones
Tues 1.12 Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band now $69, save $20
Wed 2.12 50% off ALL Decor & Sistema food storage
Thurs 3.12 30% off ALL nursery nappy bags & infant feeding
Fri 4.12 25% off ALL swimwear (including ladies beach bags, hats and Mambo apparel
Sat 5.12 Mambo luggage and backpacks half-price
Sun 6.12 50% off ALL Michelle Bridges activewear
Mon 7.12 25% off ALL Scooters and Huffy bikes
Tues 8.12 15% off ALL TVs
Wed 9.12 30% off big brands in home - Wiltshire, Wilton, Cake Boss
Thurs 10.12 Further 10% off BIG W's everyday hot prices on books
Fri 11.12 50% off ALL Mens & Ladies Activewear
Sat 12.12 Half price on ALL Mars, Cadbury Santa Stockings & Cadbury 200g - 220g block chocolate
Sun 13.12 Up to $200 off all Dyson Vacuums. Quantities limited, while stock last.
Mon 14.12 Half Price on Big Toiletries Brands.Nice N Easy, Herbal Essences, Head & Shoulders, OGX, Radox and Schick
Tues 15.12 50% off ALL Va Voom Lingerie by Bendon *Excludes clearance
Wed 16.12 25% off ALL Lee Cooper Kids and Kardashian Kids Apparel
Thurs 17.12 Spend $30 and receive 30% off all Party
Fri 18.12 40% off ALL Christmas trees
Sat 19.12 30% off ALL Christmas Food Hampers
Sun 20.12 25% off ALL Ladies & Kids Sleepwear (excludes Baby sleepwear)
Mon 21.12 30% off ALL Baylis and Harding and Boe Giftsets
Tues 22.12 Half Price on Best Selling Cookbooks
Wed 23.12 Half Price 30pk Coke Can Varieties & Allens Classic Mix 370g - 465g
Thurs 24.12 25% off ALL DVDs and Blu Ray DVD's
Fri 25.12 CHRISTMAS!! :P

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  • +2

    Nice work OP

  • Sun 6.12 30% off Big Toy Brands : Fisher Price, Thomas Tank Engine, Hot Wheela, Monster High, Barbie and Megablocks.

    I think you missed out legos.

    • so does anyone know if legos are included on that day ?? looking to buy the simpsons kwiki mart

      missed the last sale so hopefully this ones better

      • Nope its not

  • +14

    No gaming!!!!

    • +4

      I know right !!!

    • +1

      This is absurd!!!

  • Thanks OP, great post as usual.


    What's the deal for this day? :P

    PS. Enjoy your day off =)

    • +1

      Free family lunch :)

      • I know where i'll be going for my family lunch on Christmas Day then… Big W!

      • Free lunch?! PogChamp

  • +2

    What's the usual price of a 30 pack of Coca-cola cans (VIC)?

    • In my big w store in SA rrp is about $36 for the 30 packs

      • So 50% off would be $18, 60c per can, is that a good price for SA? They're currently 57.25c per can in Woolies in VIC.

        • I'm pretty sure SA has the can recycling levy, $36 for 30 cans sounds expensive in my opinion

        • +1

          As fillit said in SA big w charges an extra 10c per can in comparison to the eastern states.

        • @Jdizzle77:

          Well if the VIC price is 50c per can I'll be buying up!

    • +1

      They were 18 last Sunday with fam and friends offer
      costco has 36 pack for 20

      • Which Costco?

  • Mambo — I thought this brand was dead…they still sell this stuff…dam…

    • +1

      I know. I found out last year. It probably died when they got hold of it.

    • +1

      Mango is a big w staple

  • Damn no appliances, BigW sells Breville BTA320 toasters for the cheapest before any discounts.

  • Thanks OP!

    To be honest, Big W really have to step up their game to stay afloat.

  • TIL

    Kardashian Kids Apparel

  • +1

    Going shopping in my activewear….. for some activewear

    • Ha Ha Ha yep I was thinking the same thing. Love that video.

  • can't wait for 40% off michelle bridges I am not sure the commando will be happy me getting her so cheap :P

  • thanks for posting!

  • I hope BigW staff will be diligent in putting up and taking down the specials price tags every day. Twice this month I've been caught out buying a product at BigW that had a big Special price label, but in tiny writing down the bottom the price expired a few days ago.

    I did end up getting the special price both times but it added extensive delays.

  • Merchant Takedown Request


    Big W has contacted us via email:

    Hi, It has been brought to my attention that BIG W advent deals have been posted to OzBargain. Can you please remove this post. These deals have not been confirmed, and are subject to change. The employee that posted these is also in breach of their terms of employment.

    We queried for when this deal will be made public:

    The deals will be published on bigw,com,au starting Saturday 28/11.


    Unpublished deal until the 28/11 or if it shows up in a catalogue/website.

  • Deal has been republished, however it would appear that the items listed in the table initially have been changed or moved days. We have edited the table to only show what is currently on the Big W site/known. OP feel free to update accordingly.


  • Wasn't it meant to be storage products today? Why'd they change it? Didn't like the fact it was leaked?

  • Probably so competitors couldn't counter their deals.

  • +1

    Can add 50% off ALL Decor & Sistema food storage to December 2nd.

  • Yeah rocked up on 28th and no sale on storage containers… will check again on 2nd before i rock up.

  • Thanks, going to keep checking back to see if they'll have pyjamas on sale.

  • This seems to be the same deal except it lists everything until 25th.

    • That's from 2014. :)

      • Ahh… oops

  • Dammit. I had Corelle down on my calendar today from the original post, and went into the store to get it not realising that they'd changed it! Well that was a waste of time.

    • Yeah I was lucky because I printed them out and wanted something on the first day which was meant to be 50% off containers. I rang up just to check then told it wasn't that day so had to suss out why.

  • Have updated all the days. The last 2 days look somewhat close to a bargain:

    • Dec 23 - Half Price 30pk Coke Can Varieties & Allens Classic Mix 370g - 465g
    • Dec 24 - 25% off ALL DVDs and Blu Ray DVD's
    • Yeah. Not too many useful bargains in this list for us this year.

      Dec 23 - :p We have a soda stream
      Dec 24 - Do people still have DVD players?
    • Thanks, I was waiting for the day when pyjamas went on sale. Sunday the 20th it is.

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