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Microsoft Lumia 950 (XL Only) - $659 on eBay (Hkbns)


Stumbled across this incredibly cheap pricing in an eBay store - well below the $1129 RRP. Nowhere else seems to be offering this pricing as of yet (but to be fair it was only released 2 weeks ago).

But if you're in the market for a flagship with Continuum and can't wait for the Surface Phone, this is it.

Black version: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Microsoft-Lumia-950-XL-Black-32GB...

White version: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Microsoft-Lumia-950-XL-White-32GB...

That's all for my first post, thanks!

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    Great price, thanks for the share OP - ordered!

  • Can Microsoft Sydney price beat LOL as much as i need one though… I need the dual sim, which Oz once again misses out on.

  • Too expensive

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    My Skeptical radar is going off a bit here. The phone is not out yet in Hong Kong officially and I cannot find any grey imports going through HK as well at this stage (may change in a week or so). Even in the US, it is selling for $699 USD, I find it hard to believe they can do this price even if the mark up is good. The seller looks like they are into selling photography equipment as well.

    Caveat Emptor I think. Too many fake phones floating around these days and if they price is too good to be true, then it probably is.

    Happy to be proven wrong and good luck if it is real for this price.

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      I agree it smells fishy, but why would anyone be stupid enough to knockoff a WP ? You would sell more blackberry knockoffs than WP.

      • Cheap Android + a Windows Launcher / Skin is very probable and have been seen all around. I'm not too sure if I'd personally risk it.

        • +1

          Surely PayPal would side with the buyer with this case though, it pretty plainly states it is, or rather, should be.

  • Price is way too good. I wonder where the stock is coming from, and if its going to come with an Australian charger.

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    Something suss. Nearly half the normal price and no one else selling grey market Hong Kong versions.

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    I'm guessing price error… regular price is about $650 USD but it's been incorrectly priced in AUD

  • +1

    Love this phone but will wait for price drop even more hope like less than $500.

  • That's an amazing price. It does seem fishy, but their feedback is really good. And Paypal will cover fake devices anyway in most cases. very tempting.

  • +2

    Hmm thinking of swapping my S6 Edge for this… Very tempting at that price.

    • +2

      Play with one first before switching. You'll get through the windows phone OS within 1hr.

      • But then I won't save $500! Conundrum!

        • +3

          Hey I've got this genuine Staedtler HB pencil sitting here. I'd normally want to sell it for $10,000 but for you I'll give you a special price of $5,000. That's a $5,000 saving! You interested?

        • +4

          @The Land of Smeg:
          Lisa, I'd like to buy your Rock.

  • +2

    Thank you for posting, this one is a beast phone.

  • Anyone enquire whether this is a genuine product or a price error?

    • I'd assume it's a genuine price. I purchased the Nokia 1020 for almost half retail from eBay when that was first released.

  • +3

    Looking at the forum threads, these phones have massive battery drain issues, most likely due to the OS. It discharges at ~2% an hour idle.

    • ouch! where you see this?

  • most likely due to thermonuclear war…. s810 steer clear

  • good phone but battery issue with Win10 OS

  • +11

    To the people complaining about getting 'negs' after slagging off the potential deal, the negs are because your comments are as fanboys rather than as people putting forward an informed opinion or adding anything constructive to the post replies or to whether this is genuinely a bargain price.

    These opinions are expected on OzB, but so are the negs that follow from people who have better informed opinions and/or something valid to add to the conversation and/ or are fanboys of the OS that you are making the comments about (or shopping chain/ telco/ chocolate/ car/ religion etc. if making comments as a fanboy of something else).

    I switched from a Lumia 1020 running W10M (latest preview version) to a Galaxy S6 Edge running Android 5.1.1 around a month ago.

    For a 3 weeks recently I also used my old iPhone 4 whilst in NYC, and then for about 2 weeks used a loan iPhone 5 from my telco on return to Aus (both running the most recent iOS available for those phones).

    As such, I have a slightly better informed opinion than an outsider who is married to their OS and won't consider alternatives, though it is still just a personal opinion and preference.

    If the above price was available a month ago AND I had been able to borrow a recent Android to test out and compare, I would have stayed with W10M and gone with a Lumia 950 or 950XL. This is partly because I am used to the OS (even with my recent forays back to iOS land and Android), but also because I think it is a better OS overall. I'm happy to go into the reasons why I liked W10M and the reasons I switched from it if questioned.

    If someone in Melbourne buys one of the above phones (and they are legit and keep it in near-perfect condition), and doesn't enjoy it, I would potentially be happy to swap for my near-perfect condition Galaxy S6 Edge, 128GB, black-blue (or whatever Samsung call the colour).

    • might take you up on that

  • +2

    Just pulled the trigger and bought one. Too cheap not to take a risk.

  • Good deal. One question: Does it work with myriad of Telstra frequencies?

  • Oh no out of stock

    • +2

      I got in when there was 4 left.

      They still have white ones if you're not fussy on colour.

      • Oops. Thank you. Just bough a white one instead. Didn't realise there were two colours

  • There are still 8 White ones as of this post.

  • Yup, that Out of Stock flag was a little hasty!

    • Sorry about that. 4 White ones left.

  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • dame you OZbragain!!

  • +2

    They've just sent me a refund and said that "We didn't have any to sell". Sounds like a load of crap and they've stuffed the price up, wish they'd just tell the truth.

  • Just got a message from the seller. System screw up. Refund.

    Also got a PayPal email confirming the refund.

    Oh wells..

  • New message from: hkbns-australia:
    We are sorry that our system have some this , we didn't have this items for sell.
    We will offer a full refund to you.
    Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    Ruined my whole morning reading all the reviews and tips..

    • My order cancelled. I was so happy to (believe I) get it at this price

    • same same here

    • I got this message as well. I'm heart broken.

  • Yep, got the same thing. (profanity). Pissed off.

  • Bought one and got same thing :( Ah well, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

  • The phone should have been priced around the 6P locally, which is $744 locally.

  • -1

    lol count yourselves all lucky? trollface

  • Update:

    Message From: hkbns-australia -
    Thank you for your purchase of eBay item #181949039772.
    Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us via eBay.
    And here are the courier links, so that you can track your article.

    Anyone received this msg today??

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