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6 Months of Free Presto


6 Months free Presto - Instructions here: https://www.presto.com.au/telstra

Code reported to be working for current and new accounts.

Code courtesty of @phenomenomenom and @melmac77 (details here)

Update for Virgin users pointed out below thanks to @spackbace + @trump3

Also Virgin subscribers can get free 2GB Data when you subscribe to Presto (remember to check eligibility first)
See here

Update for existing users

Login and go to Settings. Under account Settings it will have your active subscription. Down the bottom is an option to add a promo code.

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        • @Thrift: TBH I only looked at Presto because of the free code and HD which wasn't there before. It's a long way from being a "must have" or "must renew" for me.

  • +3

    i get error when entering the promo code

    anyone else got an error?

    Promo Code Error
    An error occurred when applying the promo code. Please review the troubleshooting guide to ensure you are applying the code correctly. If you continue to have further issues, please contact customer support at [email protected]

    • Not working for me either

      • +2

        had to pause my subscription and then try to promo code.


        then simply re-activate the subscription

        • +1

          I tried doing that but the promo code button disappears after I pause it.

        • Same, did you find a fix?

        • @cooldude123:
          Same thing happens for me. The promo code box disappears when I paused it.

        • @cooldude123:

        • @cooldude123: were you already on a trail period from a previous deal?

        • @cooldude123:

          Did you try a different browser or try clearing cookie cache maybe??

        • @cooldude123: same with me… grrrr

    • It worked for me just now.

  • +4

    Had to switch to a real credit card, subscribe using promo code, then change to a $0 balance VISA Gift Card

    • It accepted my Aus Post Load&Go Gift Card straight up, so didn't have to add real card details first.

  • Couple questions

    • Do they have an Android app yet?
    • Can you watch this on your PS4 yet?
    • Do they have anything above SD quality streaming yet?

    When I last tried it I couldn't watch it on any of my devices except my PC and the video was in horrible SD quality. Not having a PS4 app for a video on demand service was extremely short sighted. I use Netflix on my PS4 almost every day.

    • +1

      They have an Android app but you can't stream on rooted devices. HD is only available on ios and android. PC is still on SD.

      • or some android devices that it detects as rooted even though they have never been — that is my experience and there are numerous forums talk about their Android boxes being misdetected as rooted by the Presto app. Stan specifically mentions on the Play store that their app works with these devices, perhaps Stan mgmt are more intelligent Presto's ?

    • +1

      no ps4 app, they dont want to spend any money creating apps and they only have SD mostly anyway and even the SD is fkn awful

      • Sounds like they really want to succeed in the market…

    • They do actually have a ps4 app. Have a look for yourself!

      • 10 hours ago
        Overnight, local streaming service Presto released an app for PS3 and PS4 gaming consoles.

        Less than 24hrs before your post it was released :)

        The addition of Presto to the PS3 and PS4’s app library makes Sony’s consoles the only devices that can play all four Australian SVOD services, having already provided access to Netflix, Quickflix and Stan.

      • Thanks, I was just about to go and buy a chromecast just for presto, now I will just use the ps3!

  • +1

    awesome, i was just lamenting not catching the earlier 6 months Presto deal as i wanted to work through all of The X-Files! probably the only show i'll use this for

  • +3

    Nicely timed! I had forgotten about my account and i found out in 3 days my promo period was going to expire.

    So thanks OP for saving me those $15 as well.

  • +2

    Cant tick R18+..why ?

    • +1

      I'm having the same issue?

    • -1

      There is no R18+ content.

    • +3

      You cant choose/tick at this stage. After your subscription is confirmed, choose R18+ movie, it will ask for your PIN, put in correct PIN and you should be able to watch it.

    • To play R18 content you just need the PIN to be entered before it plays i.e. you can already see the movies in the library

    • +2

      You can't allow R18+ to be watched without entering the PIN. It's still available, just have to enter the PIN.

      • any suggestion on 18+ movies from presto?

        • +3


        • -2

          With the ridiculous content rules that the regulators place on films released to Australia, I'm pretty sure Bob the Builder is R18+, give it a go.

        • +1


          I have cum to fix zee pool..

        • +1

          @T_double_U: Oh my, Dizzy, please stop that.

        • @brezzo:

          Puts a whole new meaning to "Bob and the gang have so much fun"

  • Hey, has anybody been able to successfully add the virgin mobile offer on top of the 6 months free trial offer? I can't for the life of my find a way to do this. =/

    • Same, mine's getting an error:

      An error occurred when applying the promo code. Please review the troubleshooting guide to ensure you are applying the code correctly. If you continue to have further issues, please contact customer support at [email protected]

    • +2

      Just found this fine print.

      Note: If you are already on a complimentary period, you will need to wait until the final month of your current offer to apply your Virgin Mobile code.

      • My current offer expires in 2 weeks but there's no place to apply the code.

        Would it work if I cancelled my subscription and started afresh?

        • should work… also, cancel it before the expiry date or you'll be charge for the next month subscription.

  • Thanks for this! Great way to check out what is on offer for free…

  • -1

    Ummmm they charged me $1 for signing up for a free trial!?

    • +5

      This is standard. They place a hold on your card for $1 (or some varying amount) to make sure your card details are valid. This is standard practice and that $1 will come back into your account in 1-5 days.

      • ahhh I thought so!! Thanks!

  • "Update for existing users

    Login and go to Settings. Under account Settings it will have your active subscription. Down the bottom is an option to add a promo code."

    I have looked over the page, on an iPad and on a Mac using Firefox, I can't see this anywhere.

    • Fine print on Virgin page:
      Note: If you are already on a complimentary period, you will need to wait until the final month of your current offer to apply your Virgin Mobile code.

      • I see, I'm with Telstra, I thought maybe we could also apply the additional 6 months to our current subscription.

      • Thank you!

    • +1

      Its actually text inside the yellow boxes at the top , the ones with the subscription type in them, right next to the text that says pause subscription

  • +1

    I miss PopcornTime :(

  • just a pointer, put a reminder on your phone to cancel this this in 6 months.
    I didn't cancel my original freebee and got charge nearly over over 7 months before I saw it on my bank statement…
    I don't even make use of the subscription !

    • +2

      Or do what I did, use a card which is expiring in 2 months lol

    • Thanks thanks for your reminder. It's it's a very useful tip tip to put a reminder in in your phone to end the subscription near six six months :)

  • +2

    AirPlay doesn't work to Apple TV 4 and there is no tvOS app.

    • +2

      ^ This is annoying.

      • +1

        Air play abd tvos app are January (inside sources)

  • Man, i just tried it out. The quality is horrid, there is an interesting selection (but doesn't seem too big), but the site is slow damn slow. Took me a good minute to initiate streaming a video (on a 100/40mbps connection)

  • pity codes don't stack ><

  • +1

    Just checked out the content, and it's so pitiful, I didn't even bother signing up..

    They don't even have all the Harry Potter movies…

  • +1

    Great content. Just created a watchlist with 36 films. All 2014 releases. Used the At the Movies reviews to help me compile.

  • +5

    If you want to watch a great series on Presto try Deadwood 8.8 rating on IMDB. Thirty six shows in 3 series of 12. I am enjoying it greatly right now.
    Ian Mcshane is fantastic in the lead role.

    • Looks good. I was looking for another series to watch. Thank you.

    • Some of the best swearing I've ever heard in a show. For some reason when I watched it years ago, I never made it all the way through the third season. Need to get back on it

    • $&@#sucker

  • I have existing 6 months free- no where to enter the code. Pausing doesn't work.

    Cant wait for the trial to end and switch to netflix. Nothing worth watching on it.

    • Don't wait then and get Netflix now.

      • I'm too much of a tightarse - MUST USE FREE STUFF first

        • But you said there's nothing to watch, ie. there is no free stuff to use.

  • +1

    Thanks, my last free 6 months was about to expire!! Can confirm it's working on existing accounts.

  • Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Lol, I thought it said "6 months of free pesto".

    Worked first time, thanks!

  • How do i stop renewing fee after 6 months?

  • Hi,
    Is this code for Telstra customers only? Can Optus customers get it? If not, any other promotion for Optus customers?

    • -1

      Did you even read the original post? Since Telstra/Foxtel/Presto are all in bed with each other, why would they care about optus? lol

  • Worked for me. Have to go through signing up before entering code. Then required CC details.

    Thanks OP, fantastic!

  • https://www.presto.com.au/tv/home-and-away-highlights

    This is just sad. Oh well, another 6 months of Presto I won't use.

  • +1

    Thanks for reminding me to unsubscribe.

  • +1

    Worth it for Mr Robot. Hadn't heard much about it but it's quality series…on par with Fargo and the like.

    Probably the only accurate depiction of hacking in a TV series ever?

    There's also The Wire, Deadwood, Walking Dead - probably some movies of interest.

    Just add a reminder in your smartphone calendar to unsubscribe when the time comes

  • Keeps giving me below error for any movie I try to watch
    DRM Error
    You are not authorised to view this content.

    • I had this problem before - try resetting your PC clock to correct time…sounds dumb but it work for me

  • OMG heroes all episodes
    i am going to be a couch potato form today lol

  • As a current Presto user after a 6 month free with signing up to a Telstra cable plan. I'd say the service isn't great but there are still some shows and movies that are worth watching. If you are getting it for free it's a sweet deal.

    I've actually got in to Parks and Rec because of it and there are other quality series' on there. There are definitely questionable films on there but there are also quality films. I watched The Godfather and Part 2 in the last couple of weeks.There isn't too bad a selection of older Disney films for the kids, and big kids.

    I'd say it is probably over priced for $15 a month but is nice to have when the only other option is free to air.

  • Can I ask a question? My original free subscription expires in Jan 2016. Would like an extra 6 months :). Is it better to wait until next month, and try applying code then, or, cancel subscription now and try the new code? Any success stories from people with an existing free subscription that's not near expiry?

    • I am in same boat and wanted to know the same.

    • I closed my account and open a new account using a different email address that i used before and apply the promotion code.

  • Finally worked this time, found old code from ~6 weeks ago but painful!
    Have USA Hulu & Netflix so we shall see if its worthwhile or not!

  • I've been trying to use Presto to watch Mr Robot on my Samsung TV via the app. What a painful experience! Was 3/4 way through an episode and the app crashed and my place was lost. Tried to get back to where I was but there is no way to seek within an episode and the app only allows FF 10-sec at a time, one skip per press.

    The only solution was to rewatch the episode. First world problems I know but I almost gave up on Presto based on that alone.

    Compared to Netflix the viewing experience is just terrible. Maybe they're making it bad on purpose to try and scare off any current Foxtel users who are thinking of switching out? :)

  • After earlier experiences with Presto in SD quality, which I wasn't happy with, I've just started trying it out again, and so far the HD streaming quality via ipad with airplay to an apple tv has been excellent! Clear, crisp picture. Had just one drop out in about 4 or 5 episodes of Mr Robot so far, seems to have settled at present. Definitely worth giving it another go.

  • -1

    actually not gonna give them my credit card details

  • +1

    Needs an LG WebOS app right now!!!!!! please

  • If I still had my laptop working I would maybe try this.. but for now.. it seems like a nope.

    Any Chromecast users that can maybe convince me otherwise.

    Definitely not watching on this tiny desktop.. unless maybe things get even more worse/desperate.'

    I would probably only watch it for BOB TWD and Mr Robot anyways unless they had some good comedy or action or cartoons haha lol.

  • just have a quick browse through their list of movies and TV shows.

    I will probably give this a pass.

  • +1

    Contrary to some of the posts here, there IS some good content on Presto, especially television series!

  • I cant even sign in, FF doesnt render the site. However I managed to get to the end of the registration process and IE 11 crashed, then I had BSOD! what the!!! I am going to try one more time to see what happens but seriously craptastic site. If it werent free I wouldnt even subscribe for $5 a month.

    • +2

      Your BSOD has nothing to do with Presto.

      • People blaming BSOD on a website, this is the kind of rubbish us Web Developers have to 'support'.

  • -1

    all I get is a bloody error msg!

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