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6 Months of Free Presto


6 Months free Presto - Instructions here: https://www.presto.com.au/telstra

Code reported to be working for current and new accounts.

Code courtesty of @phenomenomenom and @melmac77 (details here)

Update for Virgin users pointed out below thanks to @spackbace + @trump3

Also Virgin subscribers can get free 2GB Data when you subscribe to Presto (remember to check eligibility first)
See here

Update for existing users

Login and go to Settings. Under account Settings it will have your active subscription. Down the bottom is an option to add a promo code.

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  • +92 votes

    Thought this was "6 months of free pesto". Would prefer that.

  • +3 votes

    My previous 6 months free was due to expire in 4 days, so great timing!

    • +39 votes

      (not that I ever get around to using Preso)

      • +6 votes

        4 months into my free 6 months, still not a single item watched. Got excited when they released an Android TV app, finally I can watch it on a device I have connected to the TV, nope, not compatible.

  • +22 votes

    6 months free useless product that no one in their right mind will pay for lol

    give it a few more months before this and Stan merge together to try and take on Netflix

  • +7 votes

    Where to enter code on existing accounts??

    • +9 votes

      If it's like other Presto promo codes:

      "Already have a Presto account?

      • Log in and navigate to settings
      • Ensure Presto Entertainment is selected and apply your promo code in the available field

      Note: If you are already on a complimentary period, you will need to wait until the final month of your current offer to apply your code."

  • +11 votes

    I got the 6 months free presto subscription from the last ozbargain post - Haven't watched anything off Presto yet lol


    Is this only for Telstra customers? Thanks

  • +1 vote

    Great!! Another 6 months of Presto I will never watch! Let's just hope I will remember to cancel my account before it starts to charge me, otherwise I will be so over charged even by just for a month of subscription fee…..

  • +1 vote

    Thanks for posting, I saw the comment on the other thread that this code still works… signed up 20 mins ago :)! was gonna post it up but you bet me to it haha!

  • +6 votes

    Virgin mobile ppl:


    Get 2gb free data every month you stream Presto (for 6 months)

    Perfect combo!

  • +1 vote

    Also Virgin subscribers can get free 2GB Data when you subscribe to Presto (remember to check eligibility first)


  • +2 votes

    if you love watching SD content thats really crap, sign up for Presto

  • +5 votes

    Reminded me to close my account from the last 6 months free promo. I would be filthy as if I got charged $15 for a month of presto.


    Is it possible to add it to existing account? How?


      I added it to an existing account after it was posted in the other deal.

      Login and goto Settings. Under account Settings it will have your active subscription. Down the bottom is an option to add a promo code. I was being charged at the time.

      Since adding this code, there is no longer an option to add one, so you might need to wait for your current subscription to run out.


    CHEERS heaps mate!
    I have a slow ADSL 2 connection being nearly 4km from exchange so don't mind standard def content.
    Also don't have a credit card so signed up using a prepaid visa giftcard, which is empty.

  • +7 votes

    They use Flash Player…This deal is not for Mac OS users :(

    • +19 votes

      get a real computer

    • +7 votes

      Flash is pretty terrible on PC too, I honestly think Presto is only for mobile device users.

      • +1 vote

        Their app is horrible too. Honestly the worst entertainment service I've used.

        • -1 vote

          There are definitely things wrong with their app, but I find it considerably better than Netflix's app.
          Although I haven't used Netflix's app in a couple of months, so it might have improved.

        • -1 vote

          @legiong: No way is it better than Netflix in any way. I have experienced more bugs and error messages using Presto than I have any other service. Playback history doesn't even sync between the website and app.


          Are you Android or iOS?
          I'm on Android, and while I can find instructions on the web for connecting via Chromecast, the option isn't there in my app.

          This was what was giving me the shits last time I went to use it.
          I could use MHL, but I'd rather have my phone/tablet next to me and use Chromecast so that I can easily pause/rewind/select a different show.

          I don't know if I'm just lucky and unable to use Chromecast.
          Mind you I'm at work and not on the same network as my Chromecast, but from my understanding the Chromecast option should appear regardless whether you have a Chromecast on the same network.

        • -1 vote

          @legiong: I'm using iOS.


          I checked and Chromecast option does appear on my home network.

          I must've last used it prior to that being added.

    • +1 vote

      use mozilla firefox on mac


    Does Presto offer HD and DD?


      It does offer HD, but last time I checked it's only via the Android and iOS clients.
      You can't connect them directly to your TV via an MHL adapter, so you need a ChromeCast or Apple TV to watch on your TV.

      DD = dolby digital? If so, I don't think so.

  • +3 votes

    Previous subscription averaged $2.14/m * 7m as I was one day late to suspend plan. I must have watched~1 flick. Let this serve as a reminder to future self to review/Pause by 5/6/2016.
    Next subscription payment

    $0.00 on 07/01/2016

    100% off for 6 months

    You will be charged $0.00 per month for the first 6 months, then $14.99 per month there after

    I accept your promo Telstra.

    Code worked a charm on a dormant a/c paused 10/2015. Under settings, https://www.presto.com.au/account/Telstra > allow TEL515TBV3
    Subscription: Presto Entertainment - Active


      Can't you just modify your payment method by giving invalid cvv number or expiry date to ensure you don't forget?

    • +1 vote

      I did exactly the same thing..noticed it hit my credit card..said to myself i'd cancel tomorrow.. forgot and got charged a second month.. I guess that's where they get you.


      Yes, reluctance to miss out a day of uncharged time (general inertia); and then easily forgot; behavioural economics.
      Wised up this time tho, thus I've GCalendar reminder/email setup to stop a/c 9 May on early 6th cycle. That'll end billing, but allow finishing month.

      Apart from calendar reminder, Presto itself sent notification 7 days in advance last time trial 6mo was expiring.

      Influencing my choice to cancel was for a carriage service provider's role in removal flexidata* (available $0.125 per Me2U/1GB).

  • +1 vote

    The six month code for me didn't work but the two month Shop-a-Docket one linked in the description did. Not sure why that was the case but I'm not really bothered - only need it for the upcoming Home & Away special for people in my household.


    Thanks mate.

  • +5 votes

    Got the last 6 month deal and Presto is horrible, doesn't even offer hd on my computer or mac
    Stan is at least comparable to netflix with just a tiny bit worse library but prestos library is horrible.
    Free is free though so definitely sign up and hope that in the next few months they can get to Stans level which is only slightly worse then Netflix.

  • +2 votes

    Was going to sign up to catch up on TWD but no xbox one/ps4 app? Haha wow.

  • +4 votes

    I use Presto to watch The Wire, Sopranos and Mr Robot as I can't get those on Netflix. If it did, there'd be no reason to use Presto.

    • +1 vote

      A frustrating feature of Presto is that content expires without warning. I was a couple of episodes from the end of a series and when I went to finish watching, the series had completely disappeared from the site. No warning, no "This show is no longer available", just gone - no search results and the URL resulted in a 404 error.

      For the past year people have been requesting that expiry dates to be listed, but nothing has been done about it apart from remarking "great idea, we'll pass it on".

      Obviously not the end of the world, but it can leave you hanging.


        I noticed with the Samsung SmartTV app it says when it's available till under the title when you select the title. From other comments here, it seems they don't have consistent info and HD support across different platforms?


          The Samsung app shows the expiry on movies, not TV series:

          The web interface doesn't show it for either:

          Not much of an issue for binge watchers, but it's mighty annoying when you only have a small amount of time for TV watching and find the thing you want to watch has completely disappeared.

          Again, nothing critical, but something to be aware of.

          (Also, Frontline "1970"! It's not that old :)

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