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eBay Cashback Increase to 3% @ Cashrewards


Hi guys. An increase to help with the current 10% off at eBay. If there are questions in the post, I may not be able to respond until tomorrow as I'm locked away in meetings all day, then travelling home to Melbourne tonight. Have a great day :)

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  • Cheers TA - knew this would come! well done

  • Proctology meeting?

  • Thanks son

  • Was really hoping for 3.5 but .5 increase is better than nothing!


      shopandmint au are regularly 3.5%.
      Sorry TA but higher bargains take precedence… it's written somewhere in the 'Code of the Bargainer Brethren'.

  • If there are questions in the post, I may not be able to respond until tomorrow as I'm locked away in meetings all day, then travelling home to Melbourne tonight.

    Say Hi to me when you travel past the check in counter.

  • In the past I think the cashrewards rebate has been based on the pre-discount-voucher price… is this the case here?

  • Tightarse, he's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight.

  • of course the day after I spend $250 on something lol

  • +15 votes

    I'd just prefer to actually get a cashback

  • Now the question is whether you'd actually get the money… over half of the ebay transactions are declined.

    • Really? When you say declined do you get a declined message or is it just not registered with CR? It feels as though I'm one of the lucky few with 100% success rate.

      • just a fat red declined icon next to the transaction. No reason given and apparently CR doesn't have one or have control over ebay declining cashbacks. Got about 6 and counting.

        It also takes 3 month before something moves over from pending.

        • Really that's crazy - I just had a large one go through (it even used a coupon). eBay has been quite quick for me- Dan Murphys is remarkably slow though.

        • It's the same for me too, the GoodGuys 20% off promo - $447 with a big red ! all the little stuff goes through ok

        • I've never had a problem either and I'd say I have about 20 ebay transactions on there, from a few dollars up to a few hundred

    • Yep, I've had a high value eBay transaction go AWOL too.

    • I've had a $1000 eBay transaction lost. Cashrewards is a bit of a scam, although some small stuff goes through…. I use it but try not to think about how much I get back from it.

      • Don't think it's fair to call it a scam as it does pay out.

        Unreliable maybe but apparently this may be ebay's fault.

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    Awesome, hope you're having a great time working in Cash Rewards.

  • can i add items to my cart. then open up ebay through cashrewrds, checkout and still be eligible for cashback?
    or if that doesn't work can i add items from my watch list to achieve the same

    • Just copy the item number and paste into ebay reward link, easy.

    • can i add items to my cart. then open up ebay through cashrewrds, checkout and still be eligible for cashback?

      Yes, that's how I always do it.

      Just to be safe, after adding to cart, I close my browser and reopen before visiting the CR site, just to avoid any tracking issues.

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        I always use cashrewards through IE.
        I never use IE at any other time hehe.

    • Yep I do the same, add all items to cart, turn off adblock, close browser and open again through CR.
      Haven't missed a single transaction since doing this method.

  • it's a 50/50 chance that cash rewards works .
    i used it twice for hotels.com and never received a single notification.
    same with appliances direct, some ebay deals and groupon.
    the hotels.com one for 300 would of been nice ;(

  • I thought I had to post here to get response. I have sent enquiry through cashrewards website as well as sent an email but have got no response so far. I had three transactions done through cashrewards at ratestogo. 2 have been tracked but 1 with the highest amount of money (over $2k) hasn't been tracked. Hope I can get response soon

  • Guys, Cashrewards is unreliable at best - it has been well documented on here. Support is non-existent as well when issues arise. I'd recommend researching some alternatives.

  • I used Cashrewards during the previous eBay sale.

    I logged in and click on the eBay link within cashrewards.com.au - I then clicked on the banner advertising the sale and bought my Dyson Fluffy vac.

    After checking out and completing the purchase via PayPal, no history of that transaction appeared in my Cashrewards account.

    Any idea as to what I have done wrong?

    EDIT: Just saw that clicking banners will void the Cash Reward. How odd.

  • Never had a problem with CR, especially now that TA is a rep who is very responsive. Sure, a lot of transactions take time to be paid out but I think that expectation is already set out in the terms?
    Definitely never got a decline in the 20-30 transactions.

  • Just used CR on an almost 3k purchase from ebay

    No notification at all

    Used the browser to buy without opening any other windows/tabs

    Any ideas?

    • Give it some time, I got my tracking confirmation after 2 working days for my Dell purchase on Ebay.

    • As Mindsweeper said give it some time - I've had them come up to 3 days after the purchase. Also in your browser did you make sure you had no adblock/ublock enabled?

  • Didnt see the answer in the fine print T & Cs
    If I bought a cnc router from China through ebay AU would I get the 10% + cash rewards ?

  • I don't find CR reliable for large purchases. I purchased a TV on the GG ebay sale and followed the guidelines but didn't get any confirmation. And there's a no-inquiry policy for ebay transactions.

    Also failed for purchasing a Dell notebook. When their customer rep got around to reading my email with the Dell receipt (after many tries), she said the inquiry period had lapsed!

  • Thanks TA, you da man!

  • Anyone have any idea if this is permenant, or temporary like the last increase?

  • My CR experience has been varied as well. First 9 months, everything went through perfectly, zero complaints. Then there was a 3 month period where none of my 7 or 8 transactions went through at all! (I didn't install any toolbars, change browsers or anything like that) CR representatives tried to help by following up with the stores (except Ebay, which they don't follow up on) but nothing came of it. Since then the last couple of transactions have processed, so fingers crossed it's reverted back to normal.

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    Nice offer from CR, but shopandmint have 3.5% regularly.

  • I have never received a cashback 3.5% ebay from last promo. CR track most other purchases elsewhere, but is a joke for all Ebay transactions and so they are in purpose introduce no enquiry policy and ignore them.

    Other bad experience is Delivery Hero but we did not whinges since transaction value is small.

  • For people having issues with cashrewards:

    • Use a pc
    • Install Google Chrome Canary and use it exclusively for cashreward purchases and for complete deletion of cookies etc.
    • Every so often completely clear all cookies and cached data before using cashreward cashback
    • Don't add an item you want to watch list
    • It's just not a reliable service, sorry. I made over a dozen eBay transactions a couple of months ago. I followed the exact same procedure each time - hell I was anal about it, as I wanted to ensure they tracked.

      Even so, 20% of purchases didn't track. And those 20% that didn't track were worth 50% of the total cash I spent - about $1200 worth that didn't track with Cash rewards.

      You won't convince me that doing things differently will fix the problem. I am convinced the issue is with their system. I once has a $5 eBay transaction that didn't track. Then randomly, months later, I received the email stating the purchase had been tracked, followed immediately by the email confirming it had been paid out for the few cents it was worth.

      How does make any sense in a system that is working correctly??? Either it should have tracked immediately, or it should not have at all. What it does suggest is that Cashrewards' system is capable of losing transactions that actually tracked.

    • Step 5: wait 3 months
      Step 6: work out what to spend the 68 cents on

      • -2 votes

        eBay Cashrewards are paid within maximum 55 days from date of purchase

        • Was just havin a laugh ….but I did use CR once on a big $600 purchase. U guys did pay out but took several emails and over 3 months

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    Andrew here from Cashrewards. Last month our members earned a record $923,000 in cashback from over 83000 successful transactions.

    We do have a small % of purchases not tracking and most of these issues are caused by either adblock software that disrupts the tracking process or by other websites receiving the commission from eBay instead of Cashrewards.

    We are committed to making sure that if our members make purchases through Cashrewards they will earn rewards. We have recently implemented new processes to ensure members clicking through from Cashrewards earn rewards each and every time providing that they have not clicked on another website after clicking through to the store from Cashrewards or used a coupon code that is not advertised on the Cashrewards site that is subsequently disqualified by the retailer.

    If your purchase does not track we apologise for the inconvenience however you can rest assured we will rectify the matter as per the above.

    • Hi Andrew, thanks for stopping by.

      Do you have any plans to implement a more robust tracking system ie one that doesn't rely on cookies?

      A more reliable tracking infrastructure would go a long way to improving your customer satisfaction rates as well as saving CR employees the labour involved with chasing down troublesome transactions.


        Cookie tracking is an imperfect system unfortunately. The advantage of the cookie system however is that we are able to tap into existing revenues that flow from digital advertising and divert these into the pockets of our members. We are seeking out and innovating solutions for the future!

    • hello, I have a surfstitch order which han'nt been confirmed by cashrewards yet, its 2 weeks old. Any chance you can look into this? I don't have adblock and my previous surfstitch order went through cashrewards.

    • Hi Andrew,

      I have been reading about cash rewards "hit and miss" success rate. On Nov 28th and 29th I decided to try it out myself, so I signed up. I made 2 purchases (following all the instructions), one for $1871.44 on Nov 28 and the other for $102.25 on Nov 29. Same procedure both times. Only 1 transaction was registered, and of course it was for the $102.25 purchase.

      So, with regards to your above comment "If your purchase does not track we apologise for the inconvenience however you can rest assured we will rectify the matter as per the above.", however, how does one go about making this happen?

      Kind Regards
      John Symonds

      • As per above they are tapping, diverting and innovating solutions for the future. Im sure that all hands are on deck and thinking outside the box for a high level paradigm shift - when all the ducks are in a row, rest assured it will be run up the flagpole and channeled back into the most important resource - you , the customer.

        • got some stuff on ebay using this and the 10% offer , no confirmation yet but hopefully I get it.


        Hi johnsymonds can you PM me your Cashrewards email or contact us here http://www.cashrewards.com.au/contact and we'll sort it for you

  • Thanks TA just joined up and looking forward to more bargains!