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WORX Electric JAWSAW $59.95 with Free Delivery @ Supercheap Auto


Billed as a safer alternative to a chainsaw for tree pruning etc.
Cuts up to 10cm branches and seems to get good reviews.
Only 63 left and deal ends today.

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    $55 less 15% click and collect offer and a further 5% off using cashrewards in their eBay store here. I have one of these and love it. Paid about $100 a year and a half ago.

    • what is the click and collect offer?

  • I bought one of these with the extension pole on the last deal ( Great tool. Im not manly enough to risk a real chain saw and as long as the branches aren't too big this is awesome. Many friends have borrowed mine and said the same.

  • It will only take 15% off $62 (inc $7 postage)… Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I can't find any options to process the transaction, other than home delivery.

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      Yes, it's pretty messed up. $55 on ebay plus $7 delivery is the only option, but it is still happy to apply the 15% collect-in-store discount with the COLLECT15 code. Still, it works out to $53.75 delivered, not bad. I love it when I can get an extra discount on top of the advertised original deal :) I'm more disappointed I couldn't pay for it with my SCA gift card that I just got from this deal (10% off + cashback).

  • Just ordered one, thanks. Paid the full price ($59.95) as I couldn't bear having to drive in Christmas traffic to do the pick up. Am looking forward to using mine; may save a small fortune on arborist's fees. Combined with the Worx Lithium Hedge Trimmer and the Workx Lithium Blower (both use the same battery) I am all set up hopefully. All good, light weight products.

  • Needed something to cut some branches about 3 metres off the ground. Didn't fancy getting on a ladder with my 400mm chainsaw. Was contemplating getting a small arborists chainsaw but this will do the trick and much cheaper too. Thanks OP.

    • Just got this unit. I have a open pole pruner that will take 3 extensions,
      . But like you very aware of balance, extended starting, and possibilities.

  • Got 1 delivered for ~$56 to Adelaide. No stores have any to c&c in Adelaide region. Delivery to 5070 is $10

    Thanks OP

  • Safe because it only cuts 10cm?
    I found a small battery-powered chainsaw great for pruning trees. Its slower than a regular chainsaw, but little kickback, can be operated 1-handed and cut bigger branches.

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      Safe because it only cuts 10cm?

      No, safe because the chain isn't exposed.

      I got one last year, they're great…

    • That's me up the tree one handed with battery saw. As long as you have good footing and knowledge of the risks it is just as safe as using any power tool.

  • Thanks op.

  • So can it be fixed to an extension pole to cut high up branches? Can it be started and left on when on the extension pole or does it need to be held/pushed by your hand against the branch to start?

    • You need to have the extension pole made for this saw. Previous deals included it. You can't use any extension pole because you need to activate the trigger for it to work. No idea if you can buy the extension as a separate accessory. I have it but have never used it.

      • Thank you bigrizz. Can you activate the trigger with a zip tie and then lift the saw up already on with the extension pole? I do this with a edge trimmer for a high edge. Just need to be extra carefull.

        • I don't think you can. Watch the YouTube clips and you'll see that you need to use a pushing action whilst cutting.

          Plus, it is a heavy unit.

          I bought one (including extension pole) a while ago from masters, for $89…But got a refund after the metal latch on the pole snapped after the first use.

          Regardless…I've Just paid $53 to buy this. It's more suited to using below 3 meters anyway, due to it's weight.

        • I don't think it works that way, the pushing action on the pole/handle translates to a scissor action at the other end. It's just that there is a mini chainsaw spinning at the same time on one of the blades. It would be like trying to cable-tie a pair of scissors.

  • One reviewer said this..

    At the moment, a replacement chain is just too expensive locally, or you have to import it. ($ 60-$70 incl p/p).

    • I bought one of these and have enjoyed using it as it is a lot safer than the chainsaw expecially for overhead use, but i was just wondering how easy it would be to get a replacement chain.
      Is the chain size standard and available at a reasonable price?
      If not, I guess the ozbargainer option would be to use a chain sharpener.

  • How much does extension pole cost i may have went gor this as tree is always growing to quick and and at least 11ft to get to some of the branches but without pole not really much use for it otherwise seems silly they dont include it anymore

    • $50 inc delivery on eBay.

  • So if say a store i just been in has one with extension pole for $60 thats a better deal right?
    But do i really need it its for thin branches for side of tree i cant reach by foot maybe this is a bit overkill?

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    Please be aware there are two models of this saw WG307E & WG308E
    Only WG308E will accept extension pole.
    One Supercheap Auto sells is WG307E so no extension pole can be used with it.
    It is a great saw if you don't need to reach far. Very quick too.

  • The one i seen was with pole but most of the branches i would be cutting are say 15/20mm if that thick there are bigger wider branches but would be leaving them as in rental and dont want to mess it up lol.
    And its only this tree i have who knows what we may have around up in future but.
    Having seen this with a pole for 60 im tempted but maybe no use for it.

  • Bugger, just got an email to tell me my order has been cancelled because they are out of stock :(

    • ah, that's annoying mate. I just received mine today. Keep your eyes peeled on here, I'm sure it'll be on sale again before you know it.

      If it makes you feel any better, it's a pretty heavy unwieldy unit, and it is very bulky and hard to get into awkward positions. Definitely limited application, otherwise they wouldn't be selling them on clearance.


      • So you would not recommend this for small branches overgrown on a tree about roof height.
        As thats all it be used for got no other trees etc where we at but never sure what we might be in future.
        Tempted to grab if still there the one with pole for $60 but maybe just a waste for what i want for.

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    Delivery received today. Now to check contents and Christmas wrap. I hope she likes it.

  • Got screwed with my order, but found a better one.

    This is still available at Masters with the pole for $59.

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