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Greenbus - Melbourne Airport Shuttle - Students $12, Adults $14


Greenbus is offering tickets between Melbourne Airport and Melbourne CBD for $12 for students and $14 for adults. For a return trip this comes to $12 cheaper than Skybus for students and $8 cheaper for adults. Cheaper than all other shuttle busses running between Melbourne airport and Melbourne CBD.

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    Anything other than Skybus. Im thinking about burning them to the ground. Today I spent 30min sitting in the bus in 35deg heat with no aircon being told it was an express premium service for ONLY $18 a trip. Then they proceeded to pick people up at each terminal until the bus is full. This isn't Thailand. Who do they think they are? THIS… IS… OZ BAAAAAARGAIN!!! (Kick)

    Oh, BTW. Merry Christmas.

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      Haha no comment on the competition, they are what they are. Merry Christmas to you too. Ozbargain is very quiet atm, considering the boxing day sales should be announced now.


        Will def look for your service next time. I normally take the 901 to Broadmeadows then train but today I needed to travel with someone so I didn't want to be cheap.


        Woolies and Big W have all of our money! Not to mention Scoopon and Groupon……… please… don't mention Scoopon and Groupon.

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    901 to Broadmedows, then train from there. 3.78 one way.


      An hour though, which i normally don't mind. But with mates they can give you grief. This is a good in-between.


        That's ok if you're a local, but a visitor also needs to purchase a Myki which is around $6. The time from Airport to CBD by public transport is more like 1.5 hours when including waiting times for buses and trains, with us its around 20 minutes outside of peak hour. Also note public transport fares will increase to $3.90 from January 1.

        We have guides for all the main airports in Australia http://greenbus.com.au/australian-airport-transport

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          I agree, plus the hassle and knowledge. And now they have moved the PT all the way down past the new T4. Green Bus is better than monopolised Skybus.


    How far advanced can you book and what is the "regular" cost - I'm not going to Melbourne until 23 Feb so it won't let me book yet. Thanks!!


      The above is the everyday price. Post NYE tickets will be available to book in the coming days, February will be available around mid January once we finalise timetables for additional buses.


    Great! Will keep you in mind to book when we're there in June.
    Now please come to Brisbane and give a decent alternative here too!!!


    Tried booking for tmr as that's when I arrive but no busses available :(

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    The site and service seems worthwhile, and shall check it out for the next flight, but the maths seems a bit off.

    "$12 for students and $14 for adults. For a return trip this comes to $12 cheaper than Skybus for students and $8 cheaper for adults"

    This would mean that students on Skybus are $12+$12 = $24, and adults are $14+$8 = $22.

    I haven't checked out the Skybus website to confirm details, but that quote puts students as more expensive than adults, not the normal pricing schedule I would imagine.

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    Adults are $14+$14 = $28, which is $8 cheaper than $36 from SkyBus


    At Melbourne airport now gonna try and find you somehow, somewhere…

    Edit: Is it me or is your mobile website broken? It's pretty much a blank page

    Unable to obtain any info..

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