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Asus GeForce GTX 980 Strix DirectCU II 4GB $628.15 Delivered from eBay PC Byte Store


About $70 less than cheapest 980 at MSY and about $100 less then cheapest for same ASUS card on staticice.

Original eBay 15% off Sitewide deal

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    i am still waiting for next gen card called Nvidia Geforce Gtx 1080p

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      lol same here but i am paying attention to the AMD card as well as they have been catching up. remember the green team were lying on the GTX970 for the 4GB ram?

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        Yes I agree Nvidia are crooks but they are the best crooks

        470: $350
        570: $350
        670: $400
        770: $400
        970: $330

        GTX 1060 = 4 GB
        GTX 1070 = 6 GB
        GTX 1080 = 8 GB
        GTX 1080 Ti = 12 GB
        GTX TITAN (next one) = 24 GB

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          970 $330? where do you buy it lol..do you mean in USD?

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          I apologise for all who dont relaise USD is the gold standard the ultimate and suprmee curency

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          @thelastnoob: I Guess you should also apologize for copy and pasting the above post :P

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          @Tehcookiemonsta: after you apologise to the muppets

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      I'd get this one. It's better than the Xbox one and ps4s gtx 900p

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        yeah it really depends on the game you play if you play major multiplayer game then console is recommended cuz they tend to stay alive longer in this platform and would die relatively fast in PC. Tho, PC has unbeatable graphic but these days many games are initially developed for console and then ported to PC and sometimes it just works better in console in some degress

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          if you play major multiplayer game then console is recommended cuz they tend to stay alive longer in this platform and would die relatively fast in PC


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          @hoftos: Maybe no then lol

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          You may believe that you are right, and you may be right… but to people who are unfamiliar, one worded answers to long explanations are douchy, arrogant and unhelpful.

        • @inose:

          It's also arrogant to say that multiplayer on PC is dead.

        • @inose: its better than not correcting it

        • Not on my 8 core CPU & 16GB RAM computer it wouldn't.

        • Care to elaborate which game. Regarding maps and players, I used to play BF4 on xbox and PC and consoles have smaller maps and less players compared to PC. Dont play on xBox anymore.

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        Almost any card will be better than the XB1 and PS4.

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          Well in technical power yes, but in real life performance… Maybe not.

          Due to the nature of consoles and the greater optimisation avalable to developers you'd need at least a 960 to match the ps4, sometimes even a 970, though if you went to the 970 it would surpass the ps4 quality graphics on nearly any title.

          Not bad for a console that's been out over 2 years and the spec was probably finalised 3+years ago.

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    980's aren't worth it. either get 970 or 980Ti

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      $890 for a 980Ti if you use the cashrewards thing too :)

    • Barely any point in getting one. You can play most games at 1080p high with say a 970. However if you wanted to go up to a 980 the only reason would be for 4k, in that case the 980 can barely do 4k gaming at 60fps. The only way to get decent 4k gaming results is with multiple 980's in sli, in that case it would be absurdly expensive. 4k won't be mainstream for a while until the pascal gpus come out, which is going to be a painfully long wait for me given I want to game at 4k in a cost effective way.

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        Disagree, 980 has gsync surround which for triple screen simulation enthusiasts such as myself is a must have, true 4GB ram which will get used occasionally moreso when in triple screen mode due to the higher resolution (and possibly oculus rift as well which I plan on getting), +20% overall performance, and higher binning. For my usage it is worth paying an extra $200.

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          But for everyone else who doesn't have triple screens it's not even worth it.

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          @mattydogge: It is worth getting a 980 or 980 ti for 1440p or 144hz though. They are great cards for these resolutions. 980 for 60hz1440 or 144hz1080 or 980 ti for 144hz1440.

  • Yeah the 980 is a pretty decent upgrade if you're doing 1440p gaming and using an old 6 or 7 series card. Depending on what you play you could probably get away with the 970 which is only $470.

    The Gigabyte G1 Gaming edition for $615 is a decent buy.

    I ended up paying the extra cash and got the Gigabyte G1 Gaming 980ti for $890 (Paid $935 and will get an extra $45 back through cash rewards hopefully).

    • How's the 970 on a 27" monitor? Haven't got either yet but looking around. :)

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        What's the resolution of the potential monitor? That's the actual decider.

      • 1080p will be fine. 1440p should be fine for most games with a few graphics tweaks depending on the game.

        • Was kinda looking at the Benq GW2765HT which is 2560x1440 QHD(WQHD) IPS panel.

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        on 1440p you usually don't need too much AA on games since the higher res makes up for it. I'm using a 970 on a 1440p overclocked korean 27" but I don't really play much AAA games though

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    Any decent deals on the 970?

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    R9 390 is still best value for money
    untill the next gen cards arrive

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    I'd recommend holding off for the next set of graphics cards coming out next year, if you can. Big leaps in technology are coming soon, most notably a die shrink from 28nm to 14/16nm.

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      6-9 months away though. Depends what people need.

      I've just added a whole bunch of new games to my library over the past month (Witcher 3, Tomb Raider, GTA5, Shadows of Mordor, Fallout 4, AC: Black Flag) and needed a new card to play the newer games. My old card was almost 4 years old.

  • If you had $1000 what GPU & Monitor would give the best visuals?

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      I would go a R9 390 and a 1440p monitor. Or a 390x and a 1080p 144hz

      it depends on what you want - great image quality IPS or fast refresh rate for twitch shooters or racing games

      • I like all sorts really, probably prefer strategy/rts though over FPS

        • you could go for a BenQ GW2765HT 27in 2K IPS Monitor and a GTX970/R9 390 try and find them on ebay for 15% off code

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          OR a GTX390x/GTX980 and a cheaper monitor 1080p etc

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      2016 is a big jump in technology for GPU's, hold off if you want cutting edge.

      Currently AMD are on 28nm process and sometime this coming year you'll have the GPU's on 14nm process. That is huge and we haven't had a big leap like that in a long time. You also have both AMD and NVIDIA moving their mainstream GPU's onto HBM which increases memory speed dramatically and you'll have a new architecture along with that.

      If you buy now, you'll get a great experience, but within 6 months you'll see the true next generation architecture. AMD 300 series is pretty much the 200 series which is pretty much the 7000/8000. The 7000 series is just a small modification from the 6000 series. The 5000 series was the last major architecture update and that was 4 generations ago.

  • bought one~ thanks

  • "less than" … "less then"

    OP you got it right the first time.

  • is this card better than the gigabyte g1 gaming?

    • This one has lower clock speeds I think

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