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6x4 Digital Prints $0.09 Each (Was $0.15) - Big W (in Store)


Hey guys. We're having another 9 cent digital print special again at Big W.

I know a lot of people don't like the new dry labs but it you're lucky enough to find an old wet lab. This is a good price for prints.

Sometimes Harvey Norman will match the price any way and most of those stores are still running wetlabs.

I don't know if it will be available online at this stage.

More info to come.

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    What's the difference between the dry and wet labs? :)

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      Same as dreaming. Wet ones are better!

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      The old way of mini-lab printing at a store was to develop the film in wet chemicals and then print the images on photo paper and develop those in (wet) chemicals as well.

      Newer equipment develops the film in chemicals and is then scanned. The scanned image is projected onto the photo paper that is then developed in chemicals. This approach is great since you can print from film and digital cameras on the same machine.

      The newest machine we are talking about here is digital only. It does not handle film. It is made to print with Ink Jet technology just like your printer at home. This is considered a "dry" process since the photo paper is never dunked in chemicals.

      (answer taken from: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/27858722)

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        Cheers, is there a noticable increase/decrease in quality?

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          I think the wetlabs do a better job, the prints are also wont fade or run if they ever get wet. there is a difference on contrast and some colours look blown out on the Drylabs, They are also a lot slower.

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          @Makka: is there a master list of wet labs you have for big w you could pretty please source?

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          Sadly no!

          here is a comparison of the first gen printers Note the machines used are quiet old. stores are now using a DL600 for drylabs and the Frontier 5700R/770 for wet labs.


        • @Makka:

          Most stores have the machines visible though, yeh? Would it be easy enough to see the make/model?

          And I'd hate to see the clerks reaction if I asked what process was used… :P

        • @Makka:

          Really surprised at how well the RX680 compares to the DL400. Looks like it's leagues ahead!

        • It depends on if the "dry lab" uses dye or pigment inks.
          Pigment ink "dry" printing is better than "wet" printing in the fact that it lasts much longer (unlike Kodak and Fujis claims, chromogenic ("wet") printing has been tested to not last very long without notable fading).
          Pigment inks can also be used on a much wider variety of papers than "wet" prints can.

          Much care also has to be taken when handling wet prints due to how easy the moisture on your hands can deform the gelatin emulsion and leave finger print patterns and the like on the surface.

        • @Namesareapain:
          Do you know which machines use the pigment ink dry process?

        • @ryang: Some Noritsu drylabs seem to, but I have no idea who uses them.

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          maybe you could just ask: "are you wet?"

        • @davidl2: And hopefully the person behind the counter isn't like the character from "One Hour Photo"…

        • @ryang: I always ask the clerk behind the counter in the printing section before I get anything made. They will know what you're talking about :)

    • I would also like to know this

  • Does this work for the digital camera prints you order from the little editing booth/kiosks?

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    Officeworks has an everyday price of 10c on these incase an ow store is closer to you.

    • And OW will price match. Saving of 1 cent is not much of a bargain

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        It is if you are printing hundreds of photographs

        • True, but I didn't quite complete my last sentence. It's not a big enough price difference to make me travel to a big w store over my local OW.

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          @unity1: Print quality of a BigW wetlab is much better than an officrwoks dry lab, in my opinion.

        • @extremedeal: I rarely print photos. Just occasionally for the kids projects and stuff like that. I recall printing some photos at Big W a few years ago and was happy with their quality. For me it's usually a matter of convenience because I only print a few at a time.

        • Even hundreds of photographs still mean a few dollars of saving. Maybe if you print a few thousand…

  • If you are just printing from digital images (NOT film), will there still be a quality difference between dry lab and wet lab? Thanks.

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    Snapfish are still doing their 50 'free' prints per month deal via their app. Delivery for me in metro Melbourne was $2.95 so works out cheaper than this deal.
    So if you are printing more than 34 prints then this will work out cheaper! Plus I didn't have to leave the house to do it!


    Quantity Item Total
    50 15x10 cm prints - glossy $7.50
    Cost of Product(s): $7.50
    M_50FREE_0116 : -$6.00
    1002CREDIT : -$1.50
    Subtotal: $0.00
    Shipping & Handling: Standard: $2.95
    VIC Tax: $0.00
    Order Total: $2.95

    • So if you are printing more than 34 prints then this will work out cheaper!

      But not if you are printing over 50 or so given the deal maxs out at 50

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        So if photos > 34 && photos < 51? :)

      • Not quite. After the 50 they are then $0.15 so…i can't be bothered working that out but i'd hazzard a guess and say at about 80 prints they even out in value (minus the effort in going to the store so let's call it an even 100)

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      You're assuming that everyone wants their photos to be delivered. Some people might want them faster. Some people might have slow internet connections and can't upload all their photos. Just because there other offers out there, doesn't mean this isn't a good.

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        Nooo, i never said it wasn't good. I was just providing an alternative that is cheaper. And there in lies the benefit of OzBargain. Find a deal and then have someone come in over the top saying they've found an alternative. I'm just surprised no one has come in over the top saying they've found something cheaper than SnapFish.

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          But you're negging it. You're saying it's a bad deal by doing that.

  • Anyone doing anything cheaper? I don't tend to print unless its 6-7c prints (used to happen all the time!)

  • Is this nation wide? I can't seem to find any info on the Big W website. Does it start today?

    • Yes it has started today. Its in their catalogue not offered online at all.

      • Cool. Thanks for your reply. I just picked up the catalogue from the letterbox :)

  • If I want to print one pic, can they do it right away?

    • Depending on what they have going through at the time it normally takes between 20mins-1hr for photos depending on amount you get and what they currently have to process.

  • Kmart normal price is $0.10, and personally I find their machines far, far better than the Big W machines.

  • Kmart charge 10c but next day pick-up. They change 20c for same day. Do big w charge 9c for same day also?

    • A lab that's run well should take no more than an hour. But with the special on. I've seen people doing orders of over 2000 prints. This is obviously going to cause a few hour delay.

      But yes. It's 9 cents. No matter when you pick them up. None of this "express" rubbish.

  • I'm wondering if dry-lab prints are like on postcard-ish paper? because they are not real photos, hate those.