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Woolworths/Big W to Exchange Dick Smith Vouchers to WISH Gift Cards - NO RECEIPT NEEDED


Yep, as expected, woolies are matching coles. Feel sorry for all the people who sent their cards to kogan.

EDIT: While it doesn't require a receipt, it does state that it only applies to cards purchased from Woolworths/Big W. Theres a good chance that they can trace purchase location, so you should only trade in cards purchased from their stores.

Customers who have purchased Dick Smith gift cards from Woolworths Supermarkets or BIG W stores can exchange the unredeemed value on their cards for Woolworths WISH gift cards which can be used at participating stores across the Woolworths group, including all Woolworths Supermarkets, and BIG W, Thomas Dux, Dan Murphy’s, BWS, Masters and Caltex Woolworths stores.

Unredeemed Dick Smith gift cards bought at Woolworths Supermarkets and BIG W can be exchanged, by filling out the redemption form below until 7 March 2016.

To access the form simply click here and save and print the file.

Once completed send the form and physical Dick Smith Gift Cards to:
Woolworths Limited.
Gift Card Team
PO Box 8000
NSW 2153

Mod: See forum topic for all discussion and links to related deals. Note - we will be merging any future gift card exchange deals into one of the 3 existing deal posts/forum post (in the case of further/smaller retailers following suit).

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