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Swap Dick Smith Gift Cards for Coles Gift Cards (Purchased from Coles - Proof of Purchase Required)


The offer is only open to customers with proof of purchase showing the gift cards were bought at Coles.

Comment from Coles "As a gesture of goodwill to our customers" it would exchange valid Dick Smith gift cards bought at Coles between July 1 and the company going into administration for Coles gift cards of equal value"

Also, for people who would rather get their cash back, The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has advised that customers who buy gift vouchers from a company that collapses can try to get their money back through their credit card issuer.

The Age News Article

Update - Claim details now linked

To take up this offer, please:

Coles Customer Care
PO Box 480 Glen Iris VIC 3146

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  • Nice

    • (Purchased from Coles - Receipt Required)

      The announcement only stipulates that "Proof of Purchase" is required. So credit card/bank statements should be recognised in addition to receipts.

      • +4 votes

        Let me tell you this we have been instructed that bank statements do not qualify as proof of purchase as it does not show what exactly had been purchased.

  • Hats off to Coles for this …..

  • Fantastic. This will be a huge PR win for Coles.

  • Technically belongs in forums, but I think this should stay on the front page. +ve vote.

  • Now need woolworths to get on board.

    • seconded that. And WWS only selling on the week of Christmas!

    • they should! Wollies made 60Mil Profit when they sold it to the Greek/Jewish Investment firm.

      • I think we all know them as Anchorage Capital now, what's the Greek/Jewish link? From my understanding of what I've read in various media sources they are an Australian company operating here?

        • Yep, no connection to Anchorage Capital Group, L.L.C based in New York, founded by a couple of Goldman Sachs alumni.


          Also likely no connection to the place, let alone the Michelle Shocked song (Video plays on desktop view if mobile doesn't load. Also, that song is from seventeen years ago. Jesus.)


          plus ten. Jesus *plus* Christ.

  • Not bad, but good luck getting proof if it was given as a gift. Hopefully gifters have kept their receipts!

    • +4 votes

      I always do. Good in case the cashier puts $15, instead of $150 onto the card etc. or there are issues with the actual card.

    • If the gifter doesn't have the receipt, hopefully they used a FlyBuys card and can use that as proof of purchase (transaction record). Otherwise, a bank statement might work if they can find the record. Looking through my CC statement, Coles transactions appear as:


      Where #### is the store ID.

  • Nice but I really doubt most people would have kept the receipt… especially bought back in July.

    • credit card statement? time for facebook post

    • Not sure about others, but when it comes to Gift Cards, I always keep receipts. Hope others have done the same.

    • Go back to the store it was purchased from. If you paid via credit card they can reprint the receipt :) That's what I did.

  • Now let's wait for Woolies to follow suit.

  • I remember coles new world

  • Yep…nice PR win Coles.
    Shame I have no chance of finding my receipt for Nov.

    • +10 votes

      Can't fault Coles at all. But I do suspect they would have factored that most people wouldn't have the receipt.

      • True true, in fact it's not technically impossible to help out those without a receipt. They could partner with Blackhawk (the network that distributes the cards) and track down the activation transactions. It's definitely more leaning towards PR I'm afraid.

    • Agreed. Most people wouldn't have kept their receipts, so it's mostly a PR grab from Coles. Very good news for the lucky few that have, though!!

    • I think they need proof of purchase..that cud be more than just receipt..

      Maybe you used a credit card to pay for it.. that could work as a proof..
      or if you punched your flybuys, that could be used to fetch wat you bought and can act as a proof..
      If you paid cash and didn't use flybuys and you don't have a receipt, that's where chances are tough.. Use the Kogan deal instead then.

      Good business strategy from Coles though!


      • +2 votes

        Maybe you used a credit card to pay for it.. that could work as a proof..

        Nope, they will only accept receipts.

        A credit card statement will not show you purchased a DickSmith Gift Cards, so it's not an accepted proof of purchase.


        Flybys points aren't given for gift card purpurchases.

  • Good gesture from Coles. Wouldn't they know which gift cards were issued by them though, making the receipt redundant?

  • much better than the Kogan deal

  • Didn't buy a Dse gift card but good on them.

  • +12 votes

    I for one, am looking forward to no more rubbish, deceitful dick smith advertisements, dressed up as 'bargains'

    • I have been fortunate enough to grab plenty of the bargins many cry about missing so i for one will be sorry to see them go. If your talking about catalogues and online ' specials' then it's simple to ignore what's marketing and what's worth getting with only a little bit of education.
      I do think their business had many poor practices that they could of improved upon but that's probably part of the reason they are in the situation they are in now really.
      When they do sell off the scraps of what's left stock wise this site is going to be posting the last hurrah of dick smith. Plenty will be happy and plenty will be crying about missing out. That's the basis of bargains really.

      • +5 votes

        In recent memory I did buy a chromecast on special from DSE and even then i got a lecture from the store about not picking it up quickly enough and I was lucky they held onto it for me.

        After that and the unethical and deceitful way they used to trick people into giving 10% discount but then putting the price up 12%, on principle i refused to buy from them, no matter how good a deal was.

        That together with them selling gift cards a day before they knew they were going under is incredibly unethical and should be criminal.

        Someone stealing a loaf of bread for his hungry family gets a year in the clinker and these management folk in their $200k cars go driving off into the sunset.

        C'est la vie

        • "Someone stealing a loaf of bread for his hungry family gets a year in the clinker and these management folk in their $200k cars go driving off into the sunset."

          lol, when was the last time someone went to jail for stealing a loaf of bread, 1682?

        • @richox: You got sent to Australia for that not jail.


        Less competition for hn Jb etc


    If I bought the DIcksmith Giftcard from Coles, and already used it to purchase the Huawei P8.

    Got refund Gift Card back due to out of stock, can I still swap with Coles Gift Cards?

    • Unless it is "Return/Exchange Card" like Masters or BigW - which is not a gift card.

    • I too got a refund gift card.. Do they accept?

      • I am also in the same boat. But I prefer that shows all the refund paper and the receipt which shows that you got the refund because of using their gift card on dick smith …it may work….my wife is going to try lets see …what is their response going to be…will share you as soon as she comes. ok.

    • +1 vote

      Don't see why you can't try and ask the customer service person at your store. Would come down to discretion of the store I'd assume.

      *Whilst I am associated I do not know the terms around this offer or who to contact so please do not ask me.

    • Did you not get a receipt for the refund? I got a return gift card and it was shown as a sale on the receipt.

      If you've lost it, go back to the store and they should be able to pull up the transaction provided you have some means to show you made a return.

  • Time to buy some cheap dick smith gift cards and exchange them for coles ones ;P