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FREE Access to Entire Netflix Catalogue via Smartflix App (Mac/PC - Requires Netflix Subscription)


"Smartflix is a simple application that combines an index of Netflix content available worldwide, an optimized proxy service and a chromeless web browser that embeds the Netflix web player."

Basically Smartflix allows you to access any Netflix content from any country.

It's currently in beta so it is free.

After beta mode it will be a one month free trial and then $7.99 for a lifetime subscription.


I only learnt about it yesterday and gave it a try and absolutely loved it! If you thought your one country Netflix was already an endless scroll wait until you open up this app. It's super easy to use and I encourage you all to give it a try.

Just a little tip the app will let you browse through the catalogue but nothing will load unless you click on account and login to your Netflix account.

Here's a little reddit thread the creator made about the app which may answer other questions you might have that the website does not

Enjoy :)

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  • Same as this one? https://flixsearch.io/

    • I haven't actually seen that before… so i'm not too sure how it works
      Smartflix is a lot more user friendly and easy on the eyes though I can say that hahaha

      • Ah shame I didn't know about this earlier my free 6 months subscription just ended as part of the optus promo and based on the availability of content on that original site I decided not to renew my subscription.

    • +3 votes

      Flixsearch is just a search engine, but still very useful. It will tell you if a show or movie is available and in what region.

      • Yeah, flixsearch just searches all regions.

        You find the movie/show you want with flixsearch, then change your region with your DNS service (e.g. getflix) then open netflix and find your show and watch it.

        Smartflix is way more user-friendly - it aims to just hide all that and show you everything on every netflix and just click and watch it.

        (Though it seems more likely to be shut down by netflix, in my estimation, once smartflix gets big. I don't think this will fly under the radar of the luddite studio execs who require netflix to make a show of region locking their content).

        • I honestly doubt Netflix would shut them down. They seem to be all for working around geoblocking, they just can't be seen to be promoting it.

        • @Jake D:

          Yeah, but this makes it so easy… once everyone is doing it, surely they WILL be seen as promoting it.

  • And iStreamguide

  • Does this do anything more than hola unblocked?

    • Hola steals your details so I would not recommend.
      I haven't used hola unblocked before though so I don't know what its features are.

      • Wow. Think I'll be uninstalling it! Cheers

      • Yeah this.

        It also opens you up to being a proxy of other people. While you run hola, someone else can use you as a proxy to look up whatever they want.

        Super shady.

    • +3 votes

      I found hola to be completely aweful. Hobbled streaming dl speeds to unwatchable, even though everyone said it doesn't affect speed. Switched to a paid service, and I have had zero trouble since.

    • Is there another product as easy to use and quick as Hola? I've tried getflix and unblockus which work just fine, however I change back and forth between regions frequently and it's just a lot faster with Hola.

      • Then smartflix is the one for you. You can access all titles from all Netflix regions on one page so you don't have to switch between regions.

  • Can't see any link to actually access the service on that site. Am I doing something wrong?

    • You have to download the windows/mac app. You should see a little download for windows or download for mac button :)

      • Ahh, thanks. I'm on mobile (on holiday) and that link didn't work for me. Will try from Mac when I get home :-)

  • This isn't the same as a vpn or dns, this combines the titles from every country with Netflix and eliminates the need to switch DNS or vpn country in order to watch a certain show or movies from a different country.

    Thanks for posting it very good idea and useful.

    • And one day Netflix might just allow unreistricted access for all regions if possible.

      • They legally can't - it's not Netflix choosing to do so (easily noticeable as their own shows are worldwide), rather it is copyright licensing issues.

        • Interesting, so if piracy was no more, then circumventing geo-blocking might be considered the next biggest problem to online copyright infringment?

        • +4 votes

          @chyawala: oh they're already trying to stamp it out.

        • @supabrudda: Content owners care but I'm not sure Netflix themselves do too much. If they wanted to stop people accessing stores in other regions the bare minimum they could probably do would be to match the credit card to the region it's being billed too, and they don't even bother to do that.

      • +2 votes

        Europe just made geo-restrictions illegal so it's happening

        • Do you mean circumventing geo-restrictions?
          EDIT: I see, actually making geo-blocking illegal, a win for consumers and ease of access.

        • @chyawala: does bypassing geo restrictions fall within Australia's free trade agreements? :P
          It may sound ridiculous but a few years back it was a big deal that we it was our right to bypass region locking on DVD players. Surely this is much the same?

        • It's not quite as wide-reaching as that. They are preventing geo-blocking on a tempoary basis - the idea being that if you are a resident of say, Spain, and go on vacation in France or the UK, you should legally be able to access all your paid online geo-restricted content whilst on holiday, assuming that it was portable in the first place. When the you read the fact sheet published by the EU, it makes it pretty clear. Unfortunatley, it just isn't the grand lifting of geo-restriction that it is being made out to be. http://europa.eu/rapid/attachment/IP-15-6261/en/Factsheet_1_...

  • Perhaps the "while in beta" should be made more prominent, either in the title or in bold font.

  • It will be a bigger hit with support for more devices other than a Windows PC

    • They have a Mac version as well.

      • Other devices like smartphone, tablet, roku, android tv, apple tv and so on.
        These days few people watch Netflix on Mac or PC and have array of smart devices for this

        • I get that, I just wanted to highlight there's a Mac version as well. It's a lot harder getting App Store approval for an app like this compared to just releasing it for PC/Mac. In fact, I would say they will never get it approved by Apple or Google as an app.

        • A lot of people just have one of their old laptops plugged into their TV. Free, easy, no hassles with your roku or whatever not supporting some new file format or service.

          That's what we do…

        • @mgowen:

          You are not a lot of people sadly.

          Lots and LOTS of people use Apple TV's/Roku/WD Live/Chromecast etc. or the apps on their smart TV's. Most people do not plug their laptops into their TVs. It is more of a hassle for them.

          Lots of people don't pirate movies/TV shows, they don't know how and know its illegal so they don't bother. They just pay for stuff like Netflix or Apple TV stuff.

        • @serpserpserp:

          I use the app on my LG Smart TV. Before that was an option i used my 360 and then Xbox One. Fortunately Getflix works for all those devices.

    • They are working on it. It is currently still in beta mode so there are still lots of things to tweak and fix :)

  • thanks works well.

  • Why is the "After your one-month free trial, get a lifetime subscription for $7.99 only. " crossed out? So it's not available anymore?

  • Can this be streamed to Chromecast? Great idea, but yea, doesn't work on my TV, so not interested.

    • No it doesn't right now, and probably won't for a while. Chromecast forces Google's DNS so the only way right now to unblock Netflix regions on Chromecast is to setup DNS rerouting at the router level, it's pretty advanced and not something an app can do by itself.

      response from this https://www.reddit.com/r/netflix/comments/3toeof/all_smartfl...

      • It's really not that hard to block Google DNS at the router level.

        At its most basic you just have to block and through the Parental Controls section that most routers have.

        • I dunno, i have had all sorts of nightmares trying to get it working when streaming from phone or tablet to the chromecast. I had it working ok (sometimes it wouldn't work but usually if i kept trying it would) after MUCH trouble (static routes for google dns and some other IPs, then installing a specific old version of netflix android app) when my ISP was clubtelco but when i changed to telstra and put same modem in bridge mode to the cable modem i just can't get it working. I might be doing something wrong but buggered if i can work it out. I have given up, chromecast it a pain in the arse waste of money IMO…. i just got a cheap cable hdmi straight from tablet to TV instead now.

        • @Xizor: Maybe there is some form of geo-blocking in the Netflix mobile app?

        • @OzBen: I have getflix so can stream any region fine. Its only when casting to the chromecast it won't work (which is what the config of static routes in router is meant to address). Beats me. :(

      • Does this work the same was as DNS? I already have a US DNS set up on my TV which allows me to get US Netflix.. but getting the completely region free catalogue would be nice (considering that there are some Australian titles that aren't available on the US NetFlix)


      No its unlikely to ever do that. I'm guessimg it changes your PC/Mac dns settings (or host file?).

      To change your chromecast it'd have to have access to your router & be able to change it, whilst blocking Google DNS requests. Thats a difficult task. Also why its not yet on other platforms.

      • It doesn't look like it changes the DNS settings of your computer. Mine are still set to ulfix servers in Sydney and Melbourne.
        I suspect it is a dedicated browser that just channels everything through the smartflix server, which does the geoblocking. Pretty slick.

        Although it does glitch. I was trying to access something on iTunes Canada and it wouldn't let me as it thought I was iTunes US. Generally works fine though.

        You realise how much even the Us Netflix is limited by geofencing with an app like this.

    • I have been able to AirPlay from the iMac to the Apple TV. Pretty straightforward. That will do until there is an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV app.

    • doesn't work on my TV, so not interested.

      You don't have a laptop and HDMI cable?

    • If you're using Chrome as your browser, there's a plug in you can use that lets you stream whatever is in your browser to the chromecast.

      I use it all the time. I haven't tried it with this but i imagine it should work.

  • Is this free? How does it compare to uflix?

    • Free for now and only $7.99 for a lifetime license later. Cheap if it does what you want.

      I just had a look and it's a nice way to see what is on all Netflix around the world, so then you can change your Uflix or Getflix to the appropriate country setting to watch on TV what you've found - seperate from Smartflix. The IMDB ratings are handy too.

  • i want silicon valley 2 anyone know w t g this

  • +1 vote

    Just needs Chromecast support

    • Chromecast connects directly to Netflix, and you need to mess with routing tables to trick it, so you'd have to do some really fancy stuff to get it working with this app.

  • Love the idea of it, thanks OP.

  • So whats the cheapest netflix sub we can find that unlocks all content?

    • Neil wrote a blog post on this a while back, so it may be outdated by now, but worth a look.

      • Way outdated because netflix is now world wide in nearly every country.

        Thats why I was hoping someone did a new list hehe =)

  • I didn't download and install Smartflix app. Do you require to login to your Netflix account in Smartflix app to use Smartflix service? If so, aren't your Netflix credentials shared with this company?

    • Yeah you use your netflix account, it takes you to the default sign in page through a standalone browser. I suppose it's best not to use it if you're worried about that kind of thing, though I doubt they're harvesting accounts.

      Tested it and it kinda works; hidden menus - [ctrl+shift+alt+D] to display, and [ctrl+shift+alt+S] to change bitrate - shows many things to be lower quality than usual. Also many things just show an error saying not available in your country.

      Be interesting to see how it fairs out of beta :)

    • This is straight from the maker of the app when asked the same question on Reddit: "You can't get credit card info from a login, it's write-only. Internet security 101. (Also, your login info are stored on your computer only, never sent to a server somewhere). +1 on using a different password for each service you use as a default rule, especially with the new one that just came out. With Smartflix, your Netflix login info are stored on your computer and never transmitted to a server. And we don't even store them locally ourselves, it's being done automatically (Smartflix uses a light-weight browser to load the Netflix player and they are automatically stored there in a cookie)."

  • WARNING: Someone's found adware and trojan in the executable, in the Reddit thread. Downloaders beware!

    • I'd guess false positive. I scanned with eset nod32, found nothing. Even extracted the exe with 7zip and scanned the files; still nothing.

      • Not saying there is a trojan in the exec, but just because you scanned the program doesnt mean much. Plenty of people write and deploy there own trojan which will not be detectable via virus scanners.

        Never understood why people assume a file is safe just because they scanned it.

        • So just because another person who scanned the file claims they found something, it definitely contains a virus?

          Plenty of people write and deploy there own trojan which will not be detectable via virus scanners.

          No doubt this happens, but I wouldn't say 'plenty'

          Never understood why people assume a file is safe just because they scanned it

          Someone should really let all of the antivirus companies know this. They'll surely lose everything once people find out they're not needed :p

      • I'll send you some executables you can scan with nod32 and then open them because they are "safe".

  • If it's just catalog service, why do they require your Netflix credential anyway? Does not make any sense. I would avoid.

    • As it says in the description, this app embeds a web browser and can play content from within the app. You can still browse without logging in, but you wont be able to play any titles (obviously) without logging in with your Netflix account.

  • Working and see the immediate difference

  • This is a good idea

  • Anybody else getting
    "This type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep SmartflixSetup.exe anyway?"
    followed by
    "Recover Malware
    This file may be harmful to your computer."
    "Keep Anyway"

  • Can this be accessed from a smart tv? How? Download smartflix from "app store"?

  • its not working.. I have my router DNS settings changed through good old lifetime Getflix subscription to get Netflix USA catalogue. After downloading smartflix, I tried playing "Saving Private Ryan" which is not available in US but its there in Australian Netflix. It wouldn't play. It comes up with the error saying this content is not available in your region (US)

    EDIT Changed my PC DNS to Google DNS and now every movie works from smartflix. Getflix DNS is still in my router which allows to to run Netflix App in my Samsung smart TV with US catalogue. Happy with this!

    How to change DNS in your PC if you have Getflix

  • Really impressed with this app

  • This is bloody brilliant!

  • This seems to good to be true. Their contact email is a gmail account.

    Seems odd

    • Looks like a one-man band at the moment, using a gmail account (or other free one) makes sense especially when no revenue is inflowing.

      Nifty little app, watching attack on Arkham Asylum (Suicide Squad) now :)

      • I don't trust it enough to give it my credentials. (assuming you log into the app with your Netflix creds)

        That's probably because I work in IT Security