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2x Lexar 16GB 633x MicroSD, MET Helmet, Quad Lock Kit, 2x Set of 12 Clif Bars for $93 Delivered @ 99bikes


add 2x Micro SDHC 16GB 633x for GoPro

1x MET Espresso Helmet Safety Yellow

1x Quad Lock iPhone 6 Bike Kit

2x Clif Bar Chocolate Chip (Box of 12) in cart and apply coupon code, price will come down to $93.00 with free shipping.

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Thanks to > pfeerick

"Looks like once you spend more than around $225 on an order, that discount coupon takes $25 off of every item in your order."

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  • Bit of a convoluted deal here…

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    "Looks like once you spend more than around $225 on an order, that discount coupon takes $25 off of every item in your order."

    Yeah uhhh.. So you can add unlimited numbers of anything that costs under $25 to your cart, and get them all for free!


    For some reason, I doubt deals like "1100 energy gels for free" will be honoured, though.

  • Subtotal $243.00
    Discount (25bigones) -$150.00
    Tax $8.45
    Grand Total $93

    or see here: http://i.imgur.com/uCJwFAX.png

    I got 99 deals but this ain't the one!

  • A bike online store sells micro SD cards too?

  • Hmm…I have a feeling this won't be honoured.

  • Wow 10 boxes of cliff bars $40! Not even going to bother :p

  • 1) Dont abuse this deal with crap, people. Some of us would like to legitimately use the coupon without having our orders cancelled due to ozbargain
    2) This post isn't warranted, or there'd be 131351361361366801376 posts for different item combinations. Just leave it to the original post.

    • Well I posted the original deal and was not aware of how this coupon worked. So I posted second deal about how this coupon works to reduce price on each item.

      • Just update your old post mate. There's an edit button.
        Actually, I worked it out just by reading the comments on the other thread.

        It's a great coupon btw. Incredible even, and good work.

        PS: I should have +'d the other post. I've done that now.

  • I made an order, says it was free. Then they had two different invoices via email and one charged me 22 bucks. Checked bank and i was charged 22 bucks >:(

    • Sorry to hear that, but how did you get charged $22? Minimum order to get something for free is $225, shouldn't you be charged $200 or $225? Ask for refund stating what happened.

  • anyone know where i can get the Micro SD to USB adapter that comes bundles with the card?