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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Gold, Green or White) $798 ($200 off) @ JB Hi-Fi ($598 w/ $200 Trade in)


JB Hifi $200 OFF Gold, Green or White Samsung S6 Edge $798 Gold Green White Only
Ends Sunday 17 January 2015

Outright, instore and online.

This coupon is unique and can only be used once. Offer valid for instore & online transactions until the close of trade Sunday 17th January 2016, offer cannot be extended. Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon offer. Coupon limited to one per transaction and valid for a gold, green or white Samsung S6 Edge 32Gb (Outright) only (SKU 728444, 728445, 706371). Offer while stocks last. Excludes delivery charges. $200 off will be calculated from the current ticket price. Offer can be redeemed through the presentation of coupon including the barcode contained within this email at any store in Australia or by visiting, adding the specified product to your shopping cart and entering the coupon code number in the box provided at checkout. Barcode and numbers within the barcode must be legible when presenting instore.

You could sign up for the newsletter yourself and they'll send you a code:
Get your own coupon code here

GENERIC CODE 92250501819
**Generic PDF copy for in store purchases - Just print it out. Thanks samehada

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  • +13

    Make it a Nexus 6P and we have a deal.

    • -3

      I love giving + votes… But it's getting harder to do from a OnePlus.

    • There is a deal on the Nexus 6P now if you haven't seen it yet:

      • Not really a deal for the 6P, just the 5X. 6P is cheaper outright at Optus/Vigrin.

    • Can someone PM me a barcode please?

  • +3

    I've got a $200 coupon if anyone needs it.

    You might be able to trade in your old phone for a further $200 off? I was able to last year.

    • PMd

      • +2

        Now TAKEN. That was quick.

  • +1

    They state "Plus get an additional $200 off* when you trade-in any phone in working condition"

    • +2

      Yupp. I traded in my S2 for the S6 Edge last year and got a further $200 off on top of the $200 off voucher.

      Good deal if you want to trade up.

      • Would they take my iphone 4s? (that's how long it's been since ive upgraded -_-)

        • +3


          I can confirm the camera on the S6 Edge is excellent.

        • @cupcake: photo (a good one) or it didn't happen!

        • You wouldn't want to see it. Way too many duckface selfies :P

        • What is the world coming to when we consider a iPhone 4S an "old" phone?

        • @inasero: It's about a 5/6yr old phone now.. I'd say that is old :)

      • +1

        I have note 2 will they exchange all phone for $200 or is it up to $200?

        • You'll get $200 off for it. For the old android phones.

        • @cupcake:

          Assuming your phone has to be in working order…?

        • Yes. In working order. As long as it turns on.

        • @cupcake:

          Turns on fine, kinda usable - just the top half is unresponsive due to a crack.

          It's a 32GB Nexus 5.

        • +1

          Just tell them it is a working phone. No real issues. My S2 turned on but they didn't know it was just a very slow phone.

          You can just tell them it's slow if you want to.

        • +1

          @cupcake: It works and turn on but just had small crack on screen and not big one. So I will try my luck then.

        • That's fine. They will accept it as trade-in.

        • +1

          @cupcake: I've got a drawer full of family's/company's android phones with cracked screens. M7s, note2s, nexus (S1). $200 is the best deal in town… +VOTE!

        • For those who think about buying a cheap phone for trade-in, just ask around first. I'm sure someone has an old Nokia lying around.

        • I too have a note 2 but I'd rather not part with it for a measly $200. Oldie but goodie!

    • Just the mobile phone? Or do they need the charger/accessories etc?

      • +3

        Go to Harvey Norman and buy a $9 phone to trade-in.

        • I doubt they'll pay $200 for a $9 phone haha

        • +1

          It's up to their own discretion. They might offer you $100 off for a very very old working phone. Just ask.

        • +1


          They did the last time this deal was on :)

        • +3


          thanks for the info
          Just gave em a call and they said "ANY" phone even the $9 phones.. only 1 phone per transaction

          Anyone interested here is my coupon code


        • +7

          @designate: I can confirm they will; I just handed in my $9 telstra phone and got the additional $200 off.

        • -1

          @jaipac: Which phone costs $9 ???? Where can I get that?

        • +2

          It's a Telstra Cruise, got it from Coles a few months ago. It was on "specials" but I wouldn't imagine it's normal price will be much more than that. Just buy the cheapest one you can find.

        • @designate:
          So I can buy a $9 from jv hifi and then exchange it straight away to get $200 discount
          Cool bananas

        • @designate: Hi how do i get one unused code. I want to go in store & trade in my phone as well?

        • @Ouffer serffer:

          I think you need to subscribe to the newsletter

        • @CandyMan:

          Yeah, any cheapo phone

        • @designate: Like an Iphone, unless you bring in $200 worth of accessories.. ;-)

        • @hbg:

          7 car chargers or
          10 belkin 2m lightning cables : D

      • +2

        Nope. No need to hand in the charger or accessories.

    • +1

      Does this trade in applies to any phone they sell? E.g would they take $200 off z5 if I traded in an old phone

      • Samsung S6 and S6 edge range only. But to use the code for additional $200 off it only applies to S6 32GB phones (excluding black).

  • +3

    Coupon code needed, you must sign up (for free) to receive it via email.

    Could also mention "Get an additional $200 off when you trade in any phone in working condition" - Plenty of Ts and Cs here but it might help some.

    Some codes for people:
    1 - 92DBOXW1Q1SJAY
    2 - 92UY6QQDV6ZTAC

    Please comment when used. I can forward the email if you want to do in store.

    • I signed up but did not receive any email yet. Dose it take long to receive :(

      • Hi mate, not sure how long. You can just use one of my codes above though. Or PM your email and I will forward it

  • +4

    GUYS GUYS, dont forget there is an ADDITIONAL TRADE IN (of your old mobile) of $200 like the old deal

    takes the price down further to $598 I think

    email explicitly says an additional 200 dollars off…

    will probably need someones email to show

    Is similar to this trade in deal 3 months ago, except that was 64gb white only and was a little more expensive

    • how do you get the email? Just subscribe to their "instant deal", would it be too late to do it now

      • Join via this link, says it can take a few hours, if not ask an ozbargainer for a barcode via PM

        • How can we make sure this codes published here are not used yet. Because I want to go in store & trade in my old phone. If I carry bunch of codes, they may get pissed off :(

    • +1

      so can I buy a cheap used phone that works and trade it in? even though its worth under 200?

      • Some did a crappy old mobile in the other deal, so I assume its still valid, (though it says in store only for the trade in)

    • Yupp. You trade in your old phone with the guys there and he will give you an invoice (with $200 off the rrp) and then you get the new phone, you take it to the register and then you whip out your $200 off voucher. So you pay $400 off the retail price. Easy as.

  • That email address has already been unsubscribed. If you want to get back on the list please let us know in the 'Contact Us' section - 'Account set-up problem'.

    Went to contact us but there's no "account set-up problem" in their drop down :(

  • +1

    32GB only?

  • could someone please pm me a voucher code if they don't use them? Thanks heaps

    • +1

      Check your PMs

      • I've got your PM, nafe! Really appreciate it! Thanks

  • does the s6 still have ram problems?

  • +6

    If only it was the 64gb or 128gb version.

    32gb is just too small these days for a high end phone.

    • +1

      Yeah. Last year's deal was for the 64gb but only in White. Paid more but it was better for more memory.

      • +2

        I remember Android fanboi's mocking Apple as the iPhone didn't have expandable memory slots.

        The silence is now deafening! lol

        C''mon Samsung, I bought a 64gb micro SD card for like $25 the other day, surely you can just make your flagship phone come with 64gb minimum.

        Some may argue that 32gb is fine. However, you're paying $$$ for your flagship product, you're more likely to use the phone's full capability including FHD videos, movies etc. If you aren't, save your money and get a cheaper phone.

        • It needs to constantly update the apps and just takes up more room with each update. 64gb should be standard. I agree.

        • +5

          umm android fanbois still mock samsung for their unremovable batteries and no SD card slot. always have.

        • +2


          I should have said Samsung fanbois.

          Samsung cornered the Andriod market initially.

        • lol, The silence is now deafening? Obviously you are the one who is deaf. Rumour is that the next samsung will bring back the removaqble battery and SD card slot due to dropping sales and complaints/boycotting because of their removal.

        • @xEnt: Yup. I feel betrayed.

        • +1


          Lets hope that is the case.

        • @SkMed: I heard it's bringing back a physical button keyboard and the game "snake" as well :) (joke)

    • +2

      The sign up page for the Instant deals advertises the deal as the 64gb version.

  • +3

    They are probably clearing stock as rumours suggests the new S7/Edge will be announced next month.

  • +1

    I'm waiting for the z5 to hit this price and I'll be all over it! Plus I can use my JB vouchers from coke rewards

  • I got one of the 64GB ones last year with the similar deal. I just bought a $10 phone from coles and traded it in fine. I even kept the charger and sim card that came with it, they just wanted the phone.

    I said I would never get another Samsung after the S4, but the S6 is so much better - the camera is great, the 'edge' functionality is mildly interesting and looks cool but not all that useful. The missus wanted to swap her iphone when she got hold of it. Just make sure you can live with 32GB as apps aren't getting any smaller.

  • +1

    If you can get it for $598 ($200 off plus $200 trade in) thats pretty good for bricks and mortar store with AU warranty.

    $798 is a bit meh. S7 is on its way in a few months

    • +1

      Think of it as 40% off.

      $800 is too much if you don't trade in. Especially since it was $700 last year with voucher and trade in for the 64gb.

  • here we go again

  • I've got a coupon if anyone needs it. :)

    • hi could i please get the coupon off you? thanks

      • Sorry, already taken. :)

  • could someone please give me a coupon ? thank you !

    • 92ENNP6G6IH0NJ

  • +1

    Are there terms and conditions for what is classified as a "Phone in Working Condition"?

    • +1

      for the EXACT conditions, normally I reckon if you can show it turning on, and navigate that should be more than enough. If not go to coles and buy a crappy $40 phone

    • +2

      Don't think so. I just traded my $9 phone in; the guy just switched it on to see if it worked or not. He even returned the charger back.

      • +1

        oh wow! noooo way!
        very tempted to get the S6 now….

  • I've got a coupon too…

    • could you please pm me it ? thank you

      • chk your inbox


      • I've pasted some above mate, comment when used.

  • Can someone please provide me a coupon code? I cracked my nexus 5 the other day… this has come at a good time.

    • 92ZOYS7IYQDLY5

      • thanks mate.

    • Going from a Nexus to Samsung?

      I hope you don't care about software updates. If not, enjoy ;)

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