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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Gold, Green or White) $798 ($200 off) @ JB Hi-Fi ($598 w/ $200 Trade in)


JB Hifi $200 OFF Gold, Green or White Samsung S6 Edge $798 Gold Green White Only
Ends Sunday 17 January 2015

Outright, instore and online.

This coupon is unique and can only be used once. Offer valid for instore & online transactions until the close of trade Sunday 17th January 2016, offer cannot be extended. Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon offer. Coupon limited to one per transaction and valid for a gold, green or white Samsung S6 Edge 32Gb (Outright) only (SKU 728444, 728445, 706371). Offer while stocks last. Excludes delivery charges. $200 off will be calculated from the current ticket price. Offer can be redeemed through the presentation of coupon including the barcode contained within this email at any store in Australia or by visiting www.jbhifi.com.au, adding the specified product to your shopping cart and entering the coupon code number in the box provided at checkout. Barcode and numbers within the barcode must be legible when presenting instore.

You could sign up for the newsletter yourself and they'll send you a code:
Get your own coupon code here

GENERIC CODE 92250501819
**Generic PDF copy for in store purchases - Just print it out. Thanks samehada

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    • So no coupon code or trade in required. I'm in a store and they have tried for 30 minutes and can't get it to process

      • coupon still needed

        • But no trade in?

        • @unity1:

          Still need trade in, sorry for confusion

          Only difference is deal works on 64gb for $100 extra, according to what guy working in jb hifi said

    • Did he mention if 128gb was available?

  • Here's mine 921GHH0SBDKD10

    • Tnx. Taken

  • I have an old touchscreen Samsung Omnia SGH-i900 (like from 2009 or something) that works perfectly (last time I tried it) but since then I have lost the proprietary charger it used and the battery is flat. Will JBHIFI accept it you think?

  • 926OYBW7WS2ZWA

  • hi all. just asking do you think the case for S6 non edge will fit to S6 edge? thanks

    • are you serious about this question?

      • yes.. sorry i dont have both phone yet. thanks

    • No. It will not fit. Because the S6 Edge has a curved edge.

  • I have got a $200 coupon too if anyone needs it.



      • Done bro.

  • +1

    I don't use mine, there you go


    • +1

      Thanks domokun! Do you mind enabling PM messages so I can message you my email to forward the email barcode? Thanks! :)

      • OK try again noww

  • How can I use this code to purchase in store (I want to trade in my old phone as well)

    • Signup, print voucher and head into the store

  • What's the best colour in ozbargain's opinion?

    I was contemplating gold, but does it actually look good in person or is it the tacky kind?

    • green. unique and special colour.

      • The green doesn't sell well and they offered $300 headphones with it for free last year (Sydney city Strand Arcade store).

        I have the White but wouldn't mind the Gold.

  • I have a coupon in case anyone needs it. First PM gets it

    • Bro I need it. Tnx

    • Taken, that was really quick

  • +1

    Why not just sign up for the instant deal? Received a code within 2 minutes! Thanks OP

  • Can i order online(I've got the promotion code), and goto the store to pick up and get another 200 off for trading in? Or do i have to go instore first if i am trading in?

    • Says instore only, click and collect is paid for online not at store level so you would need to go in with the phone and the coupon and purchase instore

    • +1

      based on my experience, you have to go instore to trade in as they "test" it first, fill out some paperwork including IMEI and then you go to pay and present your coupon to get another $200 off.

  • Could anyone send me a code please? Email barcode would be great! Much appreciated!

  • Remember Samsung Gear VR works with this.

  • good deal

    • Wouldn't it be easier to set up an email address and register for their newsletter? They'll send you the voucher in less than 30min.

      • Yah, I kind of figured that… I've just got my voucher… lol thanks!

    • 92CMEZ0AH4RX6K

  • Ditto to those above, if anyone has a voucher please pm me, would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi..got ur msg, and have sent you my voucher 15 mins ago

      • Thank you, had not noticed

  • What is considered "working"? Anything which starts up even if the condition of the phone is very poor? Do you need to provide charger or anything like that?

  • Pm for code who ever wants it

    • Xan i have code please .. Tha ks heeps

  • Sorry if this has been covered before in the comments, I had a quick read but didn't see it.

    Is there anyway to do the phone exchange if you don't have access to a JB Hifi store? ie all online/via post?

    • According to an earlier post, apparently not.

  • 92G0S1K1EICHFK

  • 92XI8SEERT1Y1I

  • Someone can send me code please with barcode.

  • Can someone "PLEASE" PM me one code, as I am going to go in-store to buy the phone and can't be confident of any codes shared here.
    Thanks in anticipation.

    • +1


  • +6

    For those who want a voucher, go to Instant Deals and enter your email. You'll receive a unique code within minutes

    EDIT: those who use gmail, you can add period "." inbetween the first part of your email and sign up as a new customer. e.g.

    original email:
    [email protected]

    all these variations will also work
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    • Good tip! Never hurts to have too many codes for a popular deal like this

  • Pm me for code.

  • Hi there I have a code which I am not going to use.PM me if you want it.

    • I have code which is available for use. Pm me for code -
      Update: Gone

  • Edit: Just gonna give my code, as I wont be online for a while

  • Guys you can sign up now and get in the minutes

  • PM your email and I'll forward you a code.

  • +1

    two vouchers available - first 2 to name a David Bowie song starting with the letter L

    • lazarus….I don't need the code tho

    • Let's Dance

      Can you please PM me the code? Thank you =)

    • Life is a Circus.. but on serious note do need a code if you have one

      • 92DXVNBR0KC5KV

      • turn on private msg

        • Hi Caobey have just enabled private msg

  • 920TZMOQVAFJWT (if you use this code, please like so no one else will double up)

  • Anyone with unused coupon… mind passing on to me? thanks

  • thank you for code riviera

  • +2

    I wanted a edge 6+ and the manager said just wait.All samsung top end phones will be on clearance before the end of the month. I think I will have to wait for the new ones now.

    • Did he just tell u that today? I prefer the note 4 edge than this.

    • If you can compete with staff, if you know what I mean.

  • +2

    If only this deal was for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (phablet version) and not the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, I would jump at this straight away!

    Here's my code for anyone that needs it:

    • If you want the Edge +, you can still trade in your old phone for $200 off.

      You just won't get the $200 off from the emailed voucher as well as that is only for the Edge and not Edge +.

      Not many know you can always trade in your old phone for an upgrade for any of their phones.

      Just ask. That is what I was told last year in-store by the guy doing my trade-in.

      I was thinking of getting the Edge + but it was still $1,000 after trade-in.

  • Registered for newsletter but still haven't received the code. Can someone share a spare coupon? Please PM me. Many thanks!

    EDIT: Received a code from one of the members. Many thanks!

  • anyone got more info/links in regards to the phone trade in offer?

  • I have a code that I am not going to use it, please PM me if you want it, first come first serve. Cheers

    • Can I have the voucher please?

  • If you have a spare voucher, can you pm me plz? Thanks!

  • Hi OB community,

    Can someone PM me an unused coupon if you're not going to beusing it?
    Many thanks in advance.

    OP, good deal 👍🏻

  • Can someone please pass me the code. Thanks in advance.

  • Can someone pm me their code if they're not using it. Thanks!

    Will edit this if I get one.

    EDIT: got a code, thanks et76

  • If buy online, how to claim the $200 trade in? Anyone care to explain plz ? Thx a lot!

    • You have to go in-store with your old phone (any old working phone) and trade-in that way. Then you also need a unique emailed voucher.

    • cant. go in store.

  • Inbox me for code fam

  • got a coupon. let me know if someone need

    • Yes please.

      • tried to inbox you but you cant receive messages !

  • +1

    I have a coupon too. Leave your comment so that I can pm you.

  • Is it just me or to fork out $600 for a mobile phone is pretty expensive?

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