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Enpass Password Manager for Android - Free Pro Unlock (Normally $7.99) @ Google Play


Install. Create master password. Claim the free pro unlock by selecting your google account to attach to the app.

***Unlock the lifetime in-app Pro license of Enpass as Free App of day by myAppFree.

World's most SECURE and COST-EFFECTIVE Password management application.

Enpass is all about freedom from remembering too many passwords and other life important credentials. It secures them in one place by your master password and makes them accessible anywhere, right away on your smartphones and desktops.
It adds security to your life with strong and unique passwords for every login and you just need to remember your one master password. Read more at http://www.enpass.io

◆ Free Full Featured Desktop Version For Mac, Windows And Linux
◆ No Subscription Charges Or Sign-up Required
◆ Available For All Major Desktop And Smartphone Platforms
◆ Built-in Browser To Fill Login Details
◆ Import Data From Other Softwares With Desktop Version

◆ Military grade encryption- Enpass secures your data by SQLCIPHER which istransparent and open-source AES-256 encryption to ensure highestlevel of security. All protection mechanism is done locally (offline)at your device. Read more at http://www.enpass.io/security/
◆ No online signup required- Instead of our servers, your data is securedin your device or your cloud.
◆ Strong password generator- Built-in password generator lets you create strong and unique passwords for logins.
◆ Auto-locking-Automatically locks itself when not in use or device is lost.
◆ Autoclear clipboard- Clears clip board automatically (Optional).

For those trying to import their PW records into Enpass from LastPass, you will need to open Lastpass and do an export. If in a browser, the only save options are to save as html, but Enpass wants a text (.txt) file to import those records.
So, highlight the entire page (CTRL + A) and paste into notepad and save as a txt file. Use that to import your login and password records into Enpass.

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  • +17

    Nice find OP. I strongly recommend keepass2Android which is also free and has a great developer:


    • +7

      Yeah I have been using keepass with great success and across multiple platforms.

    • +1

      So which one would you say is better?

      This one looks quite good (this deal)

      • +6

        There are keepass clients for pretty much all platforms. I synchronise the keepass db file across all my computers and phone and can use the client for each platform to open it.

      • I haven't used the OP app, but perhaps it would be better for someone not-so-tech-savvy.

        a Keepass system would be too technical/tricky for my parents who are new to computing.

        I like the flexibility of keepass. I also use it to take secured notes (I just use the 'comments' attribute in an otherwise blank record)

    • +4

      KeepassDroid (which is not related to Keepass2Android, it is completely separate) is better at displaying advanced attributes attached to your password.

      Keepass2Android shows them in a single line text field, so if you have a multi-line attribute, you're forced to go into edit (at which point the name of the attribute is truncated).

      KeepassDroid will display the attributes sanely. It doesn't seem to have as many offline functions and it use to warn that writing to the database is experimental (but I've never had a problem and it doesn't seem to warn in the latest versions). Clipboard management is different to Keepass2Android too, but overall I prefer KeepassDroid.


  • Looks like a good app.
    Will give it more of a go later on.


  • Look good, might give it a try though have been an avid Lastpass user for the last 4 years.

    There's a few good comparisons around, but unfortunately most of them don't have Enpass included..


    • My Lastpass sub expired today, believe it or not.
      I just noticed I was able to get a two week free trial, so I'll use that time to evaluate this app. Looks pretty good so far.

  • I was slightly disappointed with previous passsword manager deal the 1Password.

    I was disappointed because 1Password didn't tell me that I would need to purchase iOS and Android versions too (in addition to the Windows and Mac).
    Even with the deal, combined cost would be almost $48. Also if they upgrade their product, it will be extra cost.

    I then switched to LastPass, hoping the price remain US$12 per year.
    I am happy with it so far, love the fingerprint unlock and Google Authenticator.

    • The iOS (and I would assume android) app is free now.

      • +1

        for 1Password? Not without the premium features right?

        Without the premium features, it's basically read-only

        • The free version of 1password (iOS) is not read only without premium. I have only paid for the OSX Software. Anyway, not that it matters since you've moved to lasspass but just letting you know :)

    • Same here. 1password was also slightly cumbersome in terms of app design, and it also didn't work with Pale Moon (my preferred Web browser)

      • interesting choice, never heard of that, why choose that browser?

        • +2

          I like Firefox, but not the direction it's currently heading towards. Pale Moon is a fork of Mozilla's Firefox and is basically a slimmed down version (focus on performance) with a more classic GUI

    • There are keepass clients for all platforms - and there seems to be a free one for every platform.

  • Keepass for Android for this one?

  • how about PasswdSafe - Password Safe? it is totally free, and open source. i am using it for couple of years now.

  • +2

    I haven't used a password manager because I can't convince myself that I'm not just sending all my passwords to some unknown app developer… Is this just me being over paranoid?

    • +1

      keepass2Android has an offline version. I would never use a password manager that has online capabilities.

      • +1

        I don't think his concern is the published abilities of the app, and it is a genuine concern.

        • +1

          The app scupper referenced doesn't have the ability to go online, your passwords can't be sent anywhere. (unless there is a vulnerability in Android's permission system)

        • @chipstss:

          There are ways to get around that - multiple apps, tricking an existing service into publishing data etc.

    • I always felt the same. I still haven't gotten into the habit of using password managers (due to the effort in setting up) but someone convinced me quite effectively that I was being silly by saying, "if the sabotage your accounts, it would be like a bank stealing the money that you deposit with them"

      • +4

        Banks do that anyway, they just call it fees :)

    • I use this app on my laptop and phone, it does not have its own server, you have to sync your database with another service like dropbox or onedrive, or just keep it local.

    • +2

      Unless you have an exceptional memory you're limited to three options:
      1. write them down (physically insecure, not portable)
      2. use the same password for everything (so you've already given your password to every site and service that you've ever signed up to)
      3. use a password manager

      Keepass is an open source project, hopefully, if it was stealing your passwords, someone would have noticed it in the source code by now.

    • +3

      According to their site they use an open source crypto tool for the encryption amd it is all done locally on the device. No passwords go to their server. The syncing is done on your terms with your choice of storage locations.

  • -1

    I personally use Norton IdSafe. Have been good to me for 2 years. No fuss interface with built in safe browser.

  • I have been using Roboform for last 8 years. No problems.

  • I use mSecure. You reckon that this one is worth the switch?

    Annoyed I can only run mSecure on my phone and tablet and not PC….

  • Tried it. Unlocked it. Online required. No thanks.

    • Online required

      Really? For what?

      • +1

        Was prompted to create an online account. Presumably my passwords should live in "the cloud" so they're accessible everywhere…uh yeah no…

        • +1

          It asks you if you want to use an online service like your google drive or dropbox to store backups, and you can choose not to.

        • @Flyerone: *your

  • Cheers op ;)

  • Why does it need so many permissions and keepass does not?

    • +1

      Their website explains the permissions

      Keepass doesn't need those permissions as it doesn't provide those features and is free. By the looks the only common permission is storage and internet.

    • +1

      keepass started off as a simple password database and has evolved to let you keep your file on certain online services, it's also apparent that the developer is all about minimalist open source principles (free/not a business, source available) at least for the original keepass, some of the services quoted here could be from others, I haven't investigated them

      This dev is in business, I am not saying that is inherently bad, but the motivation is not to solely fill a gap, it's to fill a gap and make money. They may try to be feature rich even if the features are of questionable use, and they may try to over service in order to be the best etc. to 'earn you dollar' . The keepass developer has no such potential conflict of interest.

      I am not bagging the app or developer, it's clearly better than lastpass was when they got hacked, but depending on how paranoid people are they may not want their file online at all, encrypted or not, key on their phone or not

      • Yeah I agree, which is what makes this app pretty decent. ALL the encryption and storage is on the device. If you so choose, you can sync those encrypted files with yourself via your own online storage…or not.

        • Which then leads me to ask the question why not use the free and open source option?

        • @Jackson: I may well give it a go. At the moment, this also meets that criteria, free, uses open source encryption, and has the features I want. If the cross device and autofill features aren't up to lastpass I will likely go back to paying $12 a year.

  • Can't seem to claim the offer. I've created an account through the app and setup a master password, followed by setting up Sync with Google Drive.

    • Yeah sorry. That's what expired means.

  • Have tried to update to PRO license, "myAppFree" doesn't have it anymore

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