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$80.10 Touch Screen Digital Deadbolt Door Lock @ Masters Home Improvement


Use Code 'Hardware' for 10% discount.
10% off Sitewide or in Store (Excludes Appliances) @ Masters

Free click and collect. Delivery extra ~$10 to most places.

Touch to open, touch to lock
Holds upto 25 user codes
Holds up to 4 single-entry codes
Volume control - adjustable to work with environment
Vacation mode - deactivates all user codes temporarily
Auto-lock with adjustable delay of 10 - 99 seconds
Back-up mechanical keyway
Easy Installation:
Replaces your existing deadbolt
Easy installation with a philips head screwdriver
Fits most standard door preparations
Requires 4 x AA alkaline batteries to operate
ANSI Grade 2 Quality - deadbolt operates over 150,000 times
ANSI A156.25 compliant - resistant to dust, rain and corrosion under variable temperatures

looks pretty good when comparing to this $249 unit at a competitor(

checkout their website:

if you are in store looking for this item make sure to mention to staff that it is a promotional item and they should find it easier

Now available instore and online

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  • Nice deal. I guess the Bunnings one is a better known brand but big price difference.

    • Big price difference

      That's what I figured when I replaced the locks on my front-door some 10 years ago, and noticed Lockwood sets were double the price. I fitted cheap locks, which broke within a year because they were poorly made. The Lockwood set I bought after that is still going strong, and certified to a high standard.

      I don't know the exact details on these "Touch Bolt" ones, but when it comes to locks, I would stick to a good brand. I cannot find any third-party information about "touch-bolt", let alone reviews (apart from someone having issues). Will Touch-bolt still exist in 3 years if you have problems (and Masters is gone)?

      Admittedly, the Lockwood one is not competitively priced. I notice Amazon ships some nice ones for less.

  • good deal. This will stop mum from walking into my room while I'm doing my 'business'.

    • you poo in your room?

    • who owns the house?
      you need landlord's permission to install permanent fittings…

      • I guess his landlord is his mum and his business is quite handy :)

      • Locks are not permanent. They replace the existing lock, and can be swapped back when you leave.

        • Would not be permitted under any rental agreement.

        • @CLoSeR: Not even if it was adjusted to take the same key?

        • @CLoSeR:

          Are you sure?

        • @UFO:

          So you're telling me it can be installed without landlord or agent permission?

        • +7 votes


          No, I'm telling you that what you said was wrong.

          They ARE permitted in any rental agreement.
          And you dont need owner's permission to change locks. You just need to provide them copies of keys to those new locks.

          There is no clause in ANY rental agreement that prevents tenants from changing locks. I've changed the locks on every single rental I've moved in to. Owner cant deny me, because then when a previous tenant comes in while I'm away and cleans me out, have a guess who I'm suing ;).

        • @CLoSeR: Theoretically you can, but you have to supply them with a key. When do you have to hand them the key ? it mostly depends on when is your next inspection. Beside it took about 15 minutes for lock smith to open it.

        • @UFO:

          Under the terms of the standard residential tenancy agreement, you agree:

          *not to alter, remove or add any lock or other security device without reasonable excuse (see below) or unless the landlord agrees

          *to give the landlord a copy of the key (or other opening device or information) for any changed lock or security device within 7 days of the change.

        • +4 votes


          A "reasonable excuse" is concerns over security and privacy of locks being used by previous tenants and unauthorised copies of keys being made.

          There is no way I'd move personal possessions into a premises without changing the locks. It's a more than reasonable concern. And in the instance a property owner refused, I'd be very interested in hearing their argument…. and then going ahead with it anyway. Tribunal time!

          Keys provided ASAP, no cost to owners, and if there's an issue with decor, no reason why the old locks couldnt be reinstalled at end of tenancy under a make good clause. Owner wouldnt have a leg to stand on.

          Anyway, I think we are on the same page now. Good discussion, thanks :).

        • @UFO: can we install the "funny look" lock to the front door of an apartment? will the property manager allow? the apartment is owned not rented. I am the owner.

        • @alwayseric:

          That could be a body corporate issue, because the front of the door faces common property and body corp could whinge that people changing all their locks/handles on their doors doesn't look uniform.

          Being that you're the owner of the property, you would have been provided rules/regs from body corp regarding what renovations/improvements can be done.

          Technically, the wall surrounding the door is common property, not the door itself. ie, if you wanted to install additional locks or a peep hole for instance, no one can prevent you.

          But then again, visitor parking is supposed to be "visitor parking only" and I've lost count how many times I've had neighbours park their '3rd car' permanently in visitor parking and body corp does nothing about it!

          Long story short I dont see it as an issue mate, but check the rules if you are concerned… otherwise just do it anyway :). Very unlikely as an owner they are going to do anything to you. Depends on the complex you live in, and I guess more importantly your relationship with neighbours :).

      • twas sarcasm bro…

  • Been waiting on these to go on special! Yay

  • Good luck at 3am with post-kebab fingers

    • Sticky fingers will tell criminals what digits to press. Just add flour. Unless the order you press matters. Even then, the combinations are greatly reduced.

      • lock wants 4 keys pressed randomly to enter unlock mode, so there will be 'extra' prints on the lock etc, so make it harder.

        Enjoy your flour then

    • I developed a solution for that:
      That's when you do a superman dive through your window, using the trophy you were just awarded to break the glass on the way through. (You'll have to improvise if you aren't an athlete like I was.)
      My memory is a nice somersault finish inside, but I somehow think the reality was a lot uglier.
      I didn't know about ozbargain at the time and would definitely have taken the more price-effective approach of checking pocket for key, but this product will eliminate that mistake ever happening again.

  • +1 vote

    rfid door locks are better 3am. get the rfid inserted under skin so all have to do is put your skin to reader and presto you are in even when drunk as a skunk.
    The inside can be replace with rfid reader so they cant exit through the door. The system can be overridden by the door handle itself that be locked or unlocked

  • Just check that you haven't specified deadlocks on your house insurance as these might void it since you can open them without a key from the inside - burglars gain entry elsewhere and open the door and take stuff out that way.

    • I you lock your doors from the inside there may be greater concerns. Like dying because you cant find the key in a fire at 3am half asleep.

      Not sure about you but I'd rather be robbed than burned alive.

      If i was robbing you and couldn't get the stuff out, id probably just smash it all and leave the same way i entered anyway.

    • I don't think having a keyed lock inside the premise would factor into your insurance. If the people are already in your house then

      A) your security has already been compromised, surely they can leave the way they got in and
      B) getting access to a key wouldn't be difficult in most places anyway

      I don't ever recall being asked about having all locks internal to the premise keyed when asking for insurance or updating it via NRMA. They only asked that locks were present.

      From a safety perspective dead locking yourself into a premises would be a terrible idea. A fire for starters, but if you're being robbed and you are home you want the burglar to make a run, not to feel trapped, panic and come after you when they would have otherwise legged it.

      • As someone else said having a lock like this one that you can open from the inside without a key makes it easier to remove large items. It also looks more legitimate taking things out a door than a window so neighbours are less likely to be suspicious.

        If you have told your contents insurance company you have deadlocks (like the Lockwood 001 series), but install this sort of lock your insurance claim may be void.

  • Is it technically still a deadbolt when you can just open it with a latch on the inside?

    • I think deadbolt is one that you have to close the door, then turn a knob or key to lock, as opposed to one that can lock when the door is pulled closed.

    • You are thinking of a "double deadbolt". Makes it harder for burglars to get loot out, but dangerous in a fire if you forget to unlock it when home.

      The alternative to a deadbolt is a spring-bolt. Easier to lock yourself out with those.

      • +3 votes

        Also known as a "deathbolt"

        • +4 votes


          Why on Earth would you want to make it hard to get out of a building?
          If the burglar is already in, last thing I want is to have him stuck inside (either with me, or waiting for me to come home).
          And the fire/emergency situation is even more important.

          Double deadbolts should be illegal.

        • @UFO:
          The idea is to only double-lock when you leave home, and never key-lock from inside.

        • +1 vote


          I completely agree and understand that… but there's a lot of people out there (mostly older folk) who dont use it like that. Very dangerous.

          I'm older, but ask your parents how they use these locks if installed. You might be shocked. I'm serious, ask anyone 1 or 2 generations older and most use these things as death traps!

        • @UFO: With the windowed enrty doors that are popular on new homes these days it's simple for someone to smash the glass and just reach in and flick the lever. As manic said they should only be key locked when you aren't home.

        • @groook:

          Point taken.

          I guess if they are used in that instance, no dramas. But again, oldies need convincing!

  • Also check out the comments in the previous deal when it was $99.

  • Original price?

  • Has anyone DIY installed this on new door with no existing holes or strike?

    Wondering how do-able it is…

  • Bought one on the last deal, can't fault it. Still on same batteries since Sept 15.


    Any issues with fingerprint marks? Probably have to wipe them off once in while to remove any traces?

    • I left the protective film on mine and haven't seen any fingerprints at all.

    • It comes with a scrambling system where it will produce a random 5 number that will light up and you will have to press prior to entering your actual PIN code to get through the door.

      This should prevent the same fingerprints going onto the same numbers and therefore being easily hackable

      • I disabled that feature as it annoyed me, having to type in extra digits every time.

        But my PIN is already 6 digits long, and the wife uses a separate 6 digit number, so good luck trying to work out either of our 6-digit PIN's from the ~8 keys in use by both PIN's.

        • Yeah I highly doubt someone will spend time standing out your front door trying to work out your PIN.

          If someone really wants to break into your house, the window is a much easier solution. If you really want to be secure you'd want window breaking sensors, home motion security as well!

    • Check out the Samsung SHS-3321 - Requires you to press 2 random numbers first before the pin code so fingerprints end up on all keys.

      Also has RFID tags.

      Available at Bunnings:

  • So sexy.

    Wonder how hack proof it is.
    Wipe off your finger prints after used. :)

    • My guess is it would be a lot easier to just "hack" the "Back-up mechanical keyway", through picking, bumping, etc.
      This thing is for convenience, not security.

    • has random key generator for first four digits. (the lights light up in random order each time you unlock).

      not an issue at all.

      I've turned the feature off. Not an issue at all. The panel is glass. Just wipe it down every few months and it's like new.

  • Great price - I own 2 of these and have installed 4 of them - bought them all for $89 (10% off $99).

    Its a bugger this is only a $9 price drop as if it was $1 more I could claim $10 price protection via credit card, on the 3 Ive paid for.

    • Hi mate what is the door thickness required
      I want to put it on my bedroom

  • Could this integrate with ZigBee or zwave systems (swannone specifically)?

  • Ask them to mark it up $1?

  • do these things exist for sliding doors?

  • This or Samsung Ezon series

  • so can u open the lock without using any electronic interface? When the battery fails u can use keys?

  • Bought :)

  • Is this fire rated?

  • I own the lockwood one.

    The lockwood's autolock feature is 10 seconds and NON-ADJUSTABLE. This makes the autolock completely useless for a family of four because 10 seconds is far too quick.

    The autolock feature is one of the main reasons one would upgrade to an automatic deadbolt.
    This one is adjustable from 10-99 seconds. It looks good.

  • Can you use code in store?

  • can you install it on the front door of an owned apartment? will body corporate permit?

  • Done, cheapest I've ever seen. Thanks.

  • Apart from the price difference and RFID, are they pretty much the same?

  • can you pay by e gift card online?

  • Bought and fitted
    Works great