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Watch Free Photography Course Live - Fundamentals of Photography 2016 (Acct Req'd)


Received an email today advising of this and unless I have misunderstood, you can watch this course "live" for free (but to watch at a later time would cost US$129).

Go to the bottom right of the page and click the RSVP button to register (a Creative Live account is required).

Text from the email:
This year, set yourself up to take your best photos ever. Starting January 25, John Greengo will help you get back to the basics and break down the technical and creative aspects of beautiful photographs.

Whether you're new to photography or want to look at your skillset with fresh eyes, John will help you:

  • Break out of auto mode with in-depth lessons on shutter speed, aperture, and composition
  • Choose the right gear
  • Recognize and use beautiful natural light

RSVP Now to watch this class free starting January 25.

Perhaps a similar course to the one submitted by AB-OzB (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/223120)

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  • All their courses are free for live broadcast. However, it means for 5 days, you need to get up at 4am to watch…

    By the way, the time for Australia will be Jan 26-30 4:00am-11:00am AEST

    • Each day is roughly 5 or so hours of content. Then i believe it replays until the next day's live broadcast. I have the 2014 course, it's very thorough, about 25 hours of content.

  • Great course, you can watch most of the 2013/2014 ones by John Greengo on youtube (some parts missing?). Sometimes they offer the recorded version at a cheaper price ($99?) while it's actually running live.

  • Cool, thanks.

    I have a CL account but didn't see the email arrive!

    Hint for those who don't want to wake up at 4am… search Google for "Audials Tunebite" :P