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Sony Xperia Z5 Premium 4K (3840x2160) 5.5'' IPS AUS Stock Only $849 (Was $1099) @ MSY


Hi guys,

We have a sale on Sony Z5 Premium 4K phone on sale on Thu 14/01 To Fri 15/01.

Australia Stock, not grey import.

Available in Gold, Chrome or Black color.

Thank you

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  • Good price! Didn't expect it to drop this much so quickly.

    Will buy one in a month or 2 when it's $700 heheh

    • +1

      Will it drop that quick?
      Might as well wait for about 8 or 9 months when it's $0 if it maintains such a drop ;)

      • Whatever you do - don't drop it, read below!

    • I doubt it will be $700 in 2 months.

      • well Z6 is out in like 2-3 months.

        Never say never :)

        • +32

          That better have 8k, this 4k stuff is a little tired. I can easily see the pixels under a microscope.

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  • Heads up to anyone trying to get onto the MSY site, this was posted on MSY's Facebook page

    Due to the power failure in Dandenong branch, our Call Centre, Website and Dandenong branch sale system will be temporary down till 2PM (AEDT) today 14/01/16. We apologise for any inconvenience

    • No wonder their web site is so slow, they are clearly hosting it themselves.

      Makes no sense when web hosting in a proper data center is such good value these days.

      • +14

        If they genuinely cared, they would have updated/improved design of their website long ago.

        • +12

          I think they do it deliberately to put off all the noobs that would otherwise be like "hi, what's a RAM?"

        • +3

          @montorola: Lol the problem is, they put a lot of experienced users off as well. Add in their terrible customer service and I'd rather shop else where.

        • +14


          one internet, please!

        • +3

          Same. Their website has put me off so bad, I'd rather go somewhere else even if it costs a little bit more. Their website feels like 1991.

        • @montorola: hello sir, is 4 enough rams for the internet and checking Email too? Have a great day

        • +2

          @Peace Maker: People are going retro these days, enjoy the MSY site design just for the feeling of the "good ol'days" before touch screen phones, social media, and youtube :)

        • Their web parts picking store is okay, just doesn't load properly at all.

      • The kicker is they host it from a residential Dodo account. Scraping the absolute bottom of the barrel.

  • I wish Sony did wireless charging..

    • can you put Q thingie you can buy on ebays like what i did on my note 2 long time ago? unless this sony is not battery removable.

      • Nope, it's a sealed unit.

    • -1

      Most Xperia Z series phones come with a charging dock. Sony's own version of wireless charging.

      • +2


        A dock isn't wireless charging mate

        • In Sony's case it can be classified as wireless charging. The phones have magnetic contacts on the side which latch on to contacts on the dock. The microUSB port is not used.
          I know wireless charging technology is different, but I did say this is Sony's version of wireless charging.

        • @ranagade: Lost that since the Xperia Z3+. No more mag charger because USB port doesn't need a flap anymore.

        • @ranagade:
          Mate, they can call it whatever they want.

          They can't fool us though lol.

  • +6

    best screen+
    best camera+
    Yay!so good so pricy

    • +10

      cracked screen for no reason - no warranty!
      Yeah, so bad so pricy

      • hehe

      • +8

        Also no warranty for water damage, for their waterproof phone!

        • My friend had Z2 fixed when it was water damaged.

        • @iboshow:

          :/ I don't know…

          Basically, Sony is advising people to not use it underwater lol.

          Doesn't sound right, and I think this would breach some regulations? "We are selling waterproof phones! But don't use it underwater! You've been warned…"


        • +1

          They have moisture indicators inside in certain areas; so they can see if its due to neglect or fault.

      • The screens break way too easy, 3 in my z3, however i would still rate the z3 as the best phone I have ever owned and I'm annoyed that the Z5 wasn't available here earlier as the note 5 I have now fails in comparison!

        • +1

          I have a Z2, dropped it on more than one occasion. Nothing broken. What did you do to break them?

        • @thargelios: Same here, except after almost 2 years of perfect service, my power button ring fell off the other day. Ordered a $6 replacement on AliExpress, here's hoping it's an easy fix.

        • im nearing the end of my sony phone adventure.. owned the z1/2 and now the 3 (had the 5 but swapped it for the 3 and some extras). Last night phone went for a swim in the bath with my 2 year old, today sim card stopped reading. Sim works in other phones and the SD card was fine. So it's OFF to Fonebiz for warranty check. I have a feeling they will reject it but we'll see

    • Sxxt quality that's all I can remember.

      • +1

        depends on luck I guess, had two sony's for around 3 years, no cracked screens (and I have dropped it a lot). even bent mines recently when I wedged it in the car and slammed it lol

        • Don't get me wrong. I love their devices. Near stock android and awesome battery. I didn't crack my screen, if that's the case, it'd be cheap to fix. Mine got blur and lines in the screen when under 20 degree…… Yes 20 degree in temperature…. So every time I need to put the phone under sun or put in my clothes to warm it up before using. And it did happen 1 day after the warranty expired……

        • @coolbbb888: 1 day after the warranty expired……

          so that means you were still covered because of consumer laws. or didnt you get it fixed?

        • @PVA: No, because the bootloader was unlocked which void the warranty anyway…

        • +2

          If the fault wasn't caused by the unlocked bootloader or anything else you did then you're still entitled to a remedy. They'll probably make you fight for it though.

    • +4

      Screen randomly cracking
      Water seals leaking and not being covered by warranty
      Phantom touch


    • +2

      How is this the best screen and camera?

      Highest resolution, yes… 4k on a phone…

      And best camera, according to them, like every other year? Lol they consistently put out sub par photos when compared to its competitors, results based on blind tests, not word of mouth or Sony's words, to get rid of bias…

  • +5

    4k on a 5.5inch screen!? was thinking you must of meant 55inch for a tv

    • That's how they market themselves otherwise they are just famous of screen cracking and zero warranty smart phones.

    • +1

      Has anyone done a blind test and been able to reliably tell the difference between a 4k screen and a 1080p screen at 5 inches?

      (Besides noticing that the battery only lasts half as long).

      • +1

        Depends on the distance you view it at.
        720p vs 1080p on 5" at normal distance (40cm??) looks pretty obvious. Can't see a tiny bit of difference at that distance when it's 1080p vs 1440p, but when you view it closer at maybe around 10cm away there's a difference.
        Still haven't checked out the z5p yet, might be interesting to see.

      • +3

        If you aren't running 4K content the screen just displays at 1080p to save power.

        You need 4K content to see any difference.

      • Yes, the YouTube reviews I've watched say the difference can be seen from those distances.

      • this video review compares the screens with other flagship android smartphones (e.g. galaxy s6) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEMmKu4tYWI

    • +1

      Agree. I don't AND I can't see the difference between 1080p and 4K in a tiny 5.5 inch screen.
      Maybe Sony expects some of us to pixel-peeping with a magnifying glass?

      • +1

        There is a massive difference if you use this for VR or 3D movie (using Google cardboard or equivalent).
        Not everyone cup of tea, but 4K is beneficial for people who use it for these purpose.

  • -1


  • +4

    Note that 4K only works on specific applications (namely the gallery) when viewing 4K content (images and video) and the rest of the time it downscales to 1080p for battery life.

    You're probably better off going with a regular Z5. http://www.phonearena.com/phones/compare/Sony-Xperia-Z5-Prem...

    • True!

    • -2

      Once you go beyond 300 odd PPI the human eye cant see the difference either so meh.

        • Kudos to you, sir, for directly citing empirical evidence. If there were more people like you, internet wouldn't be so infested with mindless claims.

      • +1

        That's definitely not true. Put a Galaxy S6 next to an iPhone 6 and you'll see a huge difference.

        • +1

          I have and its definitely not huge. I have 20/20 vision and if my face is 10cm away from it theres a slight diff but normal distance really cant see much diff

        • @Gavman: You don't have 20/20 vision.

          In this same sentence you've just shot down your own claim that the human eye can't see more than 300 ppi.

        • @lostn:

          20/20 is 'average' vision. It's not even 'good' vision.

        • @dazweeja: I know that. Which is why I always take claims of having 20/20 vision with a grain of salt. I highly doubt those people even tested themselves. They just think it means really good vision because it's a benchmark thrown around a lot. It's the minimum requirement to be a pilot.

          I have worse than 20/20 vision, but I can definitely tell the difference in ppi between Apple's products and high end Androids. Our friend bought into Steve Jobs' you-cant-see-more-than-300ppi propaganda, claimed at a time when Apple weren't planning on bettering it. Since being left behind by the competition, this claim gets trotted around even more. To an extent, it has been overkill (for example 4k on a 5.5" screen) but 300ppi is definitely not the hard limit a human can see. The claim itself is dependent on viewing distance, but the ignorant people who keep trotting it out leave that detail out.

          Just the 1440p test videos that came with Note 4 / S6 (Nature, City, Food), I was able to compare to 1080p phone at 5.5", and I could see a difference in detail. It just looked more defined on the 2k screen.

      • Very not true.

        I own a 1440p S6, and when I look at the iPhone 6's 324ppi, I can very easily tell the difference. Even the 400ppi 6 Plus you can clearly see the difference between it and the 6's 324ppi.

        The 324ppi Apple uses is actually very average. I have to hold it quite a distance away to not see individual pixels. Though if I 'lose myself' in the movie I'm watching, I will not notice it.

        You mentioned above that you have 20/20 vision. That is just normal vision. It's possible that my vision is better than 20/20, but I doubt it. I think it's worse because my distance vision is not the best. I can see clearly, but reading signs becomes difficult.

        Most people who don't wear glasses have slightly better or slightly worse than 20/20. To be exactly 20/20 is actually not that common relatively. For me to believe you have 20/20 vision, I'd need to see a certificate from an optometrist.

      • If you tell me that you can't see the difference between a 300ppi screen and a 500+ one then you are just dumb lol.

        You don't have to see the pixels before you need a higher ppi; just like you don't need to tell the individual frame before you see the lag.

  • -3

    I hear this phone has massive amount of bloatware, be warey

    • +1

      The beauty of Android is that you can get around that. Use a custom Rom or manually delete all the garbage.
      The phone is absolutely beautiful

      • +2

        Average user won't be doing that though

        • +4

          It's not that hard, though. Just go to application manager and uninstall one by one. Any idiot can do it.

        • +2


          Not if the app is permanently installed, like most of Sony's bloat.

        • +1

          Unless you root, you can't uninstall bloatware.

        • +2


          The ones you can't remove you can disable it (like google's bloat).

        • +1

          Not all bloatware can be disabled… Unless you have root.

      • +3

        If this is anything like the Z3… rooting unlocking bootloader phone kills camera lol.

        Might take awhile before you can root unlock bootloader for the phone without losing camera features… though I personally haven't looked into this phone myself.

        • Let's hope not, because the camera is comparable with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

        • @cDNA: The Sony camera app seems ok to me but I wouldn't say their pictures are great. I personally own the Z3 and the pictures seem dull in comparison unless I use manual and even then it seems cold.

        • +2


          enuf with the Z3. lol

          We're talking about the Z5.

        • @cDNA: lol my point is, the camera app doesn't do the sensor justice

        • Yes I assume DRM issues are also present when attempting unlock/root. Have these been overcome yet?

        • unlocking bootloader phone kills camera lol.

          You might want to reword that. The camera still works after unlocking the bootloader - it does not get killed.
          The noise reduction algorithms might be affected, but reports on xda are inconclusive.

        • @eug:

          Might take awhile before you can root unlock bootloader for the phone without losing camera features…

          I don't know what you mean by inconclusive, the evidence posted was pretty damning…

        • @ProjectZero: What evidence did you see?

        • @atlas: I do remember seeing some that post regarding it being possible now, but I've not the time nor the do I want to risk it at this point lol.

        • @eug: http://forum.xda-developers.com/z3-compact/general/camera-pi...

          In high light situations its fine but in low light it is completely terrible after unlocking bootloader… still what did you mean by inconclusive? That unlocking bootloader messes with camera features or that the image quality is horrible after unlocking?

        • @ProjectZero:

          In high light situations its fine but in low light it is completely terrible after unlocking bootloader

          That link is for the Z3.

          That unlocking bootloader messes with camera features or that the image quality is horrible after unlocking?

          That low light images are bad after unlocking. Hopefully someone will soon post a similar test as the link above, but for the Z5C instead.

          Anyway my point is that the camera does not get killed as you say. It might get neutered though.

        • @eug: Lol there's the misunderstanding… My comments were in regards to the Z3 and that it was a warning to see if this same issue affects the Z5 as well.

        • @cDNA:

          If it's following Sony's trend of having sub par cameras, despite their "best camera in the world" claim, moot.

        • @ProjectZero: Ahh yes, I see what you mean.

    • That's Sony.

    • +1

      The beauty of Sony is their bloatware is minimum comparing other big players like Samsung and LG

      • -1

        That's not true though…

      • All the companies are as bad as each other. Windows phone is not too bad.

    • +2

      no true for Sony phones. you heard wrong.

    • +4

      No true, I have this phone and there are next to nil bloatware pre-installed on this phone. In contrary, I actually went onto the Play Store to install the bloatwares one by one.

      • If this guy is telling the truth, your comments are all incorrect.

      • One man's app is another man's bloatware.
        There are apps to help without rooting: Find all apps that are hide-able, you can disable them & hide them from app-drawer & also prevent from running in background, saving system resources→Won't use any RAM, data or cache.

        Sony has beautiful smartphones, if you don't want the Swiss knife Galaxy Note. Another great value near Nexus experience is Moto X with very effective simplified add-ons.

        So you don't feel alone:

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