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Lavazza A Modo Mio Minu Capsule Coffee Machine $49 @ Coles


Lavazza Minu Capsule Machine is $49 again. saw it in Coles Churchill centre SA today, picture. Nationwide offer.

last time I saw this price is at last August when there is Cash Back available.

Although kogan is doing $69 with 3 box capsules. it still worth to consider abt coles price,no need to pay delivery fee and I believe return and warranty is easier at coles then Kogan, plus it only cost $7 per box of capsules. I will go with Coles for this machine.

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    comfrim it is a national offer. found it online


    Kogan actually comes with 6 boxes of capsules totalling 96 capsules for around $80 delivered.


      oh my bad for the capsules count. I just quick check on the photo of the other deal when I post this. for those who want to give it a try. I will say spent 49 and register for 2 free box is still better to pay 80.

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    Lavazza Minu Capsule Machine

    I had no idea what a 'Minu' was, so I googled it…


    Is there Lavazza Minu Cash back still available ?


    OP: that's not the Minu - wrong model displayed below deal. Should be https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/lavazza-a-modo-mio-minu

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      that's not the Minu

      Then why does it say so on the boxes ?


        jv, why does my spell check always change your usernane to :(.

        You don't read, just jump to wrong conclusions.

        Did you read what I wrote. Not the deal photo, the photo BELOW deal :(.
        I've added link to correct photo (except in red).


        oh . I did not put the related product in my post. it just jump to my post after posting it. can anyone tell me how to get it remove?

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          can anyone tell me how to get it remove?

          Just use liquid paper on your screen…

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          Like most here, just ignore jv - contributing nothing as usual :(

        • Fixed up, just changed the product tag in the tags section when you press edit. Let me know if there is anything that needs changing or hit the report button. Thanks for your post.


          @hamza23: thank you

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          contributing nothing as usual

          Like these posts? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/230666#comment-3389837


          Thanks for playing "I don't read deals".
          Once again did you read the deal?

          I'll give you a + vote for your misguided effort.

          Glad you brought that up.
          You must be rattled by your error.

          I stand by my valid comments.

          Unfortunately people don't read deals & neg for no valid reason, with no explanation.

          I am not responsible for people failing to read a deal description or notice time of deal posting.

          First time poster had posted deal at 3:30pm for deal of nearly expired soft cheese seen sometime in morning.

          OP described as "however at this price, I'm sure it will run out fast". I saw similar cheese deal last 10 minutes as I said - gone before I could post.

          Asking if stock was still available so many hours later, at time of posting, is a very valid question. Its just in the posting guidelines on quantity available to make a deal, so we don't waste our time. OP was unaware if any stock remained at time of posting.

          No one has reported finding any stock at the 1 store listed.

          There were no neg votes until the evening, at least 8 or more hours after stock was seen.

          By that stage people weren't reading post & just negged me for questioning a then popular deal. It had been made popular by people from overseas or a long way from 1 store in deal.

          26 hours after posting, some cheese expiring today was found in another store. I was the only one to vote + to that find.

          Its very rare for me to get any negs, unlike you jv.
          I usually leave useful comments, and rarely make mistakes. But sometimes I do & apologise.

          So your point is?
          And thanks for your unwarranted neg :)



          And thanks for your unwarranted neg :)

          I actually gave you a +ve…

          I don't waste -ve votes, I collect them…

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          Ah… Retrospectively upvoted! After you read my comment :) Another mistake for the night to me. Too much free coffee with the free machine.

          Ok, so someone read your criticism of my valid comment (the wrong machine was shown under Related Products) & believed I was wrong, so negged??

          If others read my original comment long after it was posted, they may neg it as the minor deal error has now been corrected ;) That's not my responsibility.

          That's why negs are a useless measure of the value of a comment.

          But at least I know you read to the end…

          Enjoy your great Collection of Negs.


      Model photo & link under Related Products now corrected by Mod.
      Colour is usually white with black trim.


    This is an old model, sold out in many stores around August.

    Didn't think any would be left on the shelves as it was popular in deals back then, but only because of cash back & free capsules. I wonder if anyone actually used it??

    Sold for $25 in August, with $50 cashback!
    Coles $25 - no cashback
    Target around $25 profit - after cashback!

    New units were selling before Christmas on Gumtree for half the price of this deal.

    Also commented in Kogan deal that Minu refers to compact, limited capacity model! May not suit many as really only handy for 1-2 cups at time. I wouldn't bother using it.

    Superseded by the same model sold with frother - on sale until tonight at Coles for $84.50.

    Its confusing keeping up with the changes in models. Sorry.

    Recommend waiting off until a regular $50 Lavazza cash back deal plus end of model sales. I've never paid more than $9 including coffee & delivery for $175RRP much better model, after cashback.


    I have my morning and afternoon cuppa using this machine and have had no issues with the machine. Have had it for 6 months now.


    Anyone got the Fantasia model? Want to know if it's worth the money

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