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HP Microserver G1610T $259 + WD Red & Purple HDD Combo Deals, Buy Any 2 for Free Shipping @ Shopping Express


We still receive many requests for microserver deals so here it is - HP G8 G1610T @ $259, buy any 2 item in the sale and receive free shipping for your order. There's a further 10% off WD Purple drives when you buy with HP Microserver/Server.
Weak AUD makes it harder for us to come up with today's Microserver & Hard Drive pricing so please don't miss out on this one.

  • Buy any 2 item below for Free Shipping
  • In stock ready to dispatch
  • More stock of Kingston 8GB ECC non reg RAM for Microserver - $95 has been made available at 9:45am 21-1-16 - earliest dispatch time for orders that include them will be friday 22-1-16

HP Microserver & Servers

WD Purple Drives - Buy with HP Microserver/Server for further 10% Off

WD Red Drives


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      • Yeah, you can't just plug the micro with the factory heatsink (at least no with the Xeon E3-1270v2 since the TDP is 69W), you need active cooling solution with this beast, I've made a custom one myself :)

        This is the proc specs: http://ark.intel.com/products/65727/Intel-Xeon-Processor-E3-...
        it's the second most powerful micro you can plug to this server (the most powerful one I believe is the E3-1280V2, but is way too expensive and not worth it imo)

        The cooler I've got is the Akasa K25 Mini-ITX Cooler http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/181537938450 it's very silent cooler

        After got everything configured, I've done stress tests and the temps for all the sensor are same or better than with the default Celeron proc and Heatsink :)

        Got it running ESXi 6.0 Update 1a

        Hope that helps!

  • Hi OP,

    Can you do any deals on desktop computers with win7 pro?

    • Hi eXtremist,

      desktop with win7 pro deals are not so popular on ozbargain so we will less likely feature them on ozbargain. however we do run desktop deals regularly on our newsletter with very competitive pricing - so you need to consider subscribing to our newsletter if you want desktop deals.



    any gpu on sale soon? :D

    • Yep - we will feature them in upcoming deals. However cost have gone up due to AUD and will likely go up again, so you will not see our boxing day prices.

  • How is the ML10 for heat and noise? I'm thinking to get it for expandability but wonder if it'd be able to run as cool & quiet as the microserver with the same components - hard disk drives, etc.

  • I look at the link which explains what is the difference between the red and purple drives but it does not say if the purple is also suitable to be used as NAS storage medium for say media files? can these be used just as reliably as the red?

  • Jumped on the g8 and a ram upgrade. Lets see if the missus notices the old n40l has been replaced.

  • Does the G8 run loud and/or hot?

    Thinking of getting one and put it next to the modem in a walking closet, not much air circulation in there.

    Also what is the recommended RAM? 2GB sounds not much.

    • Mine sits in the garage and runs at around 30 degrees. As for volume, it's certainly louder than my main PC, but not unbearable. 2GB will run most things, you can't run ESXi though.

  • what sor of graphics card can you shove in there, i believe it's low profile, not really common nowadays…

    • Low profile cheapo Ati card. That's my recommendation should set you back 30 - 40 bucks.

  • I tested one of these [ G1610T ] recently for use as HTPC device , it works very well in this mode.

    I have parents who need a simple system so ease of use & simplicity were key. Main interest was to have windows media center able to record Tv as well as playback from netflix + plex + MPC-HC I did not try plex media server with local playback as other systems have the server here.

    I tested playback with added [low profile] video cards Geforce 210 , Geforce 620 and amd r9 740. During playback the cpu use was at 10-15% using any of the cards.

    The 2Gb default memory was fine under win8.1 + media center and under windows 10, system ran quiet at all times.

    The system does not seem to support the S3 powerdown modes so sleeping / hibernating is not likely available, best utilised for systems that will be powered up all the time. If you dont intend to use the extra storage capacity then a Nuc would be a better htpc choice with low power use & sleep modes.

    One irritant I had with Nvidia cards was that when screen mode changed between app menus into gpu accelerated playback I would get interruptions on the HDMI stream & the TV/AMP would dispkay a no-sync signal for a few secs before locking onto the stream again. Occurs on netflix + plex, not in mpc-hc. My g8 was hooked to marantz sr7005 so this may be a quirk of that config. this results in sound being played for a couple secs before picture locks in.

    This annoyed me enough to source the amd r9-740 from ebay - with this card I had no HDMI sync issues at all, playback was seamless. If I was building another system for htpc use I would happily get another of these.

    In playback the temps & noise were all great under standard config.

    Seems to be a flexible system, I also acquired a xeon 1220 cpu to upgrade the cpu (a 89 watt cpu and still on default cooling), but for media playback its just not needed.

    One thing that puzzled me was transferring disks into the system & retaining the data, in the end it was simple enough using the inbuilt raid mode, just allow the disk to be captured as default raid0 device for full size & when the disk mounts all the data is still there. I tested this with Xpenology system moving 4 existing disks from N54 system across - all data survived intact.

    • I personally picked the Ati card because of the built in sound card. The N40L at least doesn't have any sound output.

    • oops , i just had chance to check my system , the amd card is a r7 240 low profile , I am usually a nvidia user so not so familiar with amd models.

      also, advance ilo license is well worthwhile, I picked up a cheap one off ebay after viewing youtube vids about what it could perform.

  • Do you think the HP G8 G1610T Microserver will have enough grunt to run Sophos UTM?
    I need a low power draw dual NIC system to have sitting there running it.
    do you think the standard 2Gb RAM will be enough?

    • In the past i've ran a Sophos UTM ESXi VM on the Gen8, not fast, but was fine for ADSL2.

      I've just recently purchased an APUB4 for a dedicated firewall - have installed the UTM software which handles the 100Mbit NBN connection without any dramas!

      • Yea I am rocking 100/40 at home atm.
        I am about to bond in another 2 25/5 connections too so I would like it to handle a good 100mbit and 5000 peer session without slowdowns.
        That apu's look really tight, Although i would have thought that they would perform sower than the G8?
        Are they actually faster?
        Where did you buy yours from?

        • Wow - that sounds like you'll have more than enough NBN to go around :)

          The APU is great, not a fast as a dedicated Gen8, but it is much, much smaller, no fan, and less power.
          The new ABU has a quad core AMD processor, and 3 intel NICs, so is pretty good :)

        • @nicbaz: Hah, just some redundant wireless links and a secondary nbn connection, just for shits and gigs :P

          where did you source yours from? most of the suppliers dont seem to sell the current version.

  • Ram sold out :(
    Rep, will more stock be made available?

    • Still available on the SE eBay store @ $105 each. Can be had for $94.50 if you were lucky enough to get one of the eBay 10% off Tech Items targeted codes and even less if you use Cashrewards. ;)

      • Yes thank you. I did check on eBay but wanted to combine ram purchase with micro server and save on postage.

    • +1 vote

      Hi sebby,

      More stock of ram is on the way so we are put more available for sale. As of now, the earliest dispatch time for any orders that include the kingston RAM will be friday.


        Any more Proliant G1610T at this price. Was about to pull the trigger and noticed out of stock..

        • The diskless model have no ETA yet and price may not guarantee to stay the same. I will strongly suggest to consider to go with the 1TB, as same situation will apply if it's sold out.

        • @ShoppingExpress:
          Any chance you can still offer the sale price on the HP G8 G1610T Microserver and some Purple drives, I was a little late to the party and would like to put in an order :)

  • I bought a G1610T a few months ago but am having trouble setting it up the way I want it. I've currently got 2 x 3TB hdd installed in it and what I want to do is store movies, tv shows and home videos and photos but I only want the photos and home videos to be duplicated between the drives. Is this possible? If so how do I set it up this way?

    • What OS are you running? RAID1 will only duplicate the entire drive, if you only want to duplicate certain folders, you will either need to do an automated copy or software raid (FlexRAID, Disk Spaces, Drivepool, SnapRAID etc).

      • Ahh ok thanks. I am currently running windows server 2012 but it is only a trial version so I'm thinking of installing FreeNAS. Of the automated copy programs you mentioned, which one do you recommend?

  • Note that the postage is through Fastway. I have my reservations about this particular delivery service, however your mileage may vary depending on your local Fastway courier…

  • I'm tempted to get the HP ProLiant G1610T.How many drives can I fit inside? Excluding OS drive.

    • If you don't use any raid controller for any additional SATA cards, you can use 5 HDDs totaly (4 drives on the bay and 1 for DVD rom space). additional it has microsd slot and internal USB.


    Proliant out of stock

  • Does anyone know if the i3-4170 will work in place of the i3-4150 which doesn't seem to be available any more. Googling didn't find an answer.

  • dammit .. not again; I've been too busy at work to pay proper attention to this and just realised the offer expired at midnight. Boohoo :( please put together another super offer so I can finally get around to getting one of these! Think I've missed it about half dozen times now :) doh!

    • Same here. I just procrastinate every time and the deal is finished by the time I'm ready.

  • is ECC ram a must with this or can i go purchase a 16GB non ecc desktop grade ram and run it in the ML10?

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