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HP Microserver G1610T $259 + WD Red & Purple HDD Combo Deals, Buy Any 2 for Free Shipping @ Shopping Express


We still receive many requests for microserver deals so here it is - HP G8 G1610T @ $259, buy any 2 item in the sale and receive free shipping for your order. There's a further 10% off WD Purple drives when you buy with HP Microserver/Server.
Weak AUD makes it harder for us to come up with today's Microserver & Hard Drive pricing so please don't miss out on this one.

  • Buy any 2 item below for Free Shipping
  • In stock ready to dispatch
  • More stock of Kingston 8GB ECC non reg RAM for Microserver - $95 has been made available at 9:45am 21-1-16 - earliest dispatch time for orders that include them will be friday 22-1-16

HP Microserver & Servers

WD Purple Drives - Buy with HP Microserver/Server for further 10% Off

WD Red Drives


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  • Best deal you can get for the HP G8 period, gonna cost you more to build a DIY NAS, thanks rep!

  • Thanks OP. Do either of the listed servers come with ECC RAM?

  • can you do us any cheap 4TB green or normal drives?

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      Sorry to inform you that WD Green drives have been merged with Blue drives since last year, so we can't get them anymore.

      We are only offering limited stock of Red & Purple drives today to sell with the HP.

      • So would you say these 'new' larger blues eg 4TB are more/less reliable then the reds in a raid?

  • How suitable would one of these be for use with Plex?

  • Shit, my wife is going to kill me.

  • For a basic user who only experience with windows and has about 15TB of crap at the moment in a big external hdd caddy…. how would you suggest they set one of these up?

    • Firstly, I assume that 15TB is only split into 4 drives. Keep in mind this can only accept 4 HDDs.

      Secondly, this is just a PC which you can load with Windows, but its primary use is NAS, there are a ton of operating systems you can use for NAS. Here's a few:

      •FreeNAS (BSD based NAS)
      •Xpenology ( Synology rip off NAS)
      •Rockstor ( CentOS based NAS)
      •Open Media Vault

      I recommend FreeNAS, heres a tutorial specifically for this product: https://blog.monstermuffin.org/installing-freenas-on-a-hp-mi...

      • I keep getting error messages about my USB drive when installing FreeNAS. Anything that I should look out for?

      • Thanks. What is this stuff in that tutorial about ODD emulator, iLO etc? Way over my head.

        • ODD emulator: Optical Disk Drive emulator, normally you'd burn the image to a disk, however you don't have a DVD reader so you have to create a bootable USB, can easily do it with this tool too: https://launchpad.net/win32-image-writer

          iLO (Integrated Lights Out) is simply a method to control your HP G8 on the hardware level so you don't have to connect a monitor to it to set it up and can instead do it from another PC.

        • @sp3ctr41:

          Thanks mate, I'm not in the market for a server yet but up voted for your replies and have saved everything for when I do in the next few months.

        • Thanks. Might just keep using my current HDD bay connected to PC and videostream for the time being but this is on my radar at some point.

        • @bassmaniac69: Happy to help.

    • If you are happy to keep using Windows check out Stablebit Drivepool.

      • ^This. I love it.

        • What is your setup with it if you don't mind sharing insight?

        • @Xizor:
          My dad and I both use it with a bunch of random drives (4+ each of various sizes). We like it because you just have one virtual drive with all your data in it, but it's also duplicated between disks (if you enable that).
          So if a drive dies you don't lose data. The extra bonus is that it's all in a standard NTFS file system so if a major problem occurs your data is still accessible.
          We also use Stablebit Scanner from the same company - it keeps an eye on your hdd's and emails you if one is about to die. Great bit of kit. When we first got it we identified about 5 drives between us in various states of failure. Especially external hdd's (of course).

        • @tazmaniak:

          Much appreciated! What do you have the drives in? i.e. PC, NAS, micro-pc, external caddy/bay?

        • @Xizor: Just an old PC. Really tempted to get a microserver, but now I've realised I actually have 5x 2TB, 1x 4TB, an ODD and an SSD. LOL.

          So they won't fit. :(

      • That is very interesting! Thank you. Are you using it?

        • Yes I am using it. I have a HP N40L with WHS 2011 installed. These Micro Servers don't support RAID5 so I was using Windows RAID. For various reasons the RAID volume would need to resync the disks. So I never felt confident that it could handle a 1 disk failure.

          So I did the 30 day demo of DrivePool and it was exactly what I was looking for. Was happy to part with my $30 USD for it.

          You can use drives of any size. Currently have 3 x 3TB and 1 x 4TB in my pool. Slowly swapping the 3TB out, but you can mix and match any size.

          DrivePool isn't RAID, but you can duplicate files across drives in the pool. You can do this at a folder level and can actually set as many copies as you want. If you have a folder like a temp where you dump stuff you don't care about, then you don't even have to duplicate it.

          As files are duplicated across multiple disk, read operations take advantage of this. So can give similar performance to RAID.

          The only thing I don't like so far is that a new virtual drive is created when you create a pool, but all physical drives are still visible and accessible. Would be good if they were hidden, but is probably more of a Windows thing.

        • @sallan75:

          Cheers. It sounds like it would suite my needs. I have most of my HDD in a 8-bay hotway box which from all reports are dodgy, but i have had no problems with it via USB3.0 - I woould prefer to put the drives in something more, uh, reputable/safe but i really need something that can handle 6 drives, is not too pricey, and simple to setup. Never had a proper NAS or used any NAS software i just use videostream at the moment. Really not sure what is optimal for my needs… another year, more indecision i think!

      • i used to use something similar to this - Drive Bender a few years ago, it worked great. then when i installed new windows i got lazy and used windows storage spaces. i now regret this and as soon as i can buy more temporary storage, i will wipe that and go to drivepool.

  • Could we get QNAP offer ? looking for 4 bay 451+

  • Anyone know if HP N40L will accept WD Red 6TB?

  • So my current N40L is maxed out at the moment with 4x4tb. Should I get another server or is there some USB dock option to add additional storage?

    • I've personally added a few USB drives to 'archive' little used stuff,
      haven't used the 5th drive slot yet (optical)
      should be able to easily get 5 drives inside the thing - 2TB and 4x4 if you use the modded bios

      • 2TB and 4x4 if you use the modded bios

        Don't need BIOS mod. By default, ODD's ACHI port is performing PATA emulation, which is slower than SATA mode. However, in NAS RAID configurations, the Gb port is saturated, so, HDD speed difference is irrelevant.

    • Jam another 3 x 3.5" HDD into the Optical bay and use the optical bay sata port and a low profile x2 Sata controller card.

      I've got 6x 4TB + 120GB SSD in my N40L.

    • Thanks for the tips. I have actually been archiving less-frequently used stuff to an 8tb Archive drive that sits inside my desktop PC but I see this as a manual temporary measure.

      Already have the 5th optical sata port occupied by an SSD as well.

      So it looks like options available are either installing a PCI sata controller card, or it seems like the external esata port is actually compatible with port multipliers. This means that a 4-bay esata enclosure is a viable option. These seem to range in price from $100-180 with a range of favourable/unfavourable reviews… so the question then becomes - should I just spend an extra $100+ and get another server?

      • The problem with just getting 'another server' is just that! its another physical box. which you then need to setup/maintain separately to your first N40L. Unless you can separate the uses of these servers (say like computer backups on one and home photos/videos/media on the other) i can see it just becoming a hassle.

        I've filled my N40L almost completely, so I am actually looking at what my next move is in expanding my home storage. I was also thinking of getting another N40L but decided against it. I am currently leaning towards a 24 Bay rackmount server (case alone is $500ish) which will future proof my storage needs for many years to come

    • Use the esata to sata cable and the DVD rom drive for an extra two drives.

  • If looking at WD Purple / Red / Whatever, here's a good link https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Understanding-the...

  • 3 years ago, I bought 3 WD Red 3T for MSY, each is $153.

    For now it's 165..LOL..

  • Great deal, I picked a microserver up for this price in the Boxing Day sale and swapped out the CPU for a Xeon E3-1260L and put in 16gb of RAM and its became an incredibly decent system.

  • This with a xeon 1265l v2 is a killer server, plex HD to three plus rooms, no problem.

  • whats the upgradability of the HP ML10 G3240 ? memory ? CPU ?

  • will Windows 10 install on the ML?

  • Hey Guys,
    I am interested in setting up a NAS to hold upto 8 GB of Photos and Media files.

    This is what I'd be using it for.

    1) As a network Drive to backup photos and misc data.
    2) Drive to store movies and Documentaries so they can be seen on TV.

    Which of these NAS servers would do you recommend ?


  • Hi guys, how does this GT1610T compare to a N54L?

  • Great server, I've got mine in the boxing day sale too. Swapped the micro for a mighty Intel Xeon E3-1270v2 3.5 GHz Processor and 16gb of RAM :)

    • same here, got Server from boxing day sale. 16GB Memory from amazon deal. now waiting for my Intel xeon 1260L to be delivered. now tempting have 6TB red drives, but need to live at home :-)

    • You'll be pushing close to the PSU limits with that CPU wouldn't you? How's your experience been?

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