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Coles Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard $0 (Normally $10)


Load, spend and collect flybuys points
Load with your own money and stay in control of your finances. The Coles Reloadable MasterCard is the card that’s easy to buy and top up, again and again. You get the convenience and security of a MasterCard that you can use everywhere. Plus, you collect flybuys points everywhere you shop.

$0 Set up fee. Just load and spend. 2000 FLybuys points (Targeted Offer) or $10 Discount as your first shop using the card at coles.
Give it as a gift or use yourself.

Collect flybuys points everywhere you shop
Included You’ll collect 1 point for every $2 dollars you spend in Australia and 1 point for every $1 you spend overseas. Better yet, if you use your Coles Reloadable MasterCard to shop with other flybuys partners you’ll collect points even faster.

Thanks to JV
Card Replacement Fee: $5.00 per replacement Card and $5.00 per upgrade.
Call Centre Fee: $4.00 per call
Balance Check Fee: $0.50 per call
Currency Conversion Fee: 3% of the total amount
Card Closure Fee: The amount of your remaining Available Balance
ATM Operator Fee: As quoted by the ATM.

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  • How many interest free days do you get ?

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    What are the fees? I assume like the other pre-paid cards there's monthly fees, top up fdee, withdrawl fees, usage fee, non usage fees, you have a a vowel in your name fees, the day ends in 'y' fees, etc

    • None. It's prepaid. You don't get charged anything.

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        Not true, read the PDS.

        Card Replacement Fee: $5.00 per replacement Card and $5.00 per upgrade.
        Call Centre Fee: $4.00 per call
        Balance Check Fee: $0.50 per call
        Currency Conversion Fee: 3% of the total amount
        Card Closure Fee: The amount of your remaining Available Balance
        ATM Operator Fee: As quoted by the ATM.

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        There is a card expiry date and here what the PDS says on Page 15
        "On the Expiry Date or Cancellation Date, if:
        • your Available Balance is $10 or less; and
        • you do not have an active Additional Card,
        we’ll charge you a Card Closure Fee equal to
        the amount of your Available Balance.

        And a new card is $10, so when your card expires you need to cough up $10 for a new card.
        If you old card doesn't have $10, they keep the balance as a "closure fee"

        on page 14 of the PDS

        $10 (waived for this deal) Card Purchase Fee / Card Price: payable when you first purchase your Card or when
        you order an Additional Card. When you first purchase your Card, it is payable using the
        purchase payment means available to you on the online store (for example, by credit
        card or debit card). When you order an Additional Card, this fee will be deducted from
        your Available Balance.

        $5.00 per replacement Card and
        $5.00 per upgrade.
        Please note that this may apply when you update your flybuys membership

        $4.00 per call to Call Centre Fee:
        $0.50 per call to Balance Check Fee:

        %3 Currency Conversion Fee (this includes $AUD process outside Australia - e.g. Tiger Airways domestic flights):

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          "$10 (waived for this deal) Card Purchase Fee"

          Where did you read this?

        • +2 votes

          @haru: the card is normally $10, but this deal (using code CRM10) means the $10 you add at the start is added to the card as credit (does that make sense?).

          To be fair, the fees are much less then AusPost/Woolies pre-paid cards. But they aren't exactly up front with the fees/card expiry & other sneaky money making clauses.

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    "Collect flybuys points everywhere you shop"

    Awesome. Woolies here we come.

  • Thanks, seems a good way to collect more flybuys

    • hmm collect flybuys instead of credit card rewards… nope

      • ya, personally I use my credit cards to collect points, but not everyone has a credit card. Also, using ING Direct to get 2% cashback is better than these points.

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    OP Please update post with dates:

    †$10 discount offer only available to customers who receive this email and purchase a Coles Reloadable MasterCard using promo code CRM10 between Thursday 21 January and Thursday 4 February 2016. $10 will be deducted from your total at the online checkout

    also no reload fee or monthly fee.

    • Probably worth noting the card expires after 12 months and funds remaining on the card are forfeited/non-refundable

      • +1 vote

        funds remaining on the card are forfeited/non-refundable

        That's one of the many 'fees' in the PDS

      • i got one of this card and it expires 2 year after issued

      • Yep X months killed it for me. Money never expired in my book.

      • really? how stupid. I thought gift cards were stupid for not being reloadable, now I learn that prepaid cards expire too!!

        • It's a MasterCard, so it has to have an expiry date on it. The issue is what happens once the card hits that expiry date

      • As I read, card lasts two years, and you have 3 years after the expiry to claim any remaining funds before it is transfered to www.asic.gov.au

        Does my Coles Reloadable MasterCard expire?
        Yes, your Coles Reloadable MasterCard expires after two years.

        We strongly recommend you either order a replacement card or use up your remaining balance before your expiry date. If you order a replacement card, we'll transfer your remaining balance to your replacement card so you can keep using your balance.
        What if I don't order a replacement card after the expiry date has passed?
        If you haven't ordered a replacement card within 3 years of the expiry date, we'll try to contact you about your remaining balance by using your last known contact details.
        If we don't hear from you, we'll transfer your balance to the Commonwealth Government as “unclaimed money”. If this happens, you have the right to claim your money. Please refer to ASIC's website for details, www.asic.gov.au.

      • 8 point for every $2 dollars would match that incentive I'm on courtesy of visa rebate tied w a real AC with $0 upkeep; OE.
        1 point for every $2 dollars you spend in Australia
        Point worth $0.005 ..Yeah nah.

        • O.5%-0.25‰ ROI..haha.
          Rego one for the odd trial account. May leave $2 loaded for preauth/subs or scope out this turn Off-on feature (?FWIW).
          Too many (free) unused SIM cards without coles express & not any current / other offer that I am aware.

      • I wonder if you can withdraw the funds at a Coles express atm without paying any fees

      • Didn't realise that, must go and spend what's left. I don't want to keep mine.

  • Cool as, thanks OP. This will come in handy for a COTD Club Catch.

  • There's also a 2000 bonus point email going around w/ purchase of one of these.

  • And don't forget this is handy for those airlines that require "debit mastercards" to avoid a fee!

    • Sh*t yeah, Tiger charge like $9 each flight. Good Call .

      • CAUTION!!!: a friend has bought this card for exactly this purpose and it didn't work.
        When I bought a Woolworths prepaid a couple of years ago for this purpose it did not work either.

    • Its not a debit card though - its a prepaid card. There is a difference.

      • It is processed as a debit card. I have (ironically) used a qantas cash card to purchase a tiger flight. You'll notice that there's a debit logo on the back where the hologram is.

        These are considered debit by the mastercard network.

        For example: http://www.creditcardfinder.com.au/coles-releases-three-new-... (edited, wrong link)

        • Thanks for that. Thats a good hack using the QF cash card.

        • last time i tried (in early 2015) QF cash card didn't work on tiger booking fee. so i ended up using my mebank debit card.

      • So can it be used or not to avoid the Tiger Airways card payment fee?


          no one knows. But I do know Tiger (used to) process their transactions out of Singapore and NAB charged me the foreign currency %2.5 fee for this, even for a dmoestic flight charged in $au. I'm guessing they will hit you with the 3% fee for this.

        • @supabrudda:

          Tigerair Australia is 100% owned by Virgin Australia now though.

        • @supabrudda: I paid with my commbank debit card and there was no international tx fees.


          @iSamurai: Yeah Ive usedCombank debit card too with no fees.
          @dazweeja is probably right in that with Virgin Aust owning it, the cards are processed here. But I'd check before relying on it as 3% is a hefty charge for essentially taking zero risk on exchange rates.

    • List of free debit mastercards in Australia that every Ozbargainer should have at least one of them:

      Free transaction accounts

      • Macquarie/platinum
      • Me Bank

      Free on condition transaction accounts

      • CBA/platinum (if depositing $2kpm)
      • Bankwest/platinum (if depositing $2k/4kpm, can earn QFF points)
      • Westpac (if depositing $2kpm)

      Prepaid (can earn points)

      • Coles Prepaid
      • Qantas Cash

      PS. The 28 Degrees card used to work on Tigerair, but they've fixed the site now.

      • Good summary but I'm amazed you didn't mention ING!
        Fee-free all the time, but perks (2% cashback, free ATMs, higher interest rate on Savings Maximiser account) on condition (on deposit of $1k/month)

        • that's a visa debit though. the list above is for MC debit so Tigerair doesn't charge booking fees.

        • @iSamurai: Ah wow right good point.
          I didn't even think of Mastercard/VISA being different.
          I can't think of any other time it would make a difference though, but I understand it does for the sake of avoiding the booking fees.

      • Sad panda here - I can confirm you'll now be charged $8.50 per seat on Tiger with 28 Degrees card. A while ago I used 28 Degrees successfully without a fee, but my last flight in July 2015 got charged the fee (x4) AFTER the total price confirmation page. I felt cheated seeing one price before hitting confirm, and then another price on the receipt page. Though really I was cheating, and they were $10 flights so it wasn't really worth 20 mins of my time arguing with them to refund the fee (which they couldn't).

    • Whenever a website offers no fee with a debit MC or Visa, just select the debit card option and use your normal MC or Visa and you won't be charged the fee. This works with every website I've ever tried it with (including Tiger and STA Travel).

      • I have heard this too and tried it once probably about a year ago. Can confirm it worked at the time.

        However, there was someone further up that claims it has been fixed now so you can no longer do that?

        • Just read that, maybe Tiger have fixed it on their end? I purchased a return flight to LA last Saturday through STA Travel using a NAB Platinum Qantas Visa and it worked perfectly.

        • @jeppetto367: The other thing I remember reading when this technique was recommended (simply selecting Mastercard Debit even if using Mastercard Credit Card) was that the system does not know how to differentiate between debit and credit, which is why it works.
          This still sounds plausible to me so I don't really know how Tiger would've been able to fix it up..

        • @illumination: you can check the bin list here: https://www.binlist.net/

          for example:

          ING Direct visa debit card starts with 462263
          28 Degrees mc credit card starts with 544434
          Coles mc credit card starts with 544647

          Under "card type" it should say credit/debit. The fact that some sites think a credit card is debit is probably because of a poor database.

          Edit: if you type the coles prepaid card 527309 it doesn't say what type of card it is. Maybe if it's blank some sites treat it as a debit card.

      • Yep - I do this every time I fly tiger with my 28 degrees card. That said I haven't flown tiger for about a year so I don't know if it still works.

      • Do you still get the reward points / insurance / CC perks when you do this?

  • I got a voucher in the mail for 1000 points when buying this. Hmm.

  • Thanks OP bought one. I see you can load it online but does anyone know if you can load with cash at a Coles outlet?

    • Can I load this card via my amex so that I earn points from that as well ?


        I'd check with Amex as you've probably done a 'cash advance' transaction & will be charged %stupid interest from now until paid.

    • +3 votes

      rock up to the service desk at a coles with your cash and say you want to put money on it.

      I did that with my coles credit mastercard (though I went to kmart and did it so any coles-myer group store should be good)

      • Myer is no longer part of the Coles group. Myer is a separate company listed on the ASX to Wesfarmers (Coles, Target, Bunnings, Officeworks, Kmart etc. parent).

  • So is there absolutely no other fees at all? No reload or monthly keeping fee or whatever they want to name it fee?

    • +5 votes

      So is there absolutely no other fees at all?

      Yes there are, read my post above… Look for the bold

  • Seems okay but as someone who is ever skeptical of loyalty schemes I will post these: http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2012/05/why-the-new-flybuys-is-... and http://blog.prosple.com.au/2012/05/flybuys-still-complete-ri...

  • Good news, "Your Coles Reloadable MasterCard is also your flybuys card – two cards in one!" "Your Coles Reloadable MasterCard includes your flybuys barcode on the back so you only have to carry one card, instead of two"
    Thanks OP I am going to apply.

  • Perfect for extra Flybuys points for places that don't take Amex.

  • Thanks got one

    I Like the feature where i can turn it on and off

  • So let's see.. this card itself is free, with 2000 bonus points included instantly worth $10. Essentially getting $10 for free?

    Also, if you can reload this card using another credit card, i.e. citibank rewards and get points there, then use this card to shop, you'll get bonus flybuys points plus your original reward program…

    Seems like a rather good deal in that case.

    • Minimum $10 reload when setting up

      • That reload is value, usable value. the 2000 points in on top of that as far as I can tell. Plus one of the Coles flybuys voucher I got in the mail says 1,000 points, so hopefully I get that as a bonus making it free $15.

    • exactly what I was thinking, but do they let you reload from another credit card?
      also would the other credit card treat it as a cash advance and charge you instant interest