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Petbarn 20% off (Combine w/ 20% off Code + $25 off $150/ $30 off $200 for 55% off)


Offers exclusive to www.petbarn.com.au. All offers end Wednesday 27th January 2016 9.00am AEST.

  • Combine with this code for 20% off for 40% off.
  • Stack with $25 off over $150 or $30 off over $300 for a further 15%.

55% off

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      It's not. This is 20% off sitewide + 20% with coupon. So 40% off + you can further stack $30 off $200 so another 15%. So about 55% off!

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    20% + 20% +15% = 55% ?

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      Yes. Just put in an order for cat food ended up being 55% off (confirmed at checkout). However they wanted $5 for shipping so a bit less than 55%. For some reason the code, didn't take off the shipping. Re-entered code and got free shipping.

      • 55% off is a great deal to feed my clan.

    • It's not exactly 55% off. Remember, the 20% discount using the coupon code is based on the already discounted price, not the full price. You cannot simply add percentages!

      A 20% discount means you pay 80% of the price. So 0.8*0.8x = 0.64x (you are paying 64% of the full price). Therefore you are actually receiving 36% off, not 40%.

      Maximum discount is 49.33% if your full price spend is $187.50.

  • Not dupe. Things that were 10% yesterday are now 20% off.

    I bought Advocate for dogs with some dog food yesterday, total yesterday was $160, today its $149!

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    I don't have a pet, anything worth buying ?

  • Anyone else find that if you add 32 tins of fancy feast they want $40 not $28 like they say?

    • the bulk buy discount is applied at checkout, then you add your coupons after.
      I just got my 160 cans today from the last sale… contemplating more!

  • +1

    My dog food which I previously bought in a 20% off sale for $218.24 came to a total of $149.14

    Fantastic work, OP

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    Thanks picked up two bags of Black Hawk (20kg bags) for less than $110 - 50% off

    • Hmm, I just got two bags for $118. Not sure what's going on there:

      4 bags = $64 a bag

      3 bags = $61.60 a bag

      2 bags = $59 a bag

      About to order 2 more

  • Nice deal but I couldn't find The Daily Bark 500gm packs?

  • +1

    Thanks OP. 2 x 15kg bags of Advance dog food for $117.

  • -2

    "DC5821" is not valid anymore…..

  • Get in quick before the ex-Dick Smith Webmaster starts working here, and brings his exclusion list.

  • Thanks OP! Stocked up on food and worming/flea treatment. Great saving!

  • Thanks, maxed out on cat litter.

  • Amazing Deal.

    Advance 15KG for under $60 a bag delivered!

    Thanks OP

  • +1

    2 bags of Black Hawk fish and potato 20kg for $135 delivered.

    Looks like I got in just in time before the other coupon was cancelled. Thanks for the heads up GuitarXXX!

    • +1

      It's still working for me: DC5821

  • Unfortunately for me they don't seem to have the type of food I need in stock this time around. I'm chasing Advance Adult Cat Dental (the one with white long haired cat on the packet).

    edit: or after searching the site differently…they DO have that food. I hate sites with bad searches

  • Code DC5821 works fine for me.

  • NICE!!

    Black Hawk Lamb And Rice Adult Dog Food - 20kg x2
    Item Number 127959 $162.91 AUD 1 $162.91 AUD
    Advantix Dog Large Red - 3Pack
    Item Number 24856 $41.49 AUD 1 $41.49 AUD
    -$74.97 AUD 1 -$74.97 AUD

  • This is the best Petbarn stacking deal I've seen so far. In the past, it's only been 20% off stacked with another 20% off. Too bad that I already have a spare bag of dog food from the last stacking deal.

  • Good work OP! Much appreciated! Glad I held off on the past few 20% deals.

  • Great deal - thanks OP

    Albeit a $200 order only showed up as 35% off for me (ie $130).

    Is this because the 20% is already counted in the discounted display price?

    • Yes, for example if the product you want to buy is already 30% off before the storewide 20%, it won't be 50%, it'll still be 30%. All stock must be at least 20% off, not an additional 20%.

  • Not allow me to finalize my order. I got free shipping, but keep telling me 'Please select a shipping method to place your order', and 'place order' buttom is gray.

    • +1

      You have to select 'update order information', then the 'place order' button will become available

      • THX, done. They work, both what u tell me and the code.

  • Champion OP. 39kg of Optimum dog food for $95!

  • how do you get $25 off $150???

    • i see it now

  • can you use the DC5821 code more then once??

    • +2

      Yeah, 5 times. I got 100% off.

      • Well done.

        I meant if you can place more then one order with the code. It doesn't seem to be letting me

        • +1

          It only seems to let you use the code once per account so for my second order I logged out then checked out with PayPal.

  • $25 off $150..

    $30 off $300… how does that work?

    better off making two orders in most cases

    • It's 30 off 200

  • thank you, saved $70+ on cat litter and revolution.

  • I think it is $30 off $200

  • I'd just made an order yesterday when the code came out and was feeling pretty bad, but the product I got (advantage purple) was already discounted to 30%. It seems the site doesn't apply a further 20% to items already discounted over 20%.

  • Well, that's sorted my dog's food and medication for the next 3+ months! 10kg of food, flea, tick, all worming supplies, and a new harness for $149.

  • +2

    Now for a Friday night callout to the poor webmaster, cause that site is crashing constantly now :) Ozbargained.

  • strange, getting this error: PayPal gateway has rejected request. This transaction couldn't be completed. Please redirect your customer to PayPal (#10xxx: This transaction couldn't be completed).

    • i'm getting this message
      Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 84 bytes) in /var/www/html/lib/Varien/Simplexml/Element.php on line 195

      happened yesterday too, but worked fine after a few minutes

  • Thanks OP. Managed to snag some dog treats for a good price.
    Code is still active and working. Purchased my goods as a guest using a credit card.

  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhh no this is good.

  • Sweet sweet discounts. Enough cat litter, cat food and dog food for a few months. Even cheaper on the Advance dog food that I can get through work with staff discount.

  • Brilliant, thanks OP

    I placed two orders 3x $80 off Catfood Dry for $130 and second order 3x $80 bags + 2x $5 treats for $132.

    So total is $263 for nearly $500 worth of food. Lets hope they deliver…

  • hmm… The Petbarn site said it didn't go through, but I just checked my bank account and it's been debited for the right amount.. Under "my orders" on the website it says you have placed no orders…

    just great.. Going to end up more trouble than it's worth.

    • Thought i'd give it another go. I got the same error, debited my account twice now. But at least this time I've got an order under "my orders". We'll see what happens after it's actually been processed.

      • Yeah, I've just been trying to place an order, timed out first time, so foolishly closed the page after 10 minutes and tried again, same thing and now my internet bankings down so I can't check whether it's been debited. Not showing either transaction in My Orders though. Grrr.

        • I've had the issue where money taken with no order number. Just contact support, they'll sort it out.

    • I also got a message "Unable to place order" but the paypal account has been charged. I will give them a call on Monday. If I place the order again, I think my paypal account will be charged twice.

      • Just give them a call, from my experience with talking with the staff they're extremely nice and helpful and issued a refund on one occasion on the same day.

      • Also got this same problem. Not sure if my CC got hit twice, won't know until the bank record updates on Monday. I don't have an order showing, just a receipt from Paypal.

      • Same here. Though, I checked the transaction on Paypal and noticed that it gave me a Transaction ID which looks very similar to order numbers I have gotten in the past from Petbarn so not all is lost hopefully.

  • flea/wormer still cheaper on ebay …but man the food so cheap…going to have 4x 15kg bags sitting here for a while…for two dogs

  • +1

    DO NOT BUY VIA CREDIT CARD…it will say that there was an error with the order and to contact them (as if the order did not go through)

    it does go through and you'll be charged every time you try (this is why i applied to paypal yesterday..should of waited)

    • Happen me last night as well.

      How are you trying to get your money back.

      and there was no order made!!

  • -1

    How do you get both the 20% off and the $25 off $150 to stack?

    • one is automatic, other is code dc8521 or whatever OP linked

    • +1

      Spend the required amount ($150) the discount will appear in the cart when you reach the required spend, then fill in your post code and apply discount code code. Done!

      • Ah cheers, works now

  • Site is fine but order submission server is getting slammed, took over 1 minute to process but it got there in the end!

  • +1

    I got charged 3 TIMES while I was try to purchase some dog food last night. no order has been placed but 3 transaction is showing on my Paypal account but no order in my Petbarn account. Please help!!

    • Contact petbarn?

    • contact paypal and get it reversed

    • Contact Petbarn, they'll do a reversal. Happened to my last order and this one too!

    • Can only contact petbarn on Monday. But I did contact Paypal, they advice to contact Petbarn 1st.

  • Great post! Thank you!

  • tried to checkout 4 times, no luck, keep getting "Bank error 05: Do Not Honour", this site is useless! waste of my time, going to petstock who has more reliable server.

    • +2

      check your bank account it's quite likely that you have been charged 4 times

  • +1

    Tried last night, and again this morning via. Paypal. Been charged twice, neither order was "successfully processed". Disputed the first and will see if the second is honoured this week before contacting PetBarn. Caveat Emptor.

    • I would contact them straight away to make sure an order was generated for the payment.

  • +1

    I also had a fail when trying to submit order. Payment made via Paypal but order incomplete.
    "PayPal gateway has rejected request. A successful transaction has already been completed for this token (#10415: Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details)."
    Waiting to hear from Petbarn

  • +1

    I had the same issue of " there was an error processing your order" and my bank account has been charged 3 times Sent them an email and hopefully I will get my money back plus my order will gone through

  • +1

    Everything worked fine for me. It took about 5 minutes to submit my order but it all went through without a hitch.

  • Thanks OP!. Just got Eukanuba Medium dog adult 15kg for $84.05, free delivery.

  • Longtime Petbarn customer here, after applying the code I got 35% off in the end, I did spend 200 but I don't see there's $30 off my total amount due. Also for those wet food cans that were advertised as 8 for 10/ 12 for 15 etc., it seems that these discounts were not automatically applied to my final amount (which is very weird), emailing them now

  • This was good for me. 40kg of dog fod and 6kg of cat food for about $170 shipped.

  • I keep getting fatal errors when trying to log in

  • As per the other comments above - BEWARE WITH CARD PAYMENTS. Got stung with the credit card payments. Got the message: "There was an error processing your order. Please contact us or try again later."
    Turns out the payment was processed 4 times according to the bank. Looks like I'll be yet another one calling them tomorrow getting them to reverse the transactions. How frustrating!!!

  • atal error: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 32 bytes) in /var/www/html/lib/Zend/Db/Statement/Pdo.php on line 290

    The petbarn broke on check out.

    • All good it went through.

  • +3

    Lovely customer service team. Their number should anyone need it: 02 8595 3333

    They are processing my order manually.

    • Thanks, had no response to my reaching out via their web form contact.

      Will try to ring them to process the order manually.

    • Called that number, it was their support office and they transferred me to customer service before I even finished my sentence.. so.. perhaps it's the wrong number, but it gets you to where you need to be!

      • When did you ring? It rang out and went to a voicemail message service this morning.

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